KEF speakerQ9CKEF  speaker Q9C Center SpeakerAudiophile center speaker with accurate sound, good imagery and good bass extension. I am the original owner, and have the Owners Manual. The only issue I am aware of is a missing rear "foot", wh...200.00

KEF speaker Q9C Center Speaker [Expired]

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Audiophile center speaker with accurate sound, good imagery and good bass extension.  I am the original owner, and have the Owners Manual.  The only issue I am aware of is a missing rear "foot", which I have replaced with an improvise "foot".  This cannot be seen when the speaker is in use, and has absolutely no functional effect.
I am repeating an edited description from a fellow poster, as he or she is far more eloquent than I am:

Sumptuous, Elegant  KEF Bi-Wire / Bi-Amp Reference Q9c Center Channel Speaker with Original KEF Uni-Q Coaxial Drivers – Black Finish - $350 MSRP.

Unlike B&W which is experiencing unparalleled popularity and success, KEF is the quiet company that keeps doing everything right, but doesn’t know how to market their greatness. KEF is respected and admired by professionals and consumers alike, and people who own them love them … but KEF doesn’t create the excitement in terms of marketing buzz that other companies do. This is a fantastic speaker company, and have been for several decades. During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s was a golden era for KEF where they produced many of the truly coveted speaker designs of all time. This KEF Q9c Center Channel speaker employs their now famous Uni-Q coaxial drivers where the woofer and tweeter are mounted on the same axis giving true point source imaging. 

This is an audiophile center speaker with an incredibly crisp, clean and rich sound for both demanding high fidelity 2-channel musical sound reproduction as well as home theater sound I used this center speaker with my KEF 104/2 tower speakers (listed for sale separately) in a 5.1 system with great results. And, like B&W, virtually everything that KEF manufactures is of exceptional build quality.

The Coaxial Uni-Q drivers work amazingly well, and there are no marks on the drivers. Cosmetically the cabinet is in excellent condition with no significant blemishes. The factory original Bi-Wire shorting clips are installed as indicated in the photos. 

Here is information from KEF:

Dependable and versatile, this KEF speaker is a capable platform for delivering movie theater sound in your home. If you'd like to have impressive specs, high-fidelity, and high signal-to-noise, this center speaker is designed to please. Talk show followers, families, and music connoisseurs appreciate the volume and performance of this KEF speaker. The KEF Q9c is a great choice for your multimedia listening pleasure. With the superb frequency response featured on the KEF Q9c, you can perceive bright treble frequencies and resonant bass tones. 


* System Design: Two-Way, Bi-Ampable Magnetically Shielded Sealed Cavity System 

* Drive units: 
… 6.50” mid bass unit 
… 0.75” coaxial mount tweeter

* Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms

* Amplifier requirements: 50 - 120W into 8 Ohms

* Frequency range: 50Hz to 27,000Hz +/-2.5dB (-6dB at 38Hz)

* Sensitivity: 91dB at 1m / 2.83V (anechoic conditions)

* Dimensions (H x W x D): 
… Height: ” 
… Width: 10.9” 
… Depth: 10.6” 

* Weight: 13.6 lb

These KEF Q9c Uni-Q Speakers originally sold for $350 when first released in 2002, and is in extremely high demand because of its superior performance and beautiful appearance as a focal point in a home audio system. The AudiogoN Bluebook shows an average resale value of $210 regardless of finish or condition. Here is an opportunity to buy one that is in an excellent. Payment is via United States Post Office Money Order or Cash Upon Delivery. 

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