Zu AudioOption RCAZu Audio Option RCA 3.3' [1.0m] Interconnect PairYou are buying from Zu Audio—designed, built and sold from Ogden, Utah—U.S.A. ZU AUDIO / Option RCA 3.3' [1.0m] Interconnect Pair, brand new and never used Think of Option as our hook. We hav...34.00

Zu Audio Option RCA 3.3' [1.0m] Interconnect Pair [Expired]

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You are buying from Zu Audio—designed, built and sold from Ogden, Utah—U.S.A. ZU AUDIO / Option RCA 3.3' [1.0m] Interconnect Pair, brand new and never used Think of Option as our hook. We have designed and built it to be so good, so impressive that you’ll be duty-bound to look to Zu for all your cable, loudspeaker and turntable needs. Just getting into hi-fi stereo? Maybe you have been into it since you were a kid. Regardless, if you are looking for a nice improvement in your system’s performance and don’t want to drop a bunch of cash on new loudspeakers or turntable you might want to give these Zu Option RCA cables a go. You have nothing to lose but a bit of trial time as we back ‘em up with the easiest trial and refund policy in audio—our no-hassle 60-days satisfaction guarantee. We hope you give them a try, in your home with your own gear and your music, free from the pressures of a salesman, so you can know for yourself just what a difference this cable can make. Materials used in Zu Option RCA are similar to our competitor’s top offerings; the use of highly refined US drawn silver alloy conductors, virgin Teflon dielectric, beautiful nylon sheathing, and custom machined high copper brass RCA plugs. But these are just the materials supporting the magic, the art of design is not in the stuff, it’s in the electrodynamics working through the materials, that is just one area where Zu cables are different. Another is that we actually manufacture our cables, not just put connectors on them. After all, nobody cares as much about their creations as the creators. OPTION RCA Mk.II Key Features & Benefits / E&M + Materials Zu designed and manufactured coaxial cable specifically developed for coaxial RCA-type interconnection of analog audio instruments. Being we design and manufacture (cable and terminated assemblies) the cable completely in-house ensures quality, consistency and performance. E&M design of Zu Option RCA yields a super wide bandwidth [DC – >1GHz] and flat, uniform impedance characteristics. This reduces standing waves and contributes to stable propagation of intelligence ensuring an effortlessly clear and open sound. High conductance (low DCr) [0.05Ω/m on signal, 0.02Ω/m on ground] are key to giving you uncompressed dynamic realism and shove when done within the E&M design targets stated above. Excellent parallel capacitance (Cp) measures [80pF/m] combine with the stated impedance dynamics, high conductance, and tight shielding to ensure even very long runs sound killer and maintain their ultra-wide bandwidth. Uniformity in manufacturing with extremely high precision guarantees each 2-channel (L&R) stereo pair is matched and made contiguously from raw stock—continuing Zu’s reputation for unrivaled stereophonic playback performance. High conductance silver alloy signal conductors for improved signal to noise ratios, conductance, and overall resolution. Virgin white Teflon® insulation extruded directly over the silver alloy signal conductors. This thin layer of Teflon directly applied helps ensure the very wide bandwidth and tight group delay performance—bass through treble has perfect timing for a relaxed and resolving quality. Dielectric space is a composite consisting primarily of air but also includes polyester and graphite. The dielectric space and materials were developed in conjunction with the impedance characteristics and together fine tuned around many hours of listening, finally arriving at the desired performance. Custom Zu RCA connectors are precision machined from high copper brass with heavy gold plate for great looks and feel, along with exceptional toughness and a long term high fidelity connection. Designed and made by Zu Audio in Ogden, Utah—USA. Burn-In Zu Option RCA cable requires a fair amount of use before they’re fully burned in, roughly 400 hours; mainly due to the Teflon. However, right out of the box they will sound very good and improvements should be quickly noticed. We do not recommend any burn-in devices or special recordings. We do recommend music you enjoy, preferably upbeat full spectrum recordings: rock, roots, full orchestra, big band.... If you would like us to burn this cable in for you there is a small non-refundable charge and a three week delay. If you have questions please let us know, we love this stuff and are here to help. Office hours: 8–5 (mountain time) Monday–Friday. Zu Audio Ogden Commercial Industrial Park 3350 S 1500 W Ogden, Utah—USA North America: 800-516-8925 International: +1-801-627-1040 Skype: zuaudio www.ZuAudio.com © 2016 Zu Audio
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