CAIN & CAINDOUBLE HORN BEN ESCAIN & CAIN DOUBLE HORN BEN ESFOR SALE one of the best single-driver speakers ever made. Top of the Line in the Cain & Cain Studio Series: ***CAIN & CAIN (Studio Series) DOUBLE HORN BEN ES*** These speakers were made b...5200.00


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FOR SALE one of the best single-driver speakers ever made. Top of the Line in the Cain & Cain Studio Series: ***CAIN & CAIN (Studio Series) DOUBLE HORN BEN ES*** These speakers were made by Terry. WILL INCLUDE AT MY ASKING PRICE A BAILEY (KG-5230) SUBWOOFER!!! WILL ALSO INCLUDE THE 20FT CRYOGENICALLY TREATED SPEAKER CABLES!!! (See pictures). They were recommended by Terry as the best cables for these speakers. Speakers are in Good Condition with some minor scratches, more on the feet. Everything works Perfect! Subwoofer does not have the strings on the front of the driver, but are more cosmetic anyway. I am helping a friend of mine to sell these incredible speakers. He is the solely owner of these beauties and bought them NEW back in 2003. He used only one single-ended amplifier (Wavac Audio Lab MD-300B). He may consider selling the amplifier with the speakers. Speaker S/N: 084 Date or Manufacturing: 08-2003 Subwoofer S/N: SUB022006099 Original crates were thrown away. Given the weight and size, speakers are available for pick-up in Hanover, New Hampshire (NH-03755). Shipping will be at buyer's expense, will help finding the right freight company. I can email more pictures upon request or send these same ones, without the Audiogon compression, to see better the detail. SOME INFORMATION ABOUT THE SPEAKERS Why a Single-Driver? "Full-range single driver speakers attempt to cover the entire audible frequency spectrum using only one driver unit. This removes the need for an electronic crossover network, well known for being hard to design without introducing colorations to the sound. Some people consider the crossover network one of the most evil things in audio. In practice, how well a single driver speaker delivers depends both on the driver and the speaker cabinet design. Lowther (UK) is one famous and well known full range driver, Fostex (Japan) is becoming popular in the USA and is well known in Japan and Europe. Other manufacturers that build full range drivers include Mitsubishi (Diatone), Jordan, Reps, Fertin, Supravox, Radio Shack, and many others. " Read more from Fullrangedrivercom "A single driver is a very good way to realize excellent sonic satisfaction with low powered tubed equipment. Of course, they can provide startling clarity with some solid-state electronics, and they mate well with subwoofers in home cinema environments. Single driver speaker systems, when properly set up and fed a nice clean watt or two can provide musical enjoyment far beyond multi-way speakers STUDIO SERIES All Cain & Cain "Studio Series" systems require the use of the finest materials available. Case panels are laminated to desired thicknesses of void free plywood and very thin 1/8" layers of composite board in house. These 1-1/4" side panels are the most rigid wooden panels possible. Many of the panels used are industrial panels only available mill direct and used by manufacturers to create the finest products possible. The extensive use of solid wood creates a richly defined structure, music is the benefit. Of course all this material is processed on the finest machinery available. The new Fostex drivers are without peer. Old notions of what a single driver should aspire or compare to are now really old. Fostex has created something very special in these drive units. Only with the finest design and execution of cabinetry can these drivers' potential be realized. It's an honor to have available such a fine example of engineering artistry, as is found in the Fostex drivers. Of all the drivers in the world available, these are what I choose to use and reside in my work. They represent a balance of what is possible. It is this balance in all aspects that characterize these drivers, construction and sound. They measure very well, and they sound very good. Their high efficiency allows optimum use with amps as little as a watt or two illuminating the virtues of simple amplification. Conversely with higher wattage they can fill even the largest of rooms with more dynamics and soundfield than most direct radiator systems while maintaining clarity most dream of. Clearly they represent the best attributes of direct radiators with superb imaging, and a strong foothold in the realm of unlimited dynamics and efficiency only horns offer. Our goal is to offer the absolute finest reproduction and clarity, with the finest aesthetics and construction possible. - Terry Cain Double Horn BEN ES Specifications: Drivers: Fostex ESigma drivers Fostex T-90a brass alnico magnet super-tweeter Sensitivity: 99db 1-w-Mtr Frequency response:
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