HalesTranscendence 3Hales Transcendence 3 audiophile speakers-brand newHALES TRANSCENDENCE 3 AUDIOPHILE SPEAKERSListed as 9/10 only for digital pictures and testing.PERFECT 10/10 CONDITION - ABSOLUTELY BRAND NEW CONDITION !the Transcendence Line was Hales masterpiece ...2795.00

Hales Transcendence 3 audiophile speakers-brand new [Expired]

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Listed as 9/10 only for digital pictures and testing.


the Transcendence Line was Hales masterpiece - the heighest end of their audiophile speakers.

the build quality is exceptional-an exquisite 3-way design with an aluminum dome tweter, a 5" magnesium mid-range driver (both isolated in individual exclusures), and an 8" long throw woofer.
the crossover uses ultra-high end components and Cardas internal wiring.

the sound is high-bandwidth, slightly forward with a large sound stage and startling imaging.

the grilles are an engineering marvel and can be easily removed.

Frequency Response: 35Hz-26KHz,+/- 1db

Sensitivity 87dB/watt

Impedance: Nominal 4ohm

Finish: Cherry

Dimensions: (HWD) 36"x10"12"

the Cabinet is a tilted back parallelogram

Weight: 86.5lbs. each

Built in Los Angeles


I have had these speakers in BRAND NEW condition from day 1, purchased from an authorized Hales dealer.

Just recently unboxed from the original factory cartons.

They have maybe 3 hours on them and are in Perfect 10/10 Condition.

they are rated 9/10 only because they are out of the original cartons which I threw away because I have limited storage space available, when I took them out of the factory boxes.

I will pay for and custom crate and package with foam inserts, the Hales Transcendence 3 speaker for shipment for the buyer.

see the wooden carte picture included.

the custom crate weight is just over 200 lbs. and is much better packaging than the original factory cartons.

digital pictures of the speakers are included.

A rare opportunity to own a legendary classic - these Hales Transcendence 3 speakers are Perfect 10/10 with absolutely no fingerprints.

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