DARWIN CABLE COMPANY The Evolutionary ASCENSION! DARWIN CABLE COMPANY  The Evolutionary ASCENSION!    SHOW DEMO! BIG SAVINGS!After a terrific Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Darwin Cable Company has a number of demo cables available at the lowest prices ever. Miss the show? No problem! We will honor the show special price on ...445.00


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After a terrific Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Darwin Cable Company has a number of demo cables available at the lowest prices ever. Miss the show? No problem! We will honor the show special price on all demo cables. In this case we are featuring a 3' Darwin Ascension RCA Interconnect. Only $445! (MSRP $595). Check for other listings for more show demos. Darwin Cable Company builds a full line of reference cables, all of which outperform expensive, big name cables. At RMAF, we were honored to cable a system end to end featuring George Warren Precision Turntables, Rogue Audio amplification, Jolida's Fusion DAC/CD and Tyler Acoustic Speakers. The room was busy, busy!! Thanks to all of you who stopped in! George Warren (Widman) loved our prototype Darwin DIN phono cable we built just for the RMAF show. In an A-B comparison with a competitor, everyone noticed the sparkle and musicality of the Darwin. Plus, as an added bonus, when connected in his listening room at home, it eliminated a nasty noise it was picking up from the television. The Darwin DIN will soon become part of our product line. Thanks to Stereophile, who visited the room at RMAF, for their feature on Darwin Cable Company. The top European audio site Mono/Stereo featured us recently, too, at the urging of their readers, many of whom are our customers. In another recent review, Audio Video Revolution's Andre Marc reported, "...the Ascension proved to be a real revelation.... What became a recurring theme in my listening sessions was the enormous size of the soundstage, regardless of musical genre. Another characteristic of the Ascension was how much recorded detail it allowed to come through the speakers, but not at the expense of body, flow, and coherence. No spotlighting... The folks at Darwin Cable Company have appeared to turn the price to performance ratio on its head with their new cable, the Darwin Ascension. Within the context of my system, I have not heard a "better" cable. I can honestly say I wanted for nothing sonically. Count me as a believer in the Darwin philosophy... start with solid engineering theory, trial and error, and ultimately listening to finalize your product. Hats off to the Darwin Cable Company for offering relief from audiophile cable pricing sticker shock. Highly recommended.” As part of RMAF, we also paid a visit to a Colorado client (and new friend) with extraordinarily polished hearing who has an epic system with $60,000 horns. He reported that the custom Darwin IC's we built for him had taken it to a new level. Wow. The sound was majestic. It was truly an honor to know our work was up to such extraordinarily high standards. Enthusiastic customer response continues to roll in. In today's e-mail, one of our Canadian friends. Nicholas W. writes, “On first listen (just the one Ascension cable, straight out of the wrapper) it did rather humiliate the Antipodes interconnect I had always quite liked...” The Darwin Cable serves as point to point wiring for your components with the most pristine, un-compromised signal in the business. Transparency! Vibrant sound. A clean signal—and we mean, really clean—allows your music to shine through and your components to operate at peak efficiency. Our cables are meticulously voiced over months of testing—testing and analysis that never really stops. While voicing a cable is an art, there are sound scientific principles behind Darwin Cable Company. • Low Mass Ends. Darwin has long described heavy, bulky ends as “audio jewelry.” All flash and no substance. Heavy ends create unwanted signal anomalies and eddy currents, smearing the sound. By painstakingly testing many, many ends by ear, including some very well known expensive brands, Darwin Cable Co. found the best combination of low mass, quality metallurgy and synchronicity with their unique design. Under a microscope, we looked for a smooth finish—no gaps or pits—for superior connectivity. • Silver Core Wire. Analysis of silver wire from three continents was an education unto itself. We learned that seemingly infinitesimal variances in gauge, purity and build quality can make a huge difference. Silver is vastly superior to copper in conductivity in low voltage applications. Hours long, computer controlled cryogenic treatment—enhances molecular structure and lowers noise floor for better dynamics. Darwin Cable Company relies on an industry leader that meets military specifications. It's an expensive extra step but we just cannot stand the thought of building a cable that isn't as good as we can make it. • Air Dielectric. By suspending the wire in an oversized teflon-like tube, Darwin Cable Company eliminates the veiling that is introduced with coated wires. ANYTHING that touches the wire diminishes the sound. Even quality dielectric in close proximity to the wire will diminish performance. Compatibility is simply not an issue. The open and organic sound of an immaculate connection is stunning. You will love our Ascension! We'll go head to head with any cable at any price. You be the judge. Call or write if you have questions.
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