Crystal CableUltra DiamondCrystal Cable Ultra Diamond 1.25m RCA IC's, Factory Sealed, Full Warranty!GET A FASTER RESPONSE! It's easier if you email directly to jay "at" rather than thru the Audiogon system. We are a VERIFIED AUDIOGON DEALER and pay a fixed monthly fee and th...1900.00

Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond 1.25m RCA IC's, Factory Sealed, Full Warranty! [Expired]

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GET A FASTER RESPONSE! It's easier if you email directly to jay "at" rather than thru the Audiogon system. We are a VERIFIED AUDIOGON DEALER and pay a fixed monthly fee and therefore no commissions on sales. Thanks in advance! TO SEE ALL OF AUDIO REVELATION'S BARGAINS AND SPECIAL DEALS ON HIGH END AUDIO GEAR, CLICK HERE! We are proud to represent many of the world's finest Audio Brands - CLICK HERE for a complete list!

Exquisite Sound Never Looked So Good!
Crystal's Inteconnect cable models from Piccolo to Absolute Dream share the same perfection in design, sound and appearance brought to you from the largest, most extensive research and development facilities in all of Europe. Optimize your listening experience with Crystal Cables!

Crystal Cable Diamond Series
Crystal Cable has upgraded their successful Piccolo, Micro, Standard, Reference and Ultra lines. All these cables now feature improved metallurgy and conductors, upgraded isolation, and individual serial numbers. These new and improved cables have a "Diamond" behind their names, and as you know - Diamonds are Forever...

Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond 1.25 meter RCA interconnects, Freshly reterminated by Crystal, factory sealed, 10/10 condition. Full Warranty!  Audio Revelation is an authorized Crystal Cable dealer. OTHER CRYSTAL CABLES AVAILABLE: – Dreamline 2.5m speaker cables, spade/banana, store demo, 9/10. Retail $19,000, sell for $5850.

Crystal Diamond Interconnect Cable

How are Crystal Diamond Interconnect Cable different from all other high end cables?
  • Transparent, uncolored, open, natural; the pinnacle of musical involvement
  • Minimalist design of almost impossibly diminutive dimensions
  • Space age metallurgy and insulation technology utilizing conductors of silver and gold alloy wrapped in a Kapton film, then sheathed in a silver woven outer, which is then insulated in Teflon
  • Designed and manufactured in Europe to the very highest standards, not made in China as are so many of today's supposed premium brands. Why is this important? Quality control, Quality Control, Quality Control!
  • Exchangeable tails on speaker cables with no loss in sonic quality make for easy swapping from spade to banana or single to bi-wire
Why do we absolutely adore Crystal Cables?
  • In our experience, the use of Crystal Cables in any system has almost always resulted in a dramatic improvement in sonic quality and enjoyment
  • Thin, flexible, svelte, elegant, unobtrusive, practical and exceptionally beautiful cables (as high as it gets on W.A.F.)
  • Complete, coherent range of seven different models including the new Absolute Dream and Dreamline series allowing for the perfect match with any system
  • Available for practically any application and termination


Crystal Diamond Interconnect Cable ". . . after spending a lot of time with the Micro Diamond interconnects and speaker cables, plugged into a wide range of components and speakers, they not only work brilliantly, they are beautifully executed. . . . the Micro Diamonds ability to transfer every bit of information adds a spectacular level of inner ear details without compromising musicality in any way. There’s more resolution and it is musically satisfying. What more can one ask?" - TONE AUDIO PUBLICATIONS The Absolute Sound has awarded Crystal Diamond Interconnect Cable their Editor's Choice Award. "Clean, composed and transparent, the jewel-like Crystal Micro cables offer an open soundstage where images snap into focus and music is conveyed with a turbine-like smoothness... one of the most transparent cables I've heard." - Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, Issue 164 HiFi+ magazine has awarded Crystal Cable's Piccolo cables as Product of the Year! "What you get with Piccolo is the Crystal trademark, a cable that really lets your music breathe..." - Roy Gregory, Hifi+ "I have loved listening with these cables; their ability to lift the musical performance free of the system is exactly what hi-fi should be about. They offer no panacea for poorly assembled or matched components, they offer little or nothing of themselves save an imperturbable musical poise. Crystal's are both refreshingly simple and simply excellent. Allow them a little time and that excellence will unlock the musical performances you've already paid for." - Roy Gregory, Editor, HiFi+, Issue 55 "Every once in a while a component (Ultra) comes along that redefines what's possible and compels one to invest in the future of one's system. That said, I will plunk down the required amount for which I expect long-term and fruitful returns ... Above all, the Crystal cables brought my other components together in harmony ... The highs were incredibly smooth and appeared to be only limited by the capacity of the speaker drivers ... This smoothness was not only apparent in the highs but throughout the frequency spectrum" - John Brazier, Positive-Feedback (read the review) "...the Micro's are arguably the most transparent cables I've heard to date..." - Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound "These cables are as quick as a flash of lightning, both starting and stopping with a minimum of lag or undue decay ... Elegant and refined ... The Crystals are extremely successful in blending transparency, sweetness and definition, leading one to think of the perfect Martini cocktail ... just right and you know when it's perfect." - Laurent Thorin, Haute Fidelite "Wow. And wow again. Together, the Crystal Reference ICs and speaker cables transmitted my Integris CDP's extraordinary resolution to perfection. I don't think that's an overstatement." - Mike Silverton, "The Micro's didn't soften the dynamics, either; when a sudden increase in volume occurred, it was abrupt, with lots of impact, which added to the excitement of a performance ...Try Crystal Cables and find out for yourself that small rules..." - Vade Forrester, (read the review) "The Crystal Diamond Interconnect Cable is sheer magic ... Try it in your system you'll not be disappointed.." - Ernie Fisher, The Inner Ear "Most movingly of all, however, is the purity of a well-recorded human voice through Piccolo" - Alvin Gold, Hi-Fi Choice


Crystal Diamond Interconnect Cable will fulfill a long lasting wish among audiophiles: To purchase an audio cable that is truly advanced, giving top-notch results in virtually every system, and which will serve for a lifetime. The additional advantages of being very small and eye pleasing make these cables highly desirable in systems where neat and tidy is preferred to large and bulky. This is especially important in today's larger and more complex systems when cutting holes in walls or floors in order to route unsightly large cables is not a preferred option. Crystal Cables allow both audiophiles, videophiles and their significant others to have the best of both possible worlds... eye pleasing but with the best possible audio and video reproductions. Elegant, true reference grade interconnect designs suitable for the highest grade of audio systems.


Ultra Low Distortion Crystal Diamond Interconnect Cable uses only the highest quality, best possible materials, conductors and isolators. Crystal Cable conductors are optimized to minimize audio signal errors to nearly zero distortion over the entire audio spectrum and beyond. This is achieved by using a proprietary, annealed silver-gold metallurgy which minimizes crystal boundary induced distortions. Although much debated if this is detectable, the common error made by skeptics is that they tend to analyze voltage distortions, since that is what most measuring equipment is designed to do. Not many people realize the importance of current induced distortions. Compared to voltage distortions, these current distortions are several orders of magnitude higher, and are for the large part responsible for the deformation of sound from an audio cable. Crystal Cable subsequently sets new standards for audio performance by reducing current induced distortion to vanishingly low levels. Near Zero Cross Talk - To Or From - Other Cables The shielding quality of both the individual conductors, as well as the cable as a whole, is many times better than the thick and inefficiently shielded products of most high-end competitors. This reduction of noise induced by other components and even picked-up by the cable itself results in a measurably lower noise-floor and therefore in a much cleaner and clearer sound, regardless of the connected system. Noise in cables is a much neglected and misunderstood subject. Manufacturers of larger cables fail to come up with good methods for testing and rejecting various electronic "noise." Current belief is that any thick shield keeps out most noise. In reality this is perhaps enough to keep out about 10 percent of the surrounding energy fields. Too many manufacturers using heavy, multiple shields, end up with impractically stiff cables... while not even achieving a satisfactory field rejection rate, even though they may be using triple or quadruple thick shields. By using ultra thin, yet well designed, engineered and tested multiple shields in combination with superior internal geometry, the audio signal passing through Crystal Cable is almost entirely free from external noise, subsequently increasing the sonic fidelity by a considerable margin. With the signal to noise ratio so greatly increased, the silent passages in the music become truly silent, just as originally recorded. Also, all formerly buried micro details now enhance the realism and true life sense of the music. Micro Movement Distortions Crystal Diamond Interconnect Cable uses a proprietary modeling of the co-axial concept, where the distances between the central core and outer-skin shields is fixed by high precision dense foils, preventing any possible deformation. Tolerances of this insulation are maintained precisely, resulting is a cable with equally spectacular performance across the entire bandwidth. Since the main construction principal is based co-axially, with new high density materials as both dielectric and primary shield, there is no room for movement of any conductors between the core and the shield. In stranded cables, even those of high quality manufacture, the tiniest of geometric motion (even resonances between strands) will generate non symmetrical behavior, causing reflections at the higher frequency range due to movement induced distortions. (MID) These distortions are most easily noticeable in the higher frequencies, due to the skin effect of electrical conductors passing a broad bandwidth of frequencies. This is a general problem faced by manufacturers of audio cables. When using Teflon, Polypropylene, PVC, nylon, and cotton for their cables dielectric insulation, the softer mechanical properties of these materials causes a subjective effect that is easy to detect, the most common being a sponginess and subsequent lack of dynamics in music. Soft details tend to lose precision and air. Combination cables with air filled tubes tend to make this effect even worse. Eventually the wires can move very easily towards each other and after bending or other force put to cables built like this, their electrical properties will deteriorate markedly. The whole objective of these manufacturers is to obtain lower capacitance, resistance and inductance. Unfortunately, this traditionally comes with the expense of higher distortions and a dynamic-range reduction due to a higher noise floor. In most properly designed audio cables, capacitance is not an issue as long as the total value does not exceed the driving capabilities of the electronics. In real-world practice, Crystal Cable interconnects can be used to about 20m (65 feet) without sacrificing even the slightest transparency of sound. Also, even after forces which would deform lesser cables, Crystal Cables will maintain its structural and electrical integrity, as well as their superb dynamic capabilities. Low Induction By nature, Crystal Cables are immune to inductances (generated by all cables) throughout the entire audio bandwidth. This is of great importance to achieve an undistorted and correct impulse response regardless of frequency and in part, accounts for Crystal Cables superb linearity in frequency-dependant response. When connecting high-power amplifiers to low-efficiency loudspeakers, these effects are multiplied. The Crystal Cable loudspeaker cables are therefore as ideally suited for power-hungry systems as they are for highly efficient designs. Both systems strongly benefit from the Crystal Cable principle of low inductance, low capacitance, low resistance, virtually immeasurable induced or generated noise, and grand, sweeping dynamics with even the tiniest of nuances proudly presented. Even with the smallest and hardly noticeable model called CrystalSpeak Micro, many kilowatts can be handled. The very low inductance, capacitance and resistance guarantees superb response with no compromises whatsoever. Highest Quality Material Crystal Cable uses the best possible conductors and isolators. A proprietary, annealed gold and silver alloy for the central, positive conductor. This alloy's inherent properties allows a near-zero state of crystalline-boundary and other spurious induced distortions. Kapton foils as dielectric and electrical/mechanical shield. Kapton is very hard and has a high 400ºC melting point. It is a superb insulator and exceptionally strong, especially when configured in a triple layer such as in Crystal Cable. Braided silver mesh, which has dual purpose functions of both carrying the negative signal and acting as an additional layer of shielding for the central core. Clear Teflon outer coating which is not only a good insulator but also reduces any pickup of stray electrical fields generated outside the cable. (even things as seemingly innocuous as static charges from rugs or carpets!) Because of their high price and difficulty to machine thinly, these exclusive conductive and isolation materials are normally not used all at the same time for consumer products. When combined together, these cables come as close as theoretically possible to a purely "amorphous conductor" without the astronomically high price tag such a product would otherwise command. Another of their other special properties is the fact that they are mechanically extremely strong and very durable. As previously stated, this attention to detail maintains the purity of signal, without any losses from MID. It is clear that Crystal Cables uses only the very best available materials to build a compact yet strong cable. The incredible strength, reliability and the high voltage breakdown ratings also ensures that it is an extremely safe product in practical use despite its small size. (none of the: "Dog eats AC-cord"!!) Results The amazing small diameter adds to the illusion that these cables perform wonders. However the designs of Crystal Cable result from genuine scientific calculations, together with advanced metallurgy. The development and testing for lightweight, small diameter, high noise rejection, high power capabilities, and safe cables for advanced aerospace applications, has helped the development of Crystal Cable very much. The additional need for excellent audio properties came partly from the use of extreme low distortion proprietary core wire. The combination of proven but advanced materials, constructed in a new formation, is the creative formula of this new brand. These cables are optimized to be truly system independent. Excellent subjective listening results are achieved over the entire audio range. The richness and purity of the music will quickly result in Crystal Cables become your new reference. ___________________________________________________________________ California sales subject to sales tax. Audio Revelation, Carlsbad, CA 92010 760.434.2625. 9am-6pm PST Monday through Saturday. Visits by appointment only please.

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