Genesis1Genesis 1 Massive 7.3 feet, 4 towers with 4000 watt Bass Amp"THESE MUST NOW BE SOLD URGENTLY DUE TO HEALTH REASONS SO ALL REASONABLE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED". GOT TO BE THE BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY FOR THE PURCHASER. For sale is the massive Genesis 1 full...69000.00

Genesis 1 Massive 7.3 feet, 4 towers with 4000 watt Bass Amp [Expired]

no longer for sale

"THESE MUST NOW BE SOLD URGENTLY DUE TO HEALTH REASONS SO ALL REASONABLE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED". GOT TO BE THE BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY FOR THE PURCHASER. For sale is the massive Genesis 1 full range speaker system considered to be one of the very best in the world by all that either have them, or heard them, I will ship WORLDWIDE, buyer pays all shipping. These were manufactured prior to the ones currently available at known as Genesis Prime. They were purchased new by me and actually Paul McGowan (PS audio and co owner of Genesis) visited my house in Australia to do a final installation for which I actually have photos. Very rarely do extreme Hi End speakers of this quality both in sound and vision ever become available at this very low price. They are Legendary, designed by Arnie Nudell and offering vast improvements following on from his famous Infinity IRS Series V. The system is in Perfect working order. Visually there are minor scuffs on the bass amplifier. There are some faint scuffs on the black lacquered custom sculpted bases that the speakers sit on. Unfortunately this happens because of the sheer weight of the speakers and the need to move them to find the optimum position. I have given a 7/10 to cover Audiogons condition notes just in case I have missed anything that to me is simply not noticeable. Its such a massive system. The Genesis 1 system consists of four major modules: two midrange / tweeter Towers and two bass Towers. Each module is 7 ft 3inches tall (221cm), is covered in beautiful South American Rosewood, and is set on / into piano black lacquered custom sculpted bases Each bipolar midrange tweeter module sits in a sculpted base, is 7 ft 3 inches high and houses a line source ribbon midrange and twenty six ribbon tweeters in a line source array and assembled in a Corian baffle of which twenty are at the front, and six are at the rear. Two wings attach to each Corian baffle and are two inches thick and filled with sand to render them completely inert for wave launching. The bass towers are 7 ft 3 inches tall and each house six twelve inch metal cone woofers, each with its own accelerometer sensor and is set into piano black lacquered custom sculpted bases. Although not shown in the photos each bass speaker has a full length black speaker cover in perfect condition. I just prefer to see the cones. The twelve woofers (Six in each Tower) are individually driven by twelve separate Servo amplifiers for a total of 4000 watts, beautifully housed in a Single Genesis Stealth chassis weighing 160 pounds. It is currently set to 240v but easily changed to 110v / 120v. 12 Swiss Neutrick connectors are at the rear together with XLR & RCA inputs. There are 2 massive Audioquest hand made 24 conductor, oxygen free, high purity copper cabling for connecting the subwoofer Towers to their respective amplifiers. Each Audioquest cable feeds six woofers, is thirty feet long and weighs about 20 pounds. Controls for the woofers include volume, low pass, high pass and phase, and are varied by a hand held remote control transmitter. There are two crossover modules which are housed in a solid Corian enclosure and they each sit at the rear of the midrange/tweeter panels. They have two controls, one for the rear tweeter level and one for upper midrange for matching room acoustics. All cabling to this is done by Transparent Audio. The complete Genesis 1 System consisting of the seven separate elements weighs over 1 ton (2000 pounds or 909 kg). CONCLUSION BY THE DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTORERS "The Genesis 1 system contains the collective knowledge and experience of Arnie Nudell and Paul McGowan over more than 25 years. The technology contained in these speakers is the most advanced of any product currently available. We believe that no current product on the market today can approximate the sonic realism or striking beauty of the Genesis 1. There is no compromise in this system. It excels at spectral coherence and accurate harmonic structure. It has the greatest dynamic range of any High End reference system. It has superb macro and micro dynamic qualities, unparalleled sound staging and very low distortion. It does not limit or favor any kind of music. Listening to the Genesis 1 is truly a Revelation." COLLECTION / SHIPPING DETAILS. Maybe this would be better suited to a purchaser in Australia where I live as I have no shipping crates. Buyer could come with van / small truck or he could engage a removal company for which they will protect all the items with blankets etc as they do. Alternatively if the purchaser is in another country they would arrange all shipping, and In readiness each item would be wrapped substantially by me at my expense in heavy duty bubble wrap giving at least 4 - 5 inches all round protection, all speaker cones etc would receive further protection with hardboard sheets. There would be 7 pieces and I would photo this fully for any insurance purposes and so that the purchaser will know how to unpack. Should the purchaser require the items to be crated, that could be done at their expense, by the shippers, I would still wrap as above but only 2 1/2 inches thick so as to keep crate sizes reasonable. My Reason for selling is that I am 70. We now need to move to a much smaller home and health reasons. It’s really hard for me to part with these wonderful pieces of musical equipment which I have had so much enjoyment from. If Payment by PayPal which maybe not possible due to the value involved add 31/2%. Bank Transfer will i guess be the only way to pay or maybe through the banks on the day if collected. Please ask me any questions or if you require further photos.