JBL4312DJBL 4312D 3-Way Studio Monitor - PristineUp for sale are a pair of JBL 4312D Studio Monitors. Less than 100 hrs. use. I have too much gear and need to make room. http://www.harman-japan.co.jp/jbl/hifi/4312d/#tab-intro http://jbl43.com/?...1700.00

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Up for sale are a pair of JBL 4312D Studio Monitors. Less than 100 hrs. use. I have too much gear and need to make room. http://www.harman-japan.co.jp/jbl/hifi/4312d/#tab-intro http://jbl43.com/?pid=31499131 12"woofer: While inheriting the characteristics of the high calling of 30cm diameter 2213H woofer masterpiece as a unit in the mid-high range characteristics obedient to enable low-frequency response and dynamic sitting waist, a simple network, aero-dynamic and powerful magnet Neojumu -woofer is a high-tech unit incorporating the latest design methods such as frames, mosquito played a better response and low distortion. Adopt its own damping material JBL, the white cone coated with Aqua-plus on the surface of the curved cone to exert a good mid-high range characteristics. Have gained a good response to clearly draw the core of the sound even more by increasing the strength of the paper cone itself, to optimize the amount of material dumped. Adopt a cross-edge accordion pleats had inherited the tradition of quality of 2213H. Suppress the resonance edge by impregnation of dump material, we have demonstrated good frequency response and sharp in low buoyant rhythmic. Sandwiched by two pieces of the top plate of the magnet ring Neojumu powerful, to do a push-pull drive one voice coil 2 NDD ™ proprietary JBL system adoption (Neojumu differential drive). To demonstrate the high driving force for precise motion Pisutonikku enhanced linearity, 75mm voice coil diameter of the two units comparable to diameter 38cm. Bucket-type structure is adopted frame of molded aluminum die-cast engulfment in the center of mass frame the large magnetic circuit to minimize power loss. We take to improve the response by firmly and together with the reaction due to the motion before and after the baffle cone paper. Benteddo gap cooling mechanism of its own force and the magnetic circuit JBL cooling the voice coil motion before and after using the paper cone reduce the temperature rise of the voice coil, Neojumu guarantee stable operation of the magnet. You have to enable high-power monitoring in high-output power compression without continuous. In addition, releasing heat efficiently, die-cast aluminum frame incorporating a heat sink structure. Large number of slit has been made in various parts of the frame reduces back pressure and damper cone with diffusion of heat, reduce the distortion. Has brought a good response and harmonic distortion reduction of secondary aerodynamic design that was produced by computer analysis has reduced the disturbance of the airflow, keeping the symmetry of the cone before and after the waveform. 5 "cone midrange: 105H As mid-range unit responsible for the voice quality range of traditional monitor in 3-way control, it is also a major feature that is 125mm diameter squawker newly developed for the purpose of flat response and low distortion further. Structure with aluminum die-cast frame flange (square change) Square was subjected to cycles of tradition hairline finish on the surface. Can be integrated tightly and firmly while supporting the baffle and the strength of the magnetic circuit, has produced an excellent response. Adopted the corn pulp subjected to polymer coating on the surface of corn for High quality vocal reproduction with reduced distortion. Has further honed by natural voice. Adopt a double pleat edge with an emphasis on cross-connection of the exquisite sound of woofer unit and distinctive accordion-pleated cross-edge adoption. Has inherited a bright clear JBL sound monitor. Copper voice coil diameter of 25mm and adopt heat-resistant Kapton bobbin, the ferrite magnetic circuit employs a powerful magnet is further enlarged, won the excellent dynamic range. Boasts a high regenerative capacity to adapt to the source of any genre. 1 "pure titanium dome tweeter: 054Ti Dome tweeter horn is of short type has been developed in order to achieve the ultra-high-frequency response good imposed on the new generation of monitors. Adopt a new Neojumu powerful magnet to pure titanium dome tweeter diaphragm 25mm diameter property boasts a superior mid-high range. By increasing the driving force depends, has secured the ability to regenerate stable up to a super-high region. Equipped with phase plug on the front of the diaphragm is arranged phase characteristics, achieve low distortion reproduction in a flat to a super-high region. In combination with the face plate of the short horn type, management has played a directivity optimal balance of energy along with the appropriate unit and other potent. Simple network Order to maximize the flavor of the wide-range woofer boasts a superior response, connect a full range woofer unit, medium, and has adopted the traditional 4312 series network superimposed high-frequency unit. The direct drive by the woofer amplifier by performing a full range of connection to the unit impervious to any low-pass filter element, has played a low-pass play out of a bright and vibrant good. To mid-range gain a sense of freshness that ties together with a smooth sound with full range drive woofer using a simple high-pass filter of -6dB/oct, using a simple filter of low-pass filter also -6dB/oct ties has been obtained with the tweeter sound and smooth playback of high. The unit employs a high-frequency high-pass filter of -12dB/oct in order to enable high-power monitoring unit to protect the delicate. Equipped with MF / HF type continuously variable attenuator volume level adjustment independent of the high frequency / in is possible. The gradual slope with a smooth damping characteristics and a simple network of each unit, to ensure a wider range of indications to the attenuator, and it can be adjusted to suit a wide range of level of the room environment and preferences. 4312D Studio Monitor 3-Way, Monitor Loudspeaker - Right Technical Specifications Form 3-way bookshelf type 300mm diameter Use unit LF Aqua Plus coating curved cone woofer 300mm diameter HF 125mm diameter cone midrange UHF 25mm diameter pure titanium dome tweeter Impedance 6Ω Permissible input 100W (RMS) Output sound pressure level 93dB (2.83V/1m) Frequency characteristic 45Hz ~ 40kHz (-6dB) Crossover frequency 2kHz, 5kHz Dimension (Without grill) 362 × 597 × 299mm Weight 17.0kg
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