KEFQ200c, Q100EDIT: FREE SHIPPING, USA - Sorry for any confusion. This is my first posting on AudiogoN, but I have been selling on eBay for years, username "johnnypaddock" with 100% positive feedback. I am also...575.00

KEF Q200c, Q100 Center Channel, Bookshelf Speakers [Expired]

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EDIT: FREE SHIPPING, USA - Sorry for any confusion. This is my first posting on AudiogoN, but I have been selling on eBay for years, username "johnnypaddock" with 100% positive feedback. I am also a long-standing member at the Steve Hoffman forum. Thanks for looking. – Joe
I'm selling a set of KEF speakers, currently used in my surround setup. I'm using the Q100’s as satellites, but they could easily function as front speakers. They are perfectly matched with the Q200c center channel. These speakers and grills are all in MINT condition, with only very light use. I listen to music in stereo 99% of the time, so these have really only been used for TV and movies now and then. Specifications are below, along with some information from the manufacturer. The finish on these is black. I had originally posted these for local pickup only, but I would now be willing to offer free shipping, USA. Please let me know if you have any questions. I respond to all inquiries quickly. Thanks for looking. – Joe KEF Q100 bookshelf speakers (retail: $549/pair) KEF Q200c center channel speaker (retail: $449) $575 for all three speakers
KEF Q100 Bookshelf Speaker (Black) Design: Two-way bass reflex Drive units: 5.25’ aluminium Uni-Q, 1’ vented aluminium dome HF Crossover Frequency: 2.5kHz Frequency Response: ±3dB - 49Hz-40kHz Impedance: 8 Ohms Amplifier requirements: 10 - 100W Sensitivity: 86dB Speaker Terminals: 5-Way Binding Post Weight 13.0 lbs. Depth x Height x Width: 10.7’ x 11.8’ x 7.1’

KEF Q200c Center Speaker (Black) Design: Three-way bass reflex Drive units: 130mm (5.25’) aluminium Uni-Q | 25mm (1’) vented aluminium dome HF | 130mm Crossover Frequency: 500Hz Frequency Response: 50Hz-40kHz Impedance: 8 Ohms Amplifier requirements: 15 - 130W Sensitivity: 85dB Speaker Terminals: 5-Way Binding Post Weight: 24.3 lbs. Depth x Height x Width: 10.2’ x 7.1’ x 20.7’
Description A spacious, three-dimensional sonic image is what you'll get from the Q Series. That's because its state-of-the-art Uni-Q® driver array—measuring 5.25"—precisely positions the 1" tweeter inside the midrange driver. You get a more accurately focused soundstage, so movies surround you with realism, and music feels like the performers are right in the room! A groundbreaking new Uni-Q array that conjures up a fluent, spacious and incredibly realistic 3D sound stage you can enjoy wherever you sit. A spectacular new high performance LF driver that delivers deeper, cleaner and more accurate bass. And a ‘total design’ approach, with obsessive attention to detail and the pleasures of ownership. These are the qualities that set the new Q Series apart. Thanks to the latest computer modeling techniques, years of painstaking development and a dash of design genius, the new iteration of the Uni-Q concept packs a formidable complement of design innovations. Based on the state-of-the-art HF driver developed for Concept Blade, the new Q boasts a much larger (25mm/1 in. dome) tweeter for increased sensitivity and distortion-free power handling. It plays as loud as it plays true. The vented tweeter design allows upper registers to be reproduced with startling clarity and smoothes the transition to midrange frequencies. The dome assembly is cleverly braced, pushing the first breakup beyond the audible range so that the sound you hear is flawlessly accurate. And to make sure everyone in the room enjoys the benefit, KEF’s distinctive ‘tangerine’ waveguide over the dome maximises Uni-Q’s exceptionally wide dispersion characteristics. At lower frequencies, the superlight new aluminium cone of the LF/MF drive unit delivers noticeably faster, cleaner response. This is enhanced by KEF’s unique Z-flex surround, which allows the extreme excursions needed to deliver a truly visceral thump while also maintaining a seamlessly smooth surface to disperse the high frequencies from the tweeter. The ensemble is a masterpiece of modern acoustic engineering. Vocals suddenly seem much more immediate – more open and natural. Surrounded by sound of such clarity, you start hearing things you never did before. Nuances in the way an instrument’s played. The sound of a distant cricket in an outside scene. A breath, even. And best of all, you don’t have to be in a little ‘sweet spot’ to experience it. With KEF Uni-Q, you can sit where you want and not miss a thing. All you hear is what the artist intended. Advanced bass technologies Featuring rigid new aluminium cone technology just like the Uni-Q array, the new Q Series advanced bass driver is a tour de force in its own right. A die-cast aluminium chassis rigidly locates the high efficiency vented magnet assembly to prevent unwanted resonance, and the large (50mm) voice coil ensures impressive power handling. Its musicality is impeccable: seductively tuneful and well controlled, and on the floorstanding models, complemented by dedicated front-firing auxiliary bass radiators (ABRs). Deep, fast and powerful, this outstanding bass response is enhanced by new enclosures with massive internal bracing to eliminate resonance – and importantly, over 30% more volume than their predecessors. For movie effects, this noticeably enhances the realism of the sound when combined with the newly assertive midrange. The performance envelope of these sensational new drive units is so generous that the signal needs minimal intermediation – simple first order crossovers are all that’s required, as you can tell from the transparency of the sound and the inaudibly fluent transitions.
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