Gabriel GoldRev 2RGabriel Gold Bringing Your Music To Greater Heights * * * * Mint trade in pair that just arrived this week. Cables are mint 1m rca Revolutionary designed Gold plated wire. ...225.00

Gabriel Gold Rev 2R mint 1m rca pair [Expired]

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Gabriel Gold Bringing Your Music To Greater Heights * * * * Mint trade in pair that just arrived this week. Cables are mint 1m rca Revolutionary designed Gold plated wire. The conductors used in the Gabriel Gold Revelation MK 2 r consist of 24kt Gold plated precious metals The Revelation MK 2 r uses GG Reflection trickle down technology employing new conductor design,new dielectric design and more.The best attributes of the Revelation MK 2 are greatly enhanced along with stunning improvements in all other areas. Not to fear the tonal characteristics and harmonics that set the GG’s apart from others are still there and then some. The end result is a product which recreates the natural timbre of instruments,harmonics and the human voice as none other. Soundstaging,depth of field and the ability to delineate complex passages will leave you astounded.The lower frequencies are authoritative,fast and accurate. In head to head comparisons the Gabriel Gold's have replaced cables costing up to five times as much NOTE Gabriel Gold will be cooking/burning in cables for clients in the future. This process of "cooking" the cables truly enhances and optimizes the true potential of these cables.International payment by paypal only . On another note - It is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery ,however,DON'T BE FOOLED By immitations Also pictured the NEW Gabriel Gold Halo, Reflection, Rapture V3 and Passion Having spent over 15 years in the audio and music industry,I had been constantly searching for that perfect sound. About 5 years ago after hearing and owning virtually every cable out there,I decided to design a cable for myself,one that would properly reproduce music the way I feel it should sound. 2 years and many designs and metals later I had a product that fulfilled my expectations. Using a wire that blended copper,silver and 24k (pure)gold in the proper percentages(not all gold and gold alloys are the same) Within a few months people within my audio community auditioned the cables and were blown away by the sound. I soon found myself building cables for audiophiles and guitar cables for major musicians. Both sonically and aesthetically the Gabriel Gold products have been preferred by customers over some of the worlds most expensive and respected cables An Audio distributor/importer interested in bringing the product to the mass marked called the Gabriel Gold's a sonic and visual masterpiece . Paul Shaffer (from the Letterman Show)outfitted his entire audio/video system with the Gabriel Gold interconnects and speaker wire. Many trade magazines have requested review samples There are close to 500 discussions posted here on Audiogon by both happy and interested members which I thank you for. Every cable is hand built to my meticulous standard * * * * "The sound of the GG cables are true to the music with an unmatched capability to retrieve information and paint a picture of music like no other This is my first posting on the NEW Agon system and I've read that there may still be a few Gremlins causing havoc. I can also be reached at or website still pending updates
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