KlipschHeritageusedKlipsch Heritage Home TheaterReduced Price! 5 peice HT setup plus matching rack and DSP. Walnut Klipschorn mains, LaScala II Center, Heresy III Rear Surrounds, Custom Walnut Rack, 10x10 MiniDSP with mic eqpt. Purchased al...9500.00

Klipsch Heritage Home Theater [Expired]

no longer for sale

Reduced Price!
5 peice HT setup plus matching rack and DSP.  Walnut Klipschorn mains, LaScala II Center,  Heresy III Rear Surrounds, Custom Walnut Rack, 10x10 MiniDSP with mic eqpt.  Purchased all speakers new in spring 2011.  No pets, no smoking, no children, not in a basement, heavy curtained room protected them  from sunlight.  Carefully selected real Walnut veneers have lots of natural liveliness and have already aged to that perfect Walnut tone.  Everything sounds and looks great.  Condition is very good with custom, bronze tinted glass tops on felt feet.  Rating of 7 is my over reaction to a small scratch on the front of one Khorn that can only be seen very close up with perfect lighting.  Included hi-res picture of scratch makes it look much more conspicuous than it is (a cable end flopped into it lightly).
The MiniDSP could be omitted but is currently programmed to time align the folded horn low frequency drivers with the rest of the system for improved sound.  Can also be used for room correction.  Original crossovers were always used, configured for bi-amp operation.  The system can demonstrate clear imaging all across the sound stage in stereo mode and great home theater effects in surround mode too.
The custom built matching Walnut rack on quality casters has fresh air fans pushing air from the floor through a large filter and into the bottom.  There is a top vent at the rear plus large perforated metal panels on the front and sides provide even more ventilation.  These also allow remote control signals to get through.  It has standard 19" rack rails, a door light, a large rack drawer and several vented rack shelves.  All original boxes for the speakers but not for the rack.  XLR cables included for MiniDSP to amplify connections. Local pick up is probably the only thing practical.  However, I will support buyers shipping arrangements if desired. I will package if desired or I'm willing to allow the buyer to package it all in my home in Brighton, MI if they wish to inspect everything first and have confidence in the boxing process.  I would consider keeping the rack for $2500 less if somebody only wanted the speakers.  Klipsch Heritage speakers are custom built to order, better than ever, and you don't find bargains on them.  

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