AlonModel V mkIIIAlon Model V mkIII "Circe" w/ updated Alnico drivers & Extreme Reference XO's"I'm leaving you," the wife said to her husband, "and I sold your f----n stereo to pay for the divorce!! But don't worry, I sold it for the price you told me you paid for it." Please read careful...1875.00

Alon Model V mkIII "Circe" w/ updated Alnico drivers & Extreme Reference XO's [Expired]

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"I'm leaving you," the wife said to her husband, "and I sold your f----n stereo to pay for the divorce!! But don't worry, I sold it for the price you told me you paid for it." Please read carefully as there is a lot of information on this custom designed product by brilliant Nola Speaker creator Carl Marchisotto. Carl knows his sh--- let me tell you these boxes are so easy to listen to they just disappear into thin air. If you have a brain and you understand value over label, you will know that these are amazing speakers. However, they love power and 100 good watts should be their minimum. Really desirable for the person who does not have a ton of money, is willing to live with a product that is a few years old, and understands that looks and sound are two completely different things. When I was younger a friend of mine had the ugliest Ford Mustang you'd ever laid eyes on. Yet he had a 400 horsepower engine in it and it smoked anything on this street. That is what the Alon Crice speaker is and will compete against any $15,000 speakers in the world. This is a great speaker for jazz and classical but not the last stop for hard rock. They play loud but the bass is natural and smooth. They are designed for accuracy, not to shake the walls. This is just the wrong speaker for metal heads and hard rock aficionado's. Link below to an Absolute Sound review of the stock version of the Alon V (mk II). This speaker goes way beyond that of the mk II in terms of performance. This speakers starts out as a mk III Circe, which was their top of the line speaker at the time. Modifications and Upgrades: Nola Reference Extreme External Crossover - $3,750 - The Extreme Reference external crossover is housed in a rich-looking wooden box that exist outside the main speaker cabinets. These have double inputs for bi-wiring and three sets of copper five-way binding posts. Nola even supplies the cables with which to connect the external boxes, but they are not just any generic cables, they are Nordost Valhalla single filament silver wire, terminated with copper spades (very expensive). According to Nola, isolating crossovers outside the speaker cabinets is said to reduce the effects of vibration and resonance inside the boxes where the drivers live, thus providing a more coherent and less degraded sound. Binding posts include the top of the line Cardas posts on both speaker and crossover boxes. Crossovers use the most expensive Mundorf caps available on the market. Speaker driver upgrades - $4,000 All six drivers were upgraded to expensive Nola drivers, all with Alnico magnets. Nola uses rather pricey and hard to acquire Alnico magnets for the mid and high drivers. Alnicos are some of the most powerful magnets on the planet, made so in part because they employ cobalt as a main ingredient. Nola claims that cobalt is not as readily available or inexpensive as standard magnets, but they help contribute to his speaker's unique and superior performance. Nice overall condition, no tears in fabric but could use a slight cleaning. The high gloss base and top caps are in good condition. Professionally re-foamed by Miller Sound - the only 3rd party recommended service facility by Nola. Old drivers and crossovers are still available should the buyer wish to keep the old parts. Specs: 8 ohm nominal / 4 ohm minimum load 23hz - 25khz frequency response 87db sensitivity Mid Frequency: 110mm tri-laminate cone with Alnico magnet High Frequency: 25mm dipole dome with twin Alnico magnets 10" long throw woofer, sealed enclosure 52" H x 12" W x 15" D 120 lbs. each Please feel free to come over for a listen in my home located in Central New Jersey before you buy. I'll ship but it's going to be expensive for you $500 - $750 all in. Thanks for looking! Pay Pal add 4%
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