SpectralDMA-400 RSSpectral DMA-400 RS ULTIMATE PRECISION MONO-BLOCK REFERENCE AMPLIFIERSFor sale are a virtually new pair of Spectral DMA-400 Monaural Reference Amplifiers, in excellent condition. I am the original owner - they have had very little use and were purchased in June 2016....19000.00


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For sale are a virtually new pair of Spectral DMA-400 Monaural Reference Amplifiers, in excellent condition. I am the original owner - they have had very little use and were purchased in June 2016.
They come in their original boxes, with the original power cord, manual and will be packaged in wooden crates, loaded on a pallet.  I will cover shipping cost within the continental US.

Spectral amps use custom semiconductors, manufactured with recently developed manufacturing processes, delivering exceptional audio performance. These components contribute to Spectral's high-speed analog philosophy - low stress amplification to achieve ultimate resolution and accuracy. When instantaneous waveform accuracy is achieved, the listening experience can become ultimately detailed, transparent, and involving. Selected components are very fast and free of thermal tail and memorialization of error issues. They can operate over a wide range of voltages and currents while being capable of excellent gain linearity, quickness and ability to amplify at very high frequencies. The DMA-400 achieves its unmatched clarity and resolution from a combination of these breakthrough performances.

The result is exemplary staging and quiet amplification - hallmarks of the Spectral High-speed Hybrid Amplifier technology, as left and right channels are extremely well isolated and free of interference.

The DMA-400 incorporates an advanced gain stage which features custom semiconductor technology. The custom gain devices deliver nearly twice the speed of previous Spectral gain sections with lower impedance and improved drive matching to the amplifier outputs. With ideal output section drive and slew symmetry from the new gain topology, intrinsic amplifier slew increases to over an incredible 650 V/uS. The DMA-400 gain section echoes advances made in the Spectral High-speed Hybrid Amplifier driver with faster settling, new devices for ultra-fast transient resolution with deep dynamic settling capability.

Further, large transformers, with extremely tight regulation and isolation, provide the ability to energize tough, low impedance loads. 

All new signal cables and precision grounding system are designed to exploit the very high isolation capacity of the SHHA driver and balanced gain section. Audio paths are direct and as short as possible, with minimal filtering, for the lowest possible noise and extreme quiet signal resolution and transient settling.

The DMA-400 has been one of Spectral's most famous products, gaining a worldwide reputation in the field of high-performance amplification of the most sophisticated music systems. 

Free shipping anywhere in the lower US.  Acceptable payment terms include wire transfers, cashier's check or personal checks. Sorry, PayPal is not accepted. The units will ship upon clearance of bank funds. If you have any questions, call me at (509) 998-3508 or via email [email protected]


Power Output (continuous):

 350 Watts RMS @ 8 ohms
 560 Watts RMS @ 4 ohms
 705 Watts RMS @ 2 ohms

Output Current:  90 Amps peak

Frequency Response:

+/- 0.1 dB, DC - 150 KHz
+/- 1 dB, DC - 1 MHz
+/- 3 dB, DC - 1.8 MHz


Static: less than 0.015% from DC to 100 KHz, typically 0.009% @ 350 WRMS / 8 ohms   Dynamic:  8 Tone Cluster Test 20 KHz @ 500 Hz separation
0.01% @ 8 ohms
0.015% @ 4 ohms   Speed: Risetime:  less than 225  nanoseconds Settling:  1.5 microseconds to -40 dB Slew Rate:  650 volts/microsecond   Signal to Noise:  98 dB unweighted,108 dB ASA A   Impedance:  10k ohms   Sensitivity:  1.5 volts / nominal output   Line Voltage:  120 volts ( +/-10%) Maximum Power Consumption: 2,000 Watts Quiescent Power Consumption: 115 Watts   Dimensions: 20" (50.8 cm) W, 7.23" (18.4 cm) H, 19.6" (49.9 cm) D   Weight:  71 lbs, 34kg net (each chassis)

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