VaughnPlasmaVaughn Plasma RMAF Show DemoThis is the last pair of Vaughn Plasma's available. We only made 20 pairs of these and this pair was the show demo pair from RMAF which was later sold. This pair has only been at RMAF and one caref...6200.00

Vaughn Plasma RMAF Show Demo [Expired]

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This is the last pair of Vaughn Plasma's available. We only made 20 pairs of these and this pair was the show demo pair from RMAF which was later sold. This pair has only been at RMAF and one careful owner so are in excellent condition. He moved and now has a very large room so kept his plasma tweeters and switched to the bi-polar multi driver Plasma speakers. This pair will now come with newly rebuilt Dukane plasma tweeters, either rebuilt original Dukanes or can upgrade to our new upgraded power supply. Price is for rebuilt originals, for new power supplies and bamboo cabinets add $3000.00. Speakers also available with Alnico horn tweeters for $4500.00 and could always upgrade to plasma tweeters anytime in the future. These speakers use the same Accuton ceramic midrange as our original Cabernet that won Stereo Mojo's speaker of the year in 2009 but now coupled to our exclusive rebuilt Dukane plasma tweeters as well as an Alnico horn (both tweeters included). Everything from solid deep bass, lovely, detailed midrange, and the best top end around in a speaker priced so much below anything that can approach it's performance. The rebuilt plasma tweeters with our own power supply are simply in a class of their own. With no mass so the music starts instantly, stops instantly without the resonances found in all mechanical tweeters. See the Vaughn Loudspeakers web site for specifications and below are comments from the show. Note that final crossover changes were made after the show so they are now completely seamless top to bottom. We played these at RMAF with 8 watt 300B SET amps so similar or anything larger will drive them with ease. Show comments: "Are those Ionovac tweeters?" I asked Wavelength's Gordon Rankin, pointing to the horn-loaded ion drivers on top of the Vaughan speakers in his room. They were indeed Ionovacs, Vaughan having bought the entire remaining nos stock of this legendary tweeter, and after rebuilding it, using it to reproduce signals above 3.5khz. an Accuton driver is used down to 80hz, with then a 10" subwoofer providing the low-end grunt. With the speakers driven by 8w Wavelength Napoleon monoblocks and for the source, a computer feeding the new dsd-capable Crimson DAC, there was indeed something quite magical about the quality of the high frequencies in this room. The cymbals and shaker on Lyle Lovett's "North Dakota" sounded extended, detailed, and smooth. nice. very nice!" RMAF 2014 JOHN ATKINSON - STEREOPHILE STEPHEN MARSH - 6 MOONS "This room looked to be a repeat of last year but there were some noteworthy changes. The system was comprised of a macbook pro controlling files on a RAID library sent to the new dsd-capable Crimson DAC ($9,000) and on to the new analog and digital europa preamplifier ($7,500). The amplifiers were the same as last year, the limited edition Wavelength Napoleon ag Silver 300B SET mono amps ($35,000/pr). Cables were by Audioquest. The Vaughn Plasma speakers using restored Dukane Ionovac plasma tweeters were still the featured speaker, however the Fostex midrange driver used last year had been replaced with a 6.5-inch Accuton ceramic driver. (I had commented last year that the Fostex was challenged to keep up with the Ionovac tweeter.) Bass is handled by a 10-inch powered woofer. While the slight speed mismatch between Ionovac and midrange seems to have been largely ameliorated, i think there is now a slightly cooler tonal signature to the midrange. still, this is a great speaker and it is mesmerizing to hear the infinitesimally small dynamic nuances that this tweeter can suss out of a recording. I think the speaker is still a work in progress though." Vaughn Note: Crossover finalized right after show so all models sold are final, finished design that is seamless top to bottom. Can also get with original Dukane DUK 10 Plasma Tweeter completely rebuilt with all new power supply with crossover and volume pot for $10,500 like what was at show, retail $18,000.00.
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