PS AudioPerfectwave Power BasePS Audio Perfectwave Power Base Power Cond and Isolation !PerfectWave PowerBase:Shown above in Silver / We have two sold individually in Black:Weight: 25 lbs Dimensions: 14 × 17 × 2.5 in Colors: Silver, BlackManufacturer: PS Audio, Boulder,...449.00

PS Audio Perfectwave Power Base Power Cond and Isolation !

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               PerfectWave PowerBase:

Shown above in Silver / We have two sold individually in Black:

Weight: 25 lbs
Dimensions: 14 × 17 × 2.5 in
Colors: Silver, Black

Manufacturer: PS Audio, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Price: USD $995.00

These are clean trade in's traded in on much more expensive bases and are a wonderful conditioner & Base especially at this low price.

Comes with basic IEC Power Cord, for best conditioning the better the Power Cord used the better it's performance will be.

Great for any PS Audio PerfectWave Product and virtually any Audio Component even speakers !

The PowerBase is both a vibration cancelling and power cleaning
isolation base for equipment. Set any audio or video product on top of
the PowerBase and enjoy cleaner more dynamic sound or video as a result.
Vibration cancelling and power cleaning in one convenient package.
Holds up to 85 pounds, accepts up to two units.

The PerfectWave PowerBase combines a dual diffused isolation base with a
one-way-gate power conditioner into an elegant, component level product
base. Use the PowerBase for source, control or power equipment and
enjoy a remarkable improvement in the space between instruments, vocals
and soundstage.

Lowers the smearing and grunge associated with microphonics of
equipment, especially tube, turntables, CD players and source gear.
Helps any product reach its full potential with cleaner power and lower
induced noise from your loudspeakers.

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The Powerbase is designed to isolate an audio
component both electrically and physically, in one comparatively small
and, to my eyes, attractive package. With a footprint of 17″ by 14″ and a
height of 2.5″, the platform/conditioner comes in black or silver, and
is small enough visually to not dominate the equipment rack the way many
other platforms or isolation devices can. Despite the small and neat
appearance, the base weighs a hefty 25 pounds (according to my weighing
scale) and you need to think ahead when moving it. Adjustable feet allow
for leveling and, once in place, the black model I tested blended
cleanly into my racks. Indeed, it formed such a synergistic visual match
with my SME 20/2 turntable that you might believe these two were made
for each other.

The platform itself is plugged into your
electrical supply and an internal conditioner delivers clean AC to your
components through two rear outlets. These outlets share a single
IsoZone filter, PS Audio’s trademarked technology, which has been used
in several generations of their successful line conditioning and
regeneration products. As far as I can determine, the physical isolation
of the PowerBase is entirely passive—the electrical conditioning serves
only to deliver clean power to the components supported on top or
nearby and is not used to enable vibration control in the platform.

physical isolation results from the use of a ¼” steel top that rests on
two layers of sorbothane, one stiff, the other soft. The aim is
apparently to couple the component to the airborne vibrations, which
seems counterintuitive but according to the PS Audio documentation is
actually a requirement for masking vibration induced noise and the
resulting sonic ‘ghost’ images. In combination, the two sorbothane
layers can hold up to 100 lbs, with a large sweet spot reported to be
between 15 and 85 lbs. Short of my speakers, this range covers just
about every component in my rig, so assuming it can be made to fit, the
PowerBase has the potential to be used under any component.

rather active owners’ forum on the PS Audio website offers a wealth of
opinion and experience with the company’s products, and I learned there
that the PowerBase was originally not designed for turntables or even
sensitive front-end components. While these seem a very obvious
application area, the genesis of the platform was to provide support and
a clean electrical feed to the company’s own PerfectWave line
regenerators. The operation of the PerfectWave series of conditioners
can apparently push noise back down the line, which might get picked up
by any part of your rig that is not itself drawing power directly from
the regenerator. Once built however, the application to other components
just suggested itself. When PS Audio chief Paul McGowan tried one on
his own digital front-end, he was convinced the new platforms had wider
application, so in I jumped, ready to try one under any component I
could get it to fit.


PS Audio PerfectWave PowerBase:

By: Roy Harris, APril 1, 2013

PowerBase improves dimensionality, dynamics and enhances timbral
realism, without altering the frequency response. - These PowerBases
will not leave my stereo system."


By: Patrick Dillon, June 2013

looks, and a cleaner sound, the PowerBase is a unique product that
warrants auditioning if you are trying to eke out the best performance
from your components. Definitely recommended."

PS Audio PerfectWave PowerBase:

December 2013

"This is certainly worth an audition with your system - Overall the PowerBase provides
further refinements to the sound from my system,"


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