JBLSK2-3300 usedJBL SK2-3300As many of you may remember, DESIGN AUDIO VIDEO in Tyler / Whitehouse, TX, was once owned by David Baskin, a long time AUDIOGON subscriber, who sadly passed away from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) in ...4850.00

JBL SK2-3300 [Expired]

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As many of you may remember, DESIGN AUDIO VIDEO in Tyler / Whitehouse, TX, was once owned by David Baskin, a long time AUDIOGON subscriber, who sadly passed away from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) in September of 2015.  David’s home / business was located approximately 4.5 miles South of town on a spacious property with 2 beautiful, stone and brick buildings.  One of course is their home, which includes a dynamic Theater on its own.  The other building however was David’s High-End, DEMO Theater designed for various product demonstrations.

In May of 2016, I was blessed to be able to purchase the company from his amazing wife Keri.  Last month, she decided to sell their property and asked if I would help her list the High-End equipment in the DEMO Theater, here on AUDIOGON.

You should know that I do NOT own this equipment…It belongs to Keri Baskin. 

With all of that said, ALL prices herein have been approved by Keri. Any and All “Realistic” offers will be given to her for her final approval.  Your payments, should you wish to purchase any of these items, should be made to her…NOT me.

With that said, she will accept:  Certified Check ONLY   (NO PAYPAL !!!)

All equipment has been re-packaged in it’s Original boxes with Original Protective Packaging.  No exceptions.                                                                                                                                                                                          

PLEASE NOTE the Timeline:  David was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease in 2010.  He began designing his DEMO Theater in 2011 (?) and it was completed in 2013 (?).  As you can easily imagine, he was constantly changing/upgrading equipment.  All of the pieces herein are the culmination of a great deal of ongoing research / matching and represent David’s ideal Theater at the time of his passing in September, 2015. 

I give you this timeline to underscore the Fact that by the time David had finished his Theater, the progression of his disease had forced him to completely forego active selling / working with home builders in ’14 and ‘15, due to being confined to his motorized chair and eventually being bed-ridden. The company was able to survive due to his wife Keri, his Excellent reputation and training of 2 very competent Technicians.  According to Keri, from the time the Theater was finished until his passing, David had no more than 5 to 7 builders drive out to their property and visit the DEMO Theater for demonstration. 

TRANSLATION:  This equipment is very much LIKE NEW….Almost NO usage at all.  Additionally, with the exception of the REVEL Rhythm2 Subs, ALL equipment listed is still current from each of the manufacturers.

Due to AUDIOGON’s selling model, I will need to list each item separately.  However, below is the Complete List of Equipment from David’s DEMO Theater.  In addition, I will eventually list all of the Cabling as well. 

Should you find something here that you like, ALL PAYMENTS are to be made to Keri Baskin.  She will accept Certified Checks ONLY…… (NO PAYPAL !!!)   


THE EQUIPMENT LIST  /  These items have lived in a COMPLETELY SMOKE FREE Environment


Mark Levinson 532H Amplifiers  x  5    ( Started with 5… SOLD  4 … ONLY 1 LEFT !!!)

Revel RHYTHM2 Subs   (Started with Two RHYTHM2’s…. ONLY 1 LEFT )

JBL Professional M2 Speakers (Left & Right) .. SOLD !!!

JBL Synthesis SK2-3300 (Center Speaker)

Revel Gem2 Surround Speakers (2) .. SOLD !!!

JBL Synthesis SDP-45 Surround Processor

JBL Synthesis SDEC-4500P

JBL Synthesis SDEC-4500X

JBL Synthesis Interconnect Kit for SDEC-4500

JBL Synthesis 1500 Array Subs (2)

TORUS AVR2 60 Balanced Power Conditioner


Thank you for taking the time to read Keri’s story…..

My very sincere regards,




From JBL Website:

The SK2-3300 is a compact 3-way high-performance LCR loudspeaker built upon the same technology used in the acclaimed Project K2S9900, one of the most advanced and sophisticated loudspeakers in the world today. A 3-inch beryllium diaphragm compression driver mated to a 100° x 60° Bi-Radial® horn delivers high-frequencies with lifelike dynamics and startling realism while an ultra-high frequency 1-inch beryllium diaphragm compression driver with a 60° x 30° Bi-Radial horn recreates critical air and spaciousness. Two 10-inch Aqua-Plas™-coated woofers each with dual 3-inch edge-wound voice coils, Neodymium motor structures and cast aluminum frames add serious punch and depth to the already potent combination of HF and UHF horns to reproduce music and movie soundtracks with the lowest distortion and flattest frequency response possible. The SK2-3300 can be used either as an LCR loudspeaker or as the companion center channel to the Project K2 S9900 or Project Everest DD66000

Probably the biggest surprise with the JBL Synthesis SK2-3300 LCR was the choice to have them THX Ultra2 certified. According to THX:

THX Ultra2 Certified products bring the cinematic experience to larger home theaters, 3,000 cubic feet in size, with a viewing distance of 12 feet or greater from the screen.


3-Way LCR Loudspeaker

• Two 10” (25.4 cm) woofers

• 3” (7.5 cm) Beryllium high-frequency compression driver with

Bi-Radial® horn

• 1” (2.5 cm) Beryllium ultrahigh-frequency compression driver

with Bi-Radial® horn

• Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power 300 Watts (RMS)

• Impedance: 8 Ohms

• Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m): 93dB

• Frequency Response: 50Hz – 50kHz

• Dimensions (H x W x D): 23.1” x 25” x 12”

(58.7 cm x 63.5 cm x 30.5 cm)

• Weight: 89 lb (40.4 kg)

• Textured black finish (no grille)


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