SnellType E/IIIcondition: goodmake / manufacturer: Snell Acousticsmodel name / number: E/IIIsize / dimensions: ~36" tall One pair of Snell type E/III (E3) floor standing speakers. These speakers are in A+ sonic ...350.00

Snell Type E/III Floor standing speakers [Template]

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condition: good
make / manufacturer: Snell Acoustics
model name / number: E/III
size / dimensions: ~36" tall

One pair of Snell type E/III (E3) floor standing speakers. These speakers are in A+ sonic condition and cosmetically maybe a B rating. No damage to any cones or surrounds and they are from a smoke-free home. The black wood veneer has some scuffs on the sides and some blemishes on top, but nothing too obvious. Available for test listening for serious buyers. Two aftermarket stands included, but they get the job done surprisingly well to raise them to ear level and aim slightly upward.

Here is a link to an excellent review with tons of information:

I love the sound of these speakers - they're very lively, fast and detailed without being fatiguing. The imaging is excellent and the high end has a wonderful air to it probably due to the rear-firing additional tweeter. The mids are nice and round and the low end is surprisingly full and responsive down to the cabinet's extended 34Hz. I never felt the need to supplement them with a sub. I've been the second owner for about 5 years now and I'm pretty bummed to have to pass them on to their next owner - I am moving my setup to my bedroom and am replacing these with bookshelf speakers.

MSRP brand new would be ~ $1,900.00/pair adjusted for inflation from 1991

SPECS: Two-way, reflex-loaded, floorstanding loudspeaker. 
One 8" cone woofer, one 1" treated textile-dome tweeter, one 0.75" soft-dome, rear-firing tweeter. Crossover frequency: 2.7kHz, 24dB/octave slope. Frequency response: 39Hz--20kHz, ±1.75dB anechoic (response specified on-axis or up to 15° off the horizontal axis). Nominal impedance: 6 ohms. Sensitivity: 91dB at 1W (2.83V) at 1m, anechoic (sensitivity higher in a normal environment). Power requirements: suitable for use with amplifiers rated from 20Wpc to 100Wpc.
Dimensions: 13" W by 35" H by 11" D. Shipping weight: 50 lbs each
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