ParadigmStudio Reference 100 v.2Paradigm Studio Reference 100 v.2 - Beautiful Speakers!This is a great pair of speakers, in excellent condition, and sonically as good today, as when 1st purchased in 2002. For 13 years, they have been exclusively used for 2 channel music, then a hou...1200.00

Paradigm Studio Reference 100 v.2 - Beautiful Speakers! [Expired]

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This is a great pair of speakers, in excellent condition, and sonically as good today, as when 1st purchased in 2002.  For 13 years, they have been exclusively used  for 2 channel music, then a house move in February eliminated the music room.  The pics attached are from our new home theater in our living room, and these speakers have since been replaced by Paradigm's 30th Anniversary Tribute speakers.  
Prior to moving the Studio 100's for this E-bay ad, I had both the 100's and the Tributes side by side.  Yes, The Tributes are a great speaker, but at close to 5x times the price of what I paid for the Tributes (unfortunately I had to get them after Paradigm sold out, so I did pay a premium).  The studios definitely held their own in the midrange and bass, but they were slightly less crisp in the high end, but a very strong competitor.  My wife couldn't tell the difference, hence, "why did you buy these expensive speakers, when  our old ones sounded just as good".  It's a good thing the Tributes fit the aesthetics of our new house, or I would have been in hot water.
I believe that theses speakers have the potential to sound even better with a good pair of seperates.  I used them with a Sony STRDA 777ES.  The advice for years was to upgrade to a better pre and amp, but I never felt it was necessary.  Possibly, there might be even more room for improvement?

The speakers are in great condition.  A few surface rubs, and a couple of very, very minor scratches that just barely go below the surface.  The grills are in excellent condition, no visible snags, and very clean. Unless you get right up close, you or any of your admiring guests will think that they are probably demos, definitely not 14 year old speakers. Moved only once, they have always been handled with care, and never pushed anywhere near their limit.
I do not have the original boxes, but the speakers will be professionally packaged (not by me), with double layer corrugated boxes, thick urethane padding, wrapped and reinforced where needed. These are beasts at 110#, so they will probably have to be shipped via freight.  Upon purchase and payment, I will provide pictures of the speakers as they are carefully boxed.  The company I am using regularly ships delicate and high end test equipment in the Northwest.  I have seen their work, and I believe it will be better protected than with the original packing materials.  
My price is FIRM, unless you want to pickup in the Portland Oregon area.  In that case, packaging and shipping will be reduced to $100, as these are still being sold professionally packaged, even for a local buyer.

The reviews online for the v.2 speakers are numerous, and the praise was across the spectrum for their build, aesthetics, value, and of course, and most important, how beautiful they sound!  Some quotes from reviews online (there are a lot more to be found from both professional publications and audiophiles):
"I have the Studio 100 version 2 which are the most articulate of the 100's ever made by Paradigm. The enclosure they used, crossover and driver combination made them a world class speaker." 
"But Paradigm's Studio/100 v.2 is most certainly a serious high-end contender, and a formidable one for just about any speaker in its price range and even well above." 

Description: Three-way, four-driver, floorstanding, reflex-loaded loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" aluminum-dome tweeter, 6.5" mica-polymer-dome midrange, two 8.5" filled polypropylene-cone woofers. Crossover frequencies (slopes): 250Hz (second-order), 2kHz (third-order). Frequency response: 39Hz-22kHz, ±2dB on-axis; 39Hz-20kHz, ±2dB, 30 degrees off-axis. Low-frequency extension (DIN): 25Hz. Sensitivity: 88dB/2.83V/m anechoic, 91dB in-room. Impedance: 8 ohms compatible. Recommended amplifier power: 15-350W. Maximum input power: 210W (typical program source, clipping no more than 10% of the time).
Dimensions: 45.5" H by 11" W by 17.375" D. Weight: 110 lbs.
Finishes: black ash, light cherry, rosenut, all three in laminates or wood veneers. Veneers add $300/pair.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 18369 & 18370.
Price: $1900/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 200.
Manufacturer: Paradigm Electronics Inc., 101 Hanlan Road, Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 3P5, Canada. Tel: (905) 850-2889. Fax: (905) 850-2960. 

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