Jade AudioHybrid Gold RCA or XLRJADE AUDIO HYBRID GOLD INTERCONNECT CABLES HYBRID GOLD: The Hybrid is my best selling interconnect and is a cost conscience design using 99.99% pure solid gold wire for the positive conductors a...2250.00

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JADE AUDIO HYBRID GOLD INTERCONNECT CABLES HYBRID GOLD: The Hybrid is my best selling interconnect and is a cost conscience design using 99.99% pure solid gold wire for the positive conductors and 99.99% pure solid gold and gold plated silver wires used in the negative conductors. The Hybrid is a full level beyond the Vermeil Gold, and for me, it was the first jaw dropping experience in my system since my first Plinius amp fifteen years ago. Every aspect of the Hybrid is beyond belief; the bass is tight, fully formed with a very sharp leading edge. On my Dunlavy IVA’s it sounded like I had added a sub-woofer, or had larger drivers. It is that good! Clarity is even better than the Vermeil Gold, as if layers of haze or fog have been removed from the background allowing you to see deeper into the music. Soundstage depth, width and imaging are the best I had ever heard. The midrange is like only tubes can offer. Rich, harmonic, smooth, glowing, hues and texture are all simply perfect. The highs are transparent, extended and open, all with a silky smooth liquid quality that is very much like live un-amplified music. Nothing is lacking, and yet these are completely free of edginess, brightness or grit. In fact the sound is so pure with an inky black, quiet background that every note within the full audio spectrum is holographic. These cables are the best cable on the planet, I mean it. RCA one meter $2250.00 (Standard with Furutech rhodium RCA connector) XLR one meter $2700.00 (we recommend the premium Furutech rhodium XLR connector for $300 additional) A Few Words About Jade Audio: In September of 2006, we placed our first ad for Jade Audio interconnects. Since that time we have supplied orders to over 100 countries, on six continents, received countless praise from customers here on Audiogon as well as most of the other audio forums as well as our first printed review in the well-respected UK magazine “Hi-Fi News”. These interconnects are the culmination of countless designs using different wire configurations, wire types and gauges which have culminated in three different levels of performance. The Vermeil Gold (99.99% pure gold plating over 99.99% pure solid silver wire), The Hybrid Gold which uses exclusively 99.99% pure solid gold wires in the positive conductor and both 99.99% pure solid gold and Vermeil Gold in the negative conductor. The top of the Jade Audio line is the Reference Solid Gold and the Reference Solid Gold/Platinum cables. As the name infers, all the wires are 99.99% pure solid gold in both the positive and negative conductors for the Reference Solid Gold. The Reference Solid Gold/Platinum cable uses all 99.99% pure solid gold and 99.99% pure solid platinum wires in all conductors. Because we use 99.99% pure gold in every product we make, our cable pricing is not some artificially created price point we decided to charge; rather prices are based on the actual material costs used in Jade Audio cables. As an example, the Hybrid speaker cable uses over 1.5 ounces of 99.99% pure solid gold per foot of positive conductor. This is the melt value of the cable, yes melt value. Next time you talk to a cable manufacture ask them for the melt value of their cable. Design Philosophy The design philosophy incorporated in Jade Audio was to receive the best of the interconnects I had been using over the prior years. I strived to match the bass extension and speed of the Nordost Valhalla without suffering the thinness and brightness, the midrange body and warmth of the Purist Dominus without the roll off of the highs and the fuzziness in the bass and the neutrality and naturalness of the Kubala-Sosna Emotion cables. I was able to exceed the objective in every category and receive a clarity that was beyond every cable I have ever experienced. This statement is true in all three levels of our cables. The bass is fully extended with the best most solid focus I have found ever, the upper bass and lower mid-range is rich, deep and solid, the natural decay and resonance of instruments like piano and violin are extremely accurate and tonally pure. Midrange is absolutely phenomenal. The hues and texture of the human voice has limitless texture and tonality while the clarity of this cable allows you to see deeper into the pallet of color. These are warm without bloating, and they are not artificially exaggerated in the midrange frequency. The trebles are fully extended, transparent and tonally perfect. Despite the extension there is none of the thinness or roll off that is often associated with strong midrange. Regardless of this full treble, there is no glare, edginess, fuzz or fatigue that seems to follow electronically created treble. These cables design is without a weakness, as long as your system has no glaring flaw. Because this cable is so pure and accurate; it will show the weaknesses you may have in your system. Notwithstanding this fact, even on a couple of the high school kids systems I have tried these on, the improvements were stunning! Unique Design Attributes Jade Audio received US Patent No. 7,763,803 on July 27, 2010 for its unique design. The conductors are sleeved in an unbleached cotton dielectric, this allows for less than 5% of the wire surface to be in contact with the cotton leaving the remaining 95% contacting air. Cotton is second only to air as the best dielectric (meaning the least energy storage possible) so these wires are in effect given a perfect electrical potential. The cotton sleeved wire is then sleeved in a Teflon tube which allows for better strength to the fragile gold wires. Teflon is used by most cables now, but we discovered a micro vibration was picked up through the conductor being in contact with the hard Teflon surface. This causes a sonic high frequency ringing that causes fatigue. The cotton elevates this problem. The next unique design feature is we do not twist our conductors together, in fact we keep the positive and negative conductors ¾” apart from one another. This is achieved using an unbleached cotton cord that is the “core” of the cable. We then wrap the entire assembly in an unbleached cotton fabric to add protection and finally sleeve the cable in a carbon fiber jacket. We now use Furutech gold plated RCA connectors on our Vermeil Gold, and Furutech rhodium RCA connectors on our Hybrid Gold cables. We use a Furutech gold plated XLR connector as a standard and recommend the Furutech premium rhodium XLR connectors for the Hybrid cables. Our reference cables use Bocchino B-11 RCA as a standard connector and the Furutech premium rhodium XLR standard. These have proven to be the clearest, smoothest presentation on the market and without any question is the most perfect match to our cables. Guaranteed satisfaction: If for any reason, however unlikely you are not happy with these cables I will refund 100% of the purchase price if they are returned undamaged to me within 30 days of receipt. I do not expect I will be refunding any money, I am that impressed with the performance, and for the price I assure you nothing will touch it. Boring Disclosures: These interconnects by design are extremely minimalist in material. Because of this, the design is inherently subject to abuse and over handling. I strongly urge that these cables are not used to A/B in a method that exposes them to continued plugging and unplugging. Because of these issues, I am not able to warrant these cables, but I will attempt to repair any cable that breaks. Assuming the break is in the wire at the plugs, I should be able to repair them for little or no cost. If however the break happens in the middle, I would need to use new wire, and depending on whether it is solid or vermeil gold will have a profound effect on the price of repair. SO PLEASE TREAT THESE WITH RESPECT! For more information please visit our website at www.thejadeaudio.com or give the owner (JD) a call. We offer a fully thirty day, 100% refund trial period, so you risk little to try our cables. What customers have to say about Jade Audio Just when you thought you had purchased the best interconnects for your system, along come the Jade Audio Reference interconnects. What can I say that sums up all of its qualities? The next phrase springs to mind: A star is born! All I can say is that they are stunning! I wound up preferring JD's cables over many other 'heavy hitters', like PAD Dominus and 20th Anniversary, Stealth Indra and Metacarbon, Audioquest Sky and Kilimanjaro, and the list goes on and on and on. I've heard quite a few, and JD has really nailed what music sounds like to me. Now if you want to sit in the 'front row', and have the music in your face, JD's cables will not be for you....try Virtual Dynamics or other cables. However, if you like soundstage depth, and a nice relaxed mid-hall presentation, with a natural harmonic presentation, I cannot recommend JD's cables highly enough. You really need to at least hear his cables, as he has a money back guarantee, and most don't return them. I was a little reluctant to put on a Telefunken recording of Strauss music thinking I might blow up the speakers. The record is a live recording from Vienna, and during the track “Auf der Jagd polka” a musician fires a real rifle. Moonya and I ducked behind the couch, both looking for cover. Then she looked at me and I saw her thinking: don't ever do that again when I'm in the same room with you. You could have at least given me a warning! Moonya is my Scottish Fold cat, my little muse. Because of her folded ears, I always joke that her ears are based according to the “Folded Ear Principle”. I agree that this cable is very, very special. I've had the opportunity to listen to both the Gold Reference and the Gold/Platinum Reference IC in my system. Who knew a wire could provide a gorgeous sound that exceeds many tube amplifiers. I opted for the Gold/Platinum because the upper extension is uncompromising and pristine, with just the right amount of detail and harmonic richness for my system.
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