Fusion AudioRomance IC2Fusion Audio Romance IC2 1m interconnectSelling a pair of Fusion Audio Romance IC2. This pair is exactly 37 1/2" in length and factory terminated with RCAs. Will come to you in excellent 9/10 condition as you may see in the photos. Th...455.00

Fusion Audio Romance IC2 1m interconnect [Expired]

no longer for sale

Selling a pair of Fusion Audio Romance IC2.  This pair is exactly 37 1/2" in length and factory terminated with RCAs.  Will come to you in excellent 9/10 condition as you may see in the photos.  The retail on these is $1600 and I am selling for $455 with insured shipment and paypal fees included in my asking price. 
Now for the sonics...I had never heard the full bodied texture of woodwinds, stringed instruments, the human voice, and piano before installing these interconnects in my audio system.  They are truly spectacular and if you have a highly resolving system these cables do not sound overly warm, nor are they lacking in resolution.  Well balanced and extended on top and bottom, these cables were created for your listening pleasure.  The reason for the sale is that I am re cabling my system with Purist Audio Design Dominus.  These cables exhibit a large percentage of what Dominus is capable of for a fraction of the price.  Buy from an experienced Audiogon seller in the US with excellent feedback here over many years.   

  I pack to the max for safe shipment, and ship UPS Ground insured for purchase price the next business day after your PayPal payment arrives.  Ships free to CONUS!  
Take a look at my other listing for the matching Romance PC2.  Both of these cables have been used with my Lampizator DAC for the past year and a half.  Also ask about the 8ft pair of Fusion Audio Romance Ella speaker cable that may be available for sale soon.

A word from the good folks at Fusion Audio.... The trend in cable and component manufacturing is fast and lean. Often the term “better” is used to describe a cable or component that can produce the sound faster and leaner than its predecessor.  Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?   Unfortunately it is becoming easier and easier these days for systems to sound too fast and lean, especially with some of the more expensive equipment. Sensing this need in the marketplace, Fusion Audio spent 18 months developing a line of cables that would bring back the enjoyment of listening to music.  

The result? The new Fusion Romance series of cables.  

Is it possible for your cables to add a greater sense of midrange bloom without limiting the top end extension or losing definition in the bass? The answer to this question is yes. After listening to so many fast and lean cables, we decided to create something different ourselves. Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

- Do you want to be emotionally engaged in the music and appreciate the guitar having a fat, rich tube like sound with vocals sounding rich, seductive and chesty? 

- Do you prefer tone, emotion and musical expression over listening for the conductor flipping through the music score or a chair creaking? 

- Do you feel your system can get a little harsh at times and lacks a sense of involvement? 

- Would you like to add the midrange of a 300B tube to your system with a cable? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, than you should have a Fusion Romance cable somewhere in your system....
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