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I'm Greg Palma. Welcome to Noble Electronics home of Noble high-end modifications and original designs. We are also the only authorized Enlightened Audio Design (EAD) Service Center and all our employees were EAD pioneers! We offer our experience and knowledge to all makes of audio and video gear. For more of our history please see below We are dedicated to improving the sound quality of your individual Home Theater Processors, Players, and Two Channel systems by implementing innovative techniques and designs to create a more natural audio playback experience. We work with all makes and models including the EAD line. We also work with EAD based Simaudio Moon Attraction and Legacy Nexstep. Recently, some enjoyable Mods for us include: Audio Logic, Audio Horizons, Cary Audio, Hovland, Proceed and Thor. We use the highest quality components available and we also develop our own custom components. Our original designs include Noble 200 Two Channel Audiophile Amplifier, AC Line Power DNA, DC buss DNA (Dissipative Noise Attenuation) Circuits, Power DNA Circuits, Digital and Analog Precise Interconnects, and Custom Silver/Teflon/Natural Cloth Interboard Interconnects. Balanced Input and Output circuits. We run a small R & D and light design and manufacturing company. We have collectively over 40 years of electronic design and manufacturing experience. Our background has its roots in the Aerospace design philosophy--design it with quality components, solder it with NASA flight standard for electrical connections, pre test, then Burn-in and finally post test the unit. Greg Palma is also a Opera Singer, Bass Baritone and Thom Banks is a jazz guitarist and percussionist. See Pics. Music is a important part of our lives. Either in our own live performaces or thru recorded media, we have an ear for what sounds best. We are open to suggestions for custom designs that will enhance your system. I look forward to hearing from you. Wishing you happy Listening and a prosperous 2012. New and Classics from Noble: Noble Sonic Treatment We have developed a new method for enhancing sonic improvements for all gear: Noble Sonic Treatment. Any part of your AV system can be treated by this new system. These include Pre-amps, Amps, Processors, AV Receivers, interconnects, speaker drivers, caps, tubes and valves, wire and connectors just to name a few. If some part of your system is still not sounding as you would like, this may help raise it up to a better standard. I am having good results with this system with a variety of pieces. Note: This is not a Cryo treatment chamber. It is a method that I have developed which is safe for all components. $150. Selective Silver, Gold Plating We are now offering selective precious metal plating for connector pins and sockets, IEC power Inlet connectors, fuse holders, Power Cord, sockets and plugs, certain types of switch contacts and more. Please inquire about other precious metals. Preventative Electrolytic Capacitor Replacement This is important! We are starting to recommend replacement of all electrolytic capacitors as a preventative measure due to the age of some Classic units (ten years or more). Electrolytic capacitors will leak over time and can cause shorts and other problems. Also older caps electrical characteristics (such as ESR) change and this causes a diminution in overall sound quality. Some options are: We can replace all the electrolytics with standard stock capacitors or, we can do a combination of standard stock caps and critical path capacitors with BlackGate and other audiophile grade caps. Balanced Outputs Upgrade We are now offering Balanced Outputs for Pre-Pros and CD players that only have RCA single-ended analog outputs. The balanced driver circuitry is wired using 99.9999 pure silver wire and Teflon sleeving, terminating in a pair of male panel-mount XLR connectors with gold pins. Single-ended outputs are retained. more info Balanced Analog Inputs Upgrade We are now offering Balanced Inputs for Pre-Pros and amplifiers that only have single-ended RCA analog inputs. This includes the addition of a balanced input circuitry, using 99.9999 pure silver wire and Teflon sleeving and terminating into gold-plated female panel-mount XLRs connectors.more info Noble-Modified Ultra High Precision Resistor Modules Noble has developed ultra-precise Vishay resistor modules with a TCR of + 0.05PPM. Noble UHPR modules have cryogenically-treated 99.9999% solid core pure silver wire solder leads and a thin Teflon PTFE resistor casing. Built to improve of the sonic signature in any critical audio path, Noble makes Vishay's latest UHP technology practical and available to the audiophile. more info TheaterMaster 8/8000 8 Channel output Mod. This Mod will add 6 (true) balanced outputs for the Surrounds, ES, Center, and both Subs, which are currently only single-ended RCA outputs. Call for details. Sony DVP-S7700 DVD Player Mods. This is an excellent sounding unit even before my modifications. I recommend this to those that want a combo DVD Player/CD Transport. I can add all of my mods to this player including my new AC Line DNA. Music Servers Mods are now available. Call for details. Audio Upgrades are available to all makes and models, Call for details. SRC-7000 (by Sunwave) Touchscreen Universal Remote for the TheaterMaster e/o/s (5.1) or TheaterMaster 8/8000. This is similar to the SRC-2000/2010 Remote that was supplied with the later models. USB interface (with cable), preprogrammed database, macro, controls 64 devices, customize every button. $275.00 Op Amp Upgrade for TM Classic, DSP-9000/7000/1000. Upgrade your I-to-V and output stage Op Amps with a high performance, low noise, ultra low distortion device. The Noble-200 Signature. low-profile, dual-channel audiophile amplifier Noble-200 Balanced input Mod for PM500, PM1000, TM8800 Analog Pass-Thru (Analog Direct). Call for details. Printed Wiring Upgrade and Solder Alloy Upgrade for PM500, PM1000, PM2000, PM8300. Call for details. A new style of Power DNA/LPF for all makes and models of equipment- AC Line Power DNA/LPF New Article: Audiophile - The Quintessential Aesthetic Listener Three posts on Constantine Soo's Dagogo site: Rocket Science applied to Extreme Audio Review of Boelen/Noble Mod of TM Ovation Plus Review of Digital-Precise -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Brief History In September 2001 Enlightened Audio Designs (EAD) moved to Ashland, Oregon. Frank Boelen (former owner of EAD) started Boelen Electronics (www.boelenelectronics.com). He hired Greg Palma, who had been EAD's Technical Director for ten years working closely with designers John Hagelin and Alastair Roxburgh in product research and development. Greg was also responsible for hiring and training production staff. Boelen started out as EADs authorized repair center for classic EAD products. The company soon expanded its activities to include upgrades to TheaterMasters, adding SDI outputs to DVD players, modifications to EAD products as well as all brands of DVD, CD, A/V processors and amplifiers. Boelen developed a superior digital interface interconnect called Digital-Precise, as well as an analog interconnect called Analog-Precise. Other products include a noise filter called Dissipative Noise Attenuation (DNA), special Low Pass Filters (LPF), Black Gate capacitor upgrades and rectifier diodes mods. All of these products can be used on any processor, amplifier or CD/DVD player to improve its sonic performance.
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