Shunyata ResearchAriesShunyata Research Aries 1 m Interconnects RCA OVER 1/2 OFF !!Shunyata Research Aries interconnects - rarely available!1 meter pair with factory RCA termination.Great condition - just mild tarnishing of 2 rca's. Work perfectly.Check out the great reviews - th...199.00

Shunyata Research Aries 1 m Interconnects RCA OVER 1/2 OFF !! [Expired]

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Shunyata Research Aries interconnects - rarely available!

1 meter pair with factory RCA termination.

Great condition - just mild tarnishing of 2 rca's. Work perfectly.

Check out the great reviews - these are truly extremely neutral & balanced. Worked well with everything I tried them with - preamps, sources, etc.

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The Aries uses Litz configuration composed of separately insulated, extremely fine wires intertwined to maintain uniform length. The conductors follow an exclusive spiral helix pattern that uses unique isolation stranding to minimize crosstalk and EMF distortion.

The Aries interconnects look and feel like very strong and agile garden snakes. They're the size of a large-diameter drinking straw, and their smooth, sleek finish sets off light in a fashion similar to the vivid lightning-strike photos seen on the Shunyata website. The Aries conductors (of which there are 600!) have an insulation barrier so thin that it is practically invisible to the eye. Aries is encased in a medical-grade, visually transparent outer sleeve that is said to "lower vibration-induced distortions." Shunyata specs all its own wire -- no off-the-shelf stuff here. RCA and XLR connectors are made by Neutrik.

At $650 USD a meter pair, the Aries is not cheap. Gabriel claims that "the Aries was not designed to fit a price point or to fill a niche; instead it offers cost-no-object performance." This kind of hyperbole is standard in audio industry, but coming from Gabriel, the statement carries weight. That he prices his very first interconnect at $650 is one sign that he does not follow industry norms or trends.

The Shunyata Research Aries interconnects and Lyra speaker cables offer definition and sonic purity that make them pacesetters at their price points. They provide tremendous air around instruments, deeply black silences, enough energy to start a war, and the kind of bass retrieval that organ lovers and techno fans the world over should love. They are a revelation, and I was more than a little surprised at how well they performed against my much more expensive Cardas wire. The best word I can use to describe the full-Monty Shunyata package is alive. Music absolutely pops, percolates and performs like a rocket though these cables.

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