NordostFry 2 Power CableusedNordost Fry 2 Power Cable 3m, Sweet Sounds! Demo SaleWANT a Faster Response? Email us directly at [email protected] rather than thru the Audiogon system. Thanks in advance! To see all our Bargains and Special Deals, CLICK HERE! We are proud...1380.00

Nordost Fry 2 Power Cable 3m, Sweet Sounds! Demo Sale [Expired]

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WANT a Faster Response? Email us directly at [email protected] rather than thru the Audiogon system. Thanks in advance! To see all our Bargains and Special Deals, CLICK HERE! We are proud to represent many of the world's finest Audio Brands - CLICK HERE for a complete list! Note: Dealer Demo cables do not come with factory boxes.
Nordost Fry 2 Power Cord 3 meter $2310, sell $1380
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Retail $2,090, sell for $1,290
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1.25 m Straight DIN to RCA 
Tonearm Cable, Retail $840, sell $490
1.25 m RCA to RCA Tonearm Cable, Retail $840, sell $490
New in Box Frey 2 Power Cord, 2 meter, New $2000, sell $1350


"The Nordost Frey 2 Analog Interconnects line combines a goodly amount of knowledge and engineering harnessed from their vaunted Valhalla cables, at an attainable price point -- no mean feat, given that they were designed and are made entirely in the US. Their terrific resolving ability is married to a sound of prodigious size and scale, qualities that any listener will be able to appreciate."  - Hans Wetzel, (read the review)


Nordost Frey 2 Analog Interconnects

The new, second generation Norse Series interconnects deliver a level of performance not previously possible at their price points. Nordost’s proprietary Micro Mono-Filament construction, first introduced on the legendary Valhalla reference cables, creates a virtual air dielectric complete with an elegantly engineered suspension system. Combined with silver-plated OFC solid-core conductors and FEP insulation throughout, the result is the ideal electrical and mechanically controlled construction for ultra-fast, low-loss signal transfer. Optimized conductor dimensions, and asymmetrical grounding topology significantly extend the musical performance of the new Norse series, finally allowing your equipment to deliver its full performance potential, while the consistency of design and materials across the entire Norse Series means that you can easily prioritize a system-wide solution without compromising the coherence of your cables.

Nordost Frey 2 Analog Interconnects' increased conductor numbers deliver enhanced ground integrity, lower noise floor, greater detail, dynamic range and musical impact. Increased weight and energy at bandwidth extremes means more scale and greater drama, while at the other end of the scale, the blacker backgrounds and greater resolution increase delicacy and intimacy, allowing you to hear further into the performance, making Nordost Frey 2 Analog Interconnects the perfect interconnect for critical signal paths.

Features - Micro Mono-Filament construction - 5 x 24AWG silver-plated 99.99999 OFC copper solid-core conductors - Fully shielded - High Performance FEP Insulation reduces dielectric absorption and increases signal speed - Terminated with high quality MoonGlo RCA or Neutrik XLR connectors

Nordost products are manufactured and hand-built in the USA.


Nordost Frey 2 Analog Interconnects

• Insulation: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) • Construction: Precision Micro Mono-Filament • Conductors: 5 x 24 AWG • Material: 60 microns of extruded silver over 99.99999% solid-core OFC • Capacitance: 28pF/ft/ch • Inductance: 0.055µH/ft/ch • Propagation Delay: 80% speed of light • Overall Shield Coverage: 97% Braid • Termination: Nordost MoonGlo RCA, Din or Neutrik XLR

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