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DSPeaker Anti-Mode X4 S.O.S. Stereo Optimization System + DAC/PRE - SAVE $500 [Expired]

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                         FREE Freight in the USA   

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                           Expert support from the Dual Core Co-developer                                                                              & principal tester of the NEW X4   

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====================== TESTIMONIALS =============================

          US X4 install # 16 - 2.0 system - PROFESSIONAL INDUSTRY ASSOCIATE

                    VERY impressive, easy to set -up. Sound quality is excellent...                                                             seems like this should sell for a lot more                                                             ... Goes way beyond the already great Dual Core 
                                            SA - NH - DSPeaker dealer
              US X4 install #15 - 2.0 System with Escalante Design Fremont speakers           
                     The X4 is a HUGE improvement on the already excellent Dual Core 
         The improvement in the results of the automatic room correction alone over the Dual                                              Core warrants the cost of admission....                                                            The X4 has taken my system to a new level in every respect.  
        Thanks for all of the time helping with the integration of the X4 into my system...                        I commend you for your unwavering commitment to customer service. 
                                                  Gino - San Jose CA

               US X4 install # 14 - This thing goes beyond a Swiss Army knife ..                                                                       Juan - Music lover and DJ NYC   

             US X4 INSTALL # 9 - The X4 is an extremely accomplished “Finnish Army                                           Knife” that performs all its functions with aplomb.                                                           I would recommend the X4 as a preamp without hesitation.                                                  it is a truly an awesome all in one “Stereo Optimization System” !  

                               Carl - Salem North Carolina ( see testimonial #4 below )

           US X4 install # 4 - I wouldn’t know how to meaningfully improve from here...                                        Toni - San Diego. ( see testimonial #1 and #2 below )  


===  GET A BRAND NEW X4 + EC Living RENA S-1 Streamer - a $ 649 Value ===                     
I started my colaboration with DSPeaker in Finland in 2009 ...with over 4 years in development the long awaited DSPeaker X4 was launched in Finland Dec.4 th.2017 and retails for $ 3,995. It is the worlds most Powerful and verstile DSP Audio Processor and  creates a new catagory in Stereo Audio Reproduction... the X4 Stereo Optimization System.

The SOLO Audiophile spends numerous hours tweaking their sub-woofer levels and cross-over levels settings ... very often giving up... never reaching the HOLY GRAIL of FULL RANGE BASS...

The patent pending X4 optimizes the sub-level Cross-over frequency and slopes and even the Left / Right channel balance in under 8 minutes ... not just for one listening position but for up to 6 room positions selectable via the supplied remote. 

OFF-loading the Bass from your main speakers  gets you better midrange from your main speakers ...  a TOTAL WIN - WIN ... Better Bass and Midrange from you main speakers.  

It is the ULTIMATE all-in one DAC / Pre-amp with REMOTE control of TONE which can correct up to 10 music inputs - 3 Analog, 6 SPDIF and USB up to 192/24 and DSD 128. ...

     SUPPLY IS EXTEMELY LIMITED AT THIS TIME ... call to LEARN MORE !!.                    

We also have an optional $ 649 ElectroCompaniet EC Living RENA S-Streamer which ADDS Streaming from SPOTIFYTIDAL and a host of Internet Radio services to the X4.  

The EC RENA S-1 streamer will support MQA and ROON RAAT endpoint via a FREE firmware update early 2018.                                                     

As co-developer of the Original DSPeaker Dual Core and Principal tester of the NEW X4  I offer comprehensive support on all the products I sell. 
I also have a 10 Day Home Trial with Money Back Guarantee 

Restocking fee for the EC Streamer is $ 65     
Restocking fee for the DSPeaker X4 is $ 200  

 ( Items must be returned in Mint Condition with all accessories in their original packaging     - return shipping and insurace costs at the customers cost ). 

Here is link to the DSPeaker X4 website in Finland : 

Here is link to the Electrocompaniet EC Living Website in Norway : 

=================== ORIGINAL X4 ADVERT ==============================

Introducing a new Catagory in Hi-End Audio ... the DSPeaker Stereo Optimization System.

The much anticipated DSPeaker X4 started shipping from Finland Monday Dec. 4th. 

As Principal tester of the X4 outside Finland I, and a group of 10 Dual Core Power Users have been testing the X4 in our homes since Sept. 2016. In the few weeks before Christmas, I installed X4s in all 10 of their systems ... below are glowing summaries from our US Early Adapters. 

Following the Recent New York Audio Show, I made a presentation to HD Tracks mastering Engineer... the X4 got their already excellent room from +/- 3 db to an astonishing +/- 2 db... they have requested 2 evaluation units which speaks volumes ;-)  

The X4 has 2 modes of Optimization ... the SINGLE  listening position Optimzation OR the  Multiple listening position optimization.

Here is a brief description of what the Patent Pending X4 does :

As shown in the X4s built in screen graph testimonials, the X4 can get any system in room to within +/- 3 db fully automatically to 500 Hz in under 8 minutes without intervention... No Computer required !!

The NEW DSPeaker Anti-mode 3 algorithm works as follows: 

1) It Optimizes the Sub-woofer / Main Speaker Levels  

2) It measures the Frequency Response and Distortion of the subs and mains and                    Optimizes the Crossover Frequency and Slopes for minimum distortion.

3) It Optimizes the Left / Right  Channel Balance for wherever you are seated in the room.     
4) Finally, it optimizes all 3 of the above variables to get the Optimum Room Corrected     Frequency response to within +/- 3 db at up to 6 different listening positions in your      room.  The 6 different room position optimzations are selectable via the remote. 

So, what WAS the most challenging task in audio for both Professionals and Serious Audiophiles.. Smooth full range bass to 20 Hz .....is now a simple 8 minute job for the X4.

======= HERE ARE TESTIMONIALS FROM 5 of our US X4 Early Adapters ====== 

=======System #15 - X4 Optimizing a 2.0 with escalante fremont speakers =====                               ( un-edited testimonail apart from the BOLDING ;-)

Hello Tim;  
Having spent a good amount of time now with my X4, both in use as room correction and DAC, and as room correction only with my Auralic Vega  DAC (Stereophile A+ rated), I wanted to give you some feedback on the X4 and thanks for all the time you have spent helping me.

So, the X4.....a HUGE improvement on the already excellent Dual Core. The improvement in the results of the automatic room correction alone over the Dual Core warrants the cost of admission. When you factor in all of the user measurement and correction tools in the X4, and the fact that the correction runs all the way up to 16khz, it's a no brainer. Factor in that it's also an excellent DAC and analog pre-amp....well..... I reckon you would have to fall out of the dumb tree and hit every branch on the way down to not see the value. 

After spending hours comparing the X4 DAC to my Vega, I came to the following conclusion. The Vega DAC, which costs as much as the X4, is a little better than the X4, but only a little and this could change as the X4 firmware is refined. If I were out shopping for these two pieces of gear at the same, I absolutely would not be able to justify the cost of the Vega in addition to the X4, there just isn't anywhere near the improvement in sound for the dollars spent to make that a wise thing to do. I would run home with X4 with a big smile on my face having saved myself another $3500.

As you know, my system is in a tough room with a lot of glass, and that my speakers are difficult to mate to the listening environment. The X4 has taken my system to a new level in every respect. The bottom end robbed by all the glass is now more extended, tunefull, and articulate than it ever has been, and the sense of the recorded space, soundstage and imaging all deliver more of that "there' factor, performers hang in space with an eerie palpability that rivets me to my seat for hours on end.

Finally, I have to extend my most sincere thanks for all of the time you have spent helping with the integration of the X4 into my system, and teaching me the tricks to get the most from the X4 with the user measurement and correction tools. I'm just scratching the surface so I can only imagine how much more improvement I still have to get from my system. It's one thing to run the automated room correction, it's a whole other thing to have an audio engineer with 42 years experience help you understand what's going on in your room and coach you through how to get the very best out of your system

I commend you for your unwavering commitment to customer service. I can't imaging any other seller of the X4 takes the time to notify there customers when a new firmware release comes out, let alone take the time to test the release and then make system specific recommendations to the users. I really don't know how you find the time to do it.

Thanks again

== System #5 - X4 Optimizing a 2.2 system with Gradient Helsinkis + 2 PSI subs =  

Hi Tim,

Many Thanks for installing the NEW X4 in my main system Christmas Eve...

I could'nt resist listening to the system with the X4s USB input and Roon...

Once started, I couldn't stop playing sample digital recordings into the wee morning hours because there was irrestistible newly created Magic in the Living Room with my Gradient Helsinki speakers and 2 PSI A225 pro-audio subs. 

The Recording space as well as performers were brought into my Living Room like never before. The music and performers were infused with a palpable life-like holographic presence.

Your dogged persisitence to get the X4 running the Main System on USB with ROON really paid off.

Thanks for all your efforts to find the achievable life-like stereo magic in my listening room.

Robert - San Diego

=== System #4 - X4 Optimizing a 2.2 system with SPATIAL Audio M3  + 2 sub ===    


The first two graphs show the automatic correction algorithm at work from the solo listening position, eliminating a huge room mode around 80Hz.  There was also a high frequency area from 6kHz in which was handled by implementing a treble tilt decrease.

With the X4 you are able to immediately verify onscreen the change- no computer necessary!  

I would like to convey that the X4 has exceeded in its mission.  

It has seamlessly integrated my mains and subs by creating an optimal crossover ....  It allows for total frequency tailoring to your taste in a very transparent manner.  My bass is now tight and coherent. My Spatial speakers have never sounded better in such a difficult space, all without physical room treatment.  The X4 allowed me to find the optimal position for speaker placement.  

Finally, Tim Ryan from Simplifi Audio was continually available during setup and implementation and is infinitely knowledgeable about this product as he helped develop it !  
I thank him for his time and dedication in bringing such a formidable product to market.  

Cheers, Carl  - Dec. 24th. 2017 

= UN-EDITIED follow-up TESTIMONIAL FROM Carl .. Jan.1st 2018 =


Happy New Year to you as well! 

My digital front end consists of:

Sonictransporter i7 Roon server 
Ultrarendu with LPS (1k) 
Kitsune tuned Singxer SU-1 DDC- I use this to convert USB to I2s input on the DAC. (900$) 
PS Audio Directstream DAC (6k)

I tried the direct USB into the X4 and the Directstream via the Ultrarendu . Both are quite good and difficult to assess any difference.

However converting USB to I2s the Directstream I feel slightly outshines the USB inputs on both. Slight increase in spaciousness and warmth- minor but palpable.

I feel that the USB input in the X4 is as good as any I have experienced. 

Would I sell my Directstream? Probably not. I bought the X4 primarily to optimize my stereo with room correction, and it does this admirably. 

I should note that all my listening was performed with the X4 correction active. It is extremely transparent in my system and sits just ahead of my amps.

If I could only keep one component- I’m afraid my [ Directstream ] DAC and preamp would go and the X4 would still be here !

The X4 is an extremely accomplished “Finnish Army Knife” that performs all its functions with aplomb. I would recommend the X4 as a preamp without hesitation- it is a truly awesome all in one “Stereo Optimization System”!

Carl - Salem North Carolina

=== System #3 - X4 Optimizing a 2.1 system with  Gradient Helsinkis + 1 sub ===    

Impressive detail even at very low volumes...... Spatial information is superb. 

Sounds ‘richer’ relativ to Dual Core set up with ULN-PSU.  “Texture” of sound/sense of the body of an instrument is live like. 

Lois - San Diego 

== System #2 - X4 Optimizing a 2.0 system with Ported speakers + 1 passive sub ==                     ( This is Tonis 2nd X4 System controlling his TV / Living room System ) 

This is a 2.0 system (sub is passive and crosses over to satellites).  Improvements in detail, spatial information and “tonality” of deep bass.
Sounds superb. 

Toni - San Diego. 

=== System #1 - X4 Optimizing a 2.1 system with Gradient Helsinkis + 1 sub ===== 

Amazing detail, system sounds “airier” when compared to Dual Core plus ULN PSU upgrade, bass is very clean with tonality, richer when compared to Dual Core. System sounds absolutely live like.  

When the X4 arrived, I just wanted to listen a little in the evening - went to bed at 3 am. Very, very satisfying.  

I wouldn’t know how to meaningfully improve from here.

Toni - San Diego. 

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