RBH SoundSignature Series SV-6500R w/SV-1212PRRBH Sound Signature Series SV-6500R w/SV-1212PR Discounted MORE then $6,000+ DOLLARS truly amazing speakers!Incredible opportunity of lifetime our dealer demo Mint 3 piece set-up sold at $10,000 in the stores by RBH dealersPlease read entire description - email questionslisting includes;(1) pr RBH Signa...3999.00

RBH Sound Signature Series SV-6500R w/SV-1212PR Discounted MORE then $6,000+ DOLLARS truly amazing speakers! [Expired]

no longer for sale

Incredible opportunity of lifetime our dealer demo Mint 3 piece set-up sold at $10,000 in the stores by RBH dealers

Please read entire description -  email questions

listing includes;

(1) pr RBH Signature Series SV-6500R Reference towers (w/ScanSpeak $300 tweeters)

(1) pc RBH Signature Series SV-1212P/R powered reference sub woofer

Professional, lightly used, dealer demo speakers - have boxes, packing - everything as it came from factory  w/Manufacture warranty.

I prefer CASH & CARRY LOCAL Sale with Pick-up But, will ship LOCALLY via truck, on pallets doing so costs more but guarantees it gets delivered without damage -  although considering a $6,000 savings you might want to drive/fly here, audition them purchase and get them home

Will Break up the system

$4500 SV-6500R's  MSRP $4500 for just $2600

$5400 SV-1212P/R MSRP $5500 for just $2500  

SIGNATURE SV-6500R is the REFERENCE model of RBH Sound's Signature SV Series freestanding speakers designed for high performance home theater and critical audiophile listening.

BUT, even more cool this model is very rare these were only made in a very small quantity we have the first run which has the $300 SCANSPEAK Symmetrical Drive tweeters

Newly designed proprietary technologies SV-6500R offers a true edge over competition in $5,000 to $7,500 dollar a pair price range  -  Performance & appearance incredibly well built modern, swept-back cabinet design finished in absolutely stunning high-gloss South American Rosewood.

RBH's proprietary, AWARD-WINNING aluminum cone technology alongside high performance SCANSPEAK Symmetrical Drive (SD) 1" Dome Tweeters, THREE 6½-inch aluminum cone subwoofers, TWO 6½-inch reference aluminum cone woofers gives this Reference tower the capability of accurately reproducing the loudest explosions as well as the softest whispers, making it the perfect tower speaker for True high fidelity detailed music, with a wide, bigger then life 3 dimensional image.....loads of depth too!

To optimize performance, SV-6500R can bi-wired or bi-amplified via the high quality, dual 5-way binding posts. Curvature construction of the cabinets, combined with strategically placed internal bracing, reduces standing waves increasing cabinet rigidity, providing more and tighter bass while also improving overall sound quality.

Audiophiles and subwoofers seldom get along

Yep, not only do most audiophiles not understand subwoofers very well, subwoofers generally aren't built with the needs of audiophiles in mind. It's a sad situation. Many audiophiles don't use subs, so they're missing out on great bass This sub was MADE WITH AUDIOPHILES in mind, heart & soul!  I spent endless hours comparing the SIGNATURE REFERENCE SV-1212P/R w/JL Audio 212 and REL's G-1 as good as those 2 are RBH is simply better subwoofer - REAL extended bass response I have EVER heard(felt)

As an audiophile using this THREE speaker set-up CLEARLY Better than any other speaker combination you could possibly come up with under $10K and I'll go as far to say at even the $15,000 price point!

Review comments ...Just a few

"I just can't believe the true to life depth of each instrument, the *Dead-Center Clarity* and weight of the voice, be it male or female. I have heard 10k speakers that didn't sound this intoxicating. I can honestly say, if you are spending anything close to this price-range on another system, you are getting a lesser product."

"By far the warmest, most detailed lifelike tower sub set-up I've ever auditioned at it's or twice it's retail"

"the SV-6500R has sweet-balanced top octaves—loads of "air" treble was extremely detailed, and proved well capable of differentiating between cymbals"
ignature SV-6500R SPECIFICATIONS Model Name: SV-6500R Series: Signature SV Reference System Type: Tower Speaker Frequency Response: 35Hz-40kHz (±3dB) Sensitivity: 88dB (2.83V @ 1 Meter) Recommended Power: 100-350 Watts Subwoofers: (3) 6-1/2" (165mm) Reference Aluminum Woofers: (2) 6-1/2" (165mm) Reference Aluminum Tweeter: (1) 4.72" X 1" (120mm x 25mm) AMT Swivel Tweeter(s): No Tweeter Protection: Yes Crossover Frequency: 100 Hz, 2,700 Hz Crossover Slope: 24dB/Octave Impedance: 4 Ohms Cabinet/Color: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)/Standard High-gloss Black and High-gloss South American Rosewood (SAR) Grille: Black Fabric Dimensions: 8-7/8" W x 50" H x 14-1/8" D
(225mm W x 1270mm H x 359mm D) Weight: 72.7 lbs. (32.98 kg) Warranty: 5 Years

Signature SV-1212P/R SPECIFICATIONS Model Name: SV-1212PR Series: Signature SV Reference System Type: Powered Subwoofer Frequency Response: 17Hz-180Hz (±3dB) Sensitivity: N/A Recommended Power: 2400 Watt Amplifier Included Drive Units: (2) 12" (305mm) Reference Aluminum Subwoofers Crossover Frequency: 40Hz-150Hz (variable) Crossover Slope: 12dB/Octave Impedance: N/A Cabinet/Color: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)/Standard High-gloss Black and High-gloss South American Rosewood (SAR) Grille: Black Fabric Dimensions: 15-3/16" W x 33" H x 22-7/8" D
(386mm W x 838mm H x 565mm D) Weight: 110 lbs. (49.90 kg) Warranty: 5 Years/1 Year*

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