Zu AudioSoul SuperflyZu Audio Soul Superfly 1Pair high-resolution loudspeakersLatest Version: ZU Soul Superfly Loudspeakers Current Version MK-IB with latest Capacitors. ...1495.00

Zu Audio Soul Superfly 1Pair high-resolution loudspeakers [Expired]

no longer for sale

 Latest Version: ZU Soul Superfly Loudspeakers

                            Current Version MK-IB with latest Capacitors.

                                                      S/N 2087-2088                                                            

                                                        In black maple

We tried them out with a pair of Electra-Print Audio 300B mono blocks and they sounded truly wonderful and played loud without compression. Highly recommended !

                                                         From the web:

Sonically, the Soul Superfly is tonally rich and solid, and possesses a weight that few other speakers anywhere its price range muster.

From ZU website:

Soul Superfly is a true, state-of-the-art, high-end, high-resolution loudspeaker that’ll work in most any room and is small enough to disappear amongst the furnishings of anyone bigger than a Hobbit.

Welcome to the next level of Soul Superfly, with its high-impedance, high-output 10” [26cm] paper-cored nanotech full-range driver that’s matched up to with same tweeter as used in Definition Mk.II and Mk.III, all mounted in a tapered cabinet and interconnected with Zu Event cable featuring our ZuB3 technology. Other features include ultra premium capacitors, Cardas pure copper binding post, and the Soul Superfly post lay-up cabinet adhesive infusion process. The end result is a modestly-sized loudspeaker that’ll give most any low powered, 16 ohm optimized amp the dynamics of a Fender stack.

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