Vapor AudioJoule BlackVapor Audio Joule Black UPDATEReceived email from Ryan of Vapor indicated he would refinish the top section 1st quarter of 2017. This is an added bonus as I had priced speaker as factory second. This would essentially make a ...8995.00

Vapor Audio Joule Black UPDATE [Expired]

no longer for sale

Received email from Ryan of Vapor indicated he would refinish the top section 1st quarter of 2017.  This is an added bonus as I had priced speaker as factory second.  This would essentially make a new speaker.  I would confirm with Ryan of Vapor prior to making the purchase, this agreement would be between Ryan and the buyer. Here is his exact reply, "Hi Mike, I can refinish them but it’ll be awhile before I could get to them, likely Feb/March.  You have boxes and die-cut foam pieces to ship the top sections, right?"


The upper/satellite cabinets have warping due to manufacturer defect.  I would prefer the potential buyer to come and inspect.  I am selling because it looks like I'll be in an apartment for a while and cannot take the complaints from my neighbors so I am using headphones. The high gloss rosewood finish makes it very difficult to see from a seated position and very difficult to photograph.   I never had them refinished because I couldn't see it from a distance.  Ryan was going to refinish the speakers this year but due to a personal tragedy has not had time.  The sound is not affected it is only cosmetic therefore you will get a tremendous deal on some of the best sounding speakers in existence. These speakers started out as Cirrus and returned to Vapor for an extensive upgrade, Ryan upgraded to the Joule only with the Raal 70-20 XR ribbon instead of the 140-15D that the Joule uses.  Many believe while the larger ribbon is more dynamic the 70-20 XR is the most musical, see what Raal says, "World’s smallest form factor for a true ribbon of just 1.8 kHz cutoff frequency, reliable, able to handle a lot of power, sounding like it doesn’t exist... All that by using only one series capacitor as a complete L-R 4th order crossover at 1.8k, combining acoustical and electrical slopes, with minimum of added passive crossover components. Featuring three transformer taps for resistorless sensitivity adjustment, ribbon replacement kits, custom front plates, copper soldering posts...

All of it, makes it perfect for reaching new limits in high-end home stereo or multichannel and near-to-mid field studio monitoring applications.

It was developed according to the wishes of the most demanding manufacturers, that were looking for a quantum leap in true ribbon design.

The exact process of making it, will remain a well kept secret. Being different than anything else, including other RAAL models, 140-15D and 70-10, it is available only to manufacturers, only under previously signed Non Disclosure Agreement.

For further info on 70-20XR, please, send e-mail inquiry to, stating your company data and your position in the company. If you wish, you can include a brief description of your project. You will receive a brief .PDF datasheet, with basic measurements and data. If you find it fit for for your project, we will proceed with signing Mutual NDA and after that you can receive paid samples." 
 The rest of the features include:  
 7" Custom Audio Technology 18H SDKM midrange with LR motor   
11" Audio Technology  10 C77 sandwich cone woofer   
10:1 tapering transmission line, slot ported, tuned to 28 hz   
Freq Response: 26-38,500 hz; +/- 3 db  Nominal Impedance 8 ohms  
Also included is  an impedance compensator: speakers are flat to 40khz. What's of note is the bass region from about 60hz to 200hz. With the Impedance compensator circuit engaged get 2 things:  - it lowers the bass response from 60-200hz 
- it flattens the impedance curve in that same region, making it an even 
6.5ohm without the spike up to 30-40ohm that ported enclosure always have 

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