SILNOTE AUDIO AWARD WINNING TOP REVIEWS GS Reference Power Cable Poseidon Cryo Wattgate newSILNOTE AUDIO AWARD WINNING TOP REVIEWS  GS Reference Power Cable Poseidon Cryo Wattgate  EVO 4ft World's Finest Reference CablesThe World's Finest Audio Cables.Silnote Audio Awarded: "Most Wanted Component of The Year" from Stereo Times! Silnote Audio Orion M2 Speaker Cables/Poseidon Signature Interconnects (speaker cables ...399.00

SILNOTE AUDIO AWARD WINNING TOP REVIEWS GS Reference Power Cable Poseidon Cryo Wattgate EVO 4ft World's Finest Reference Cables [Expired]

no longer for sale

The World's Finest Audio Cables.

Silnote Audio Awarded:

 "Most Wanted Component of The Year" from Stereo Times! 

Silnote Audio Orion M2 Speaker Cables/Poseidon Signature Interconnects (speaker cables -$3,495 for an 8 foot pr; interconnects - $1,595 per metered pair: Reviewed here) The  Silnotes are sonic chameleons in the best sense of the word. Peerlessly neutral, smooth and holographic, superbly detailed but never etched or bright, they reproduce the unique tonal shadings, dynamic gradations and overall gestalt of any recording one cares to use with unflinching fidelity. In a world where reference-level cables frequently cost more than fine automobiles, the Silnotes deliver most of what the pricier competition offers for a fraction of the cost. The Orion M2 speaker cables and Poseidon Signature balanced interconnects are my new references, and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. (Maurice Jeffries)"  

This listing is for the highly regarded Poseidon GS Reference 4ft Power Cable, 10 gauge, 15 amp.

Now offered with the supreme Evolution Wattgate Cryo treated power plugs. The world's finest power cable just got better.  All Silnote Audio cables come with a lifetime warranty. 

We are the best in the business. See all our professional reviews and excellent customer feedback. 

All Silnote Audio cables are precision hand built here in the USA, offer a lifetime warranty, and money back guarantee! See our website and E-store for more awesome deals!

Contact info:  540-798-4441 , [email protected], or email us directly from our website....


"Silnote makes the best power cables I have ever heard. Thank you Mark and Silnote. I'm a happy camper." Jay

Recent customer feedback:
( Quick shipment of Silnote power cables, my first foray into seeing what a difference good power cables make. Mark has always been a class act. Silnote interconnects and the excellent Silnote Orion M2 speaker cables have made a very positive sonic difference in my system and I have tried a LOT of different cables. )
( Prompt Shipment. all items as described. Inserted the cables which were the Morpheus Reference II Series II XLR Interconnect, as well as Orion-M1 Master Reference USB Cable, and the Poseidon GL Reference Power cord. All I can say is that my system sounded "WOW". Will try their speaker cables next. )
 ( I just bought these AC cables from Silnote and have not yet auditioned them, but I bought them with great confidence due to my enthusiasm about Silnote's products. I own a pair of Orion-M2 Master Reference speaker cables which are the best speaker cables I've ever heard. Also, their interconnect cables are very natural sounding with great extension. Buy with confidence! )
( I love my Silnote cables. My go-to place for cables, ever since I first bought their Morpheus Reference Series II balanced interconnects 2 years ago and was in euphoria with with how much air and detail they had, with deep tight extension in the bass and natural sounding at the same time. Thanks Mark, well done, indeed. Silnote is a excellent cable company Mark works to find a cable best for you as well as your budget The Poseidon mk-2 interconnects Beat cables far more expensive Highly recommended. )
( Great product. Arrived quickly, well packed, well designed. Sound is crystal clear. Will definitely keep in mind this seller in the ongoing quest for cables. Thanks! )
( Class "A" all the way! I'm not done with them yet! Great Product! Highly recommended ! Thanks )
( Wow!!! This Epirus Master USB was the missing link in my system. All questions about different USBs making a difference were instantly removed during the 1st listen. Mark, you are both very responsive and passionate about your business and it translates into a product that puts magic into hifi. )
( Awesome interconnects. Detailed, smooth, fast, and most of all AFFORDABLE. I get really suspicious of companies like Transparent - like their network boxes are there to reduce quality, not add. Silnote doesn't play tricks like that - I feel like they are delivering the most quality possible in their lowest-end offering, and only add quality up the line with premium materials. )
( Quick shipment, impressive cable build quality. Lowered the "brightness" versus the cheaper silver  plated OFC cable I had between my phono amp and NAD. Very happy customer. )
( Mark is an excellent communicator, responds without delay and delivers quickly. The Orion M2 speaker cable is very good, sounds neutral, very quiet and quite revealing. It lacks a bit of HF air/extension in my system but then this is a pure copper cable. The construction is of good quality and looks like quality materials are used and should last. )
( Excellent seller,high quality product,fast shipping,highly recommended,an asset to the audiogon community. )
( Mark is one of the best I have ever worked with! His cables are the best value I have come across. They are great and so is he! Thanks Mark! )
( Excellent seller. Prompt shipping, great packaging and the cable sounds great. Buy with confidence. )
( A pleasure to do business with. It turns out that I am pairing his new power cables with an earlier bought set of his speaker cables. Sounds is wonderfully satisfying. Highly recommended. )

AXPONA 2015 Silnote Audio Room Report:

"As I mentioned earlier, Doug Schroeder and I agreed that one room in particular stood out for its extraordinary sound, sound that owed in no small part to the extraordinary cables used to configure the system: the Silnoteroom. The system that Silnote's approachable proprietor and chief designer put together, seriously seduced my tired ears for a second year in a row. Their delicious system came within shouting distance of winning my "best sound at the show" designation.

Look for a review over the next several months. Oh, and my deepest apologies to the Silnote team in advance, but I was so taken by the exhibit and the great sound coming from this room that I forgot to take photos. Mea culpa!"          Jeffery Brown , Stereo Times  

"As with the Poseidon GS, the ES’s imaging is spellbinding--even more so because it’s complemented with a still blacker background.  Frequently, while evaluating this cable, an intended one-hour listening session would turn into nine hours--cut off only because my amp is supposed to cool after eight hours of continuous use.  The Poseidon ES has had a more significant effect on the quality of my music than any other single tube, cable, or component in my stereo.  I don’t know what the "ES" in "Poseidon ES" is supposed to stand for, but I have a suggestion: "Exquisitely Sublime".      Dr. Mayo 

"Well I got home and hooked them up and was floored to say the least. One of my test selections is the overture to Candide with Bernstein on DG. 
My room exploded with the all the excitement this piece has to offer without the over emphasis and edginess in the upper registers. Body, weight, color, timing, breadth, etc, etc… 
I was in audio heaven. Next I put on piano discs and the upper registers of the piano had clarity, color and sparkle but not edginess or over emphasis. I have to say this is the best my system has sounded.
I had no idea I could get the level of sheer musicality I am now getting from my system by changing to your interconnects and speaker cable. 
I am really enjoying these Morpheus Reference cables. Combined with the Poseidon Signature and your Poseidon Ultra Reference Speaker cables my system is sounding better than ever.
I just can’t imagine it sounding better. 
Thanks for your thoughts…. And again for your truly musical cables. Jim"


See Silnote Audio listed as one of Doug Schroeder's (from Dagogo) top rooms from AXPONA 2014 !  

"Silnote makes some of the best cables I have ever owned. I have spent thousands on cables and audio gear and when I purchased the RCA Morpheus interconnects it literally transformed my system from top to bottom. I tried the Poseidon AC power cables even though I have been a power cable skeptic and must admit I have the darkest background and improved imaging that I never thought was possible. Mark truly is a gift to the audiophile community. I know of no better value cable at any Price.  Thank you Mark and Sllnote. Jim"


"I received the 2 power cables (GL Reference) today. Very solid and well built power cables. I immediately put it to test on my 211 mono blocks.Wow, excellent bass control and solid vocal, very impressive power cable. After a few more days run in with the power cables, I notice the separation and depth is much better and musicality is excellent. I just feel every piece of music is correct and very life like with great presence. Value buy and will recommend to my friends. 
Wang 2014

"This is some of the best midrange I have heard. The sound is clear, fast and natural with a wonderful dark background . The highs are clear and extended without any harshness or sibilance, very smooth and dynamic in presentation. " ..............................Marvin Bolden Stereo Mojo. 

You might remember that we met in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, where we chatted in your display room and I bought two of your power cords, a GL Reference and a GS Reference. 
I realized when I got home that I am already using one of your USB cables to send audio from my computer to the USB/coax converter that goes to the DAC. I have been really happy with it. 
I have been quite startled at the difference the power cables make in my system. I guess that has been a weak link up to now. The sound stage on almost every recording is now huge, extending way across to the 
outer edge of each speaker and sometimes beyond. Since I love instrumental definition and sound staging, the change has thrilled me. The slam factor is also terrific (without being fatiguing), and the bass seems more clarified than before. But the sound staging difference is amazing!  Tim" 

Silnote Audio years of intensive research in cable design technology has allowed us to create some of the world’s finest sounding audio cables. Our testing begins with the best digital equipment available. 
This allows us to accurately test every conductor phase as well as certain types of shielding material. The conductors we use are "medical/surgical grade" the finest available. The final and most important testing is accomplished from hours of listening to each individual design we create. It is through this extensive testing procedure that allows us to bring you some of the finest audio cables in the world. 
Here at Silnote Audio we build audio cables that are elegantly engineered and meticulously designed with the listener in mind. We use only the finest precious metals and materials. All conductors are individually polished by hand. All Silnote cables are custom hand crafted in house with extreme attention to detail, tested on state of the art equipment, and go through a "burning in" process. We listen to and test every cable we design. 
All Silnote Audio Cables offer a lifetime warranty. Proudly hand crafted in the USA.

All Silnote Audio cables receive a burn in treatment with the amazing Audiodharma 3.5 burn in generator prior to shipping.

The Poseidon Reference GS is a remarkable 10ga power cable featuring Ultra Pure Copper and Cryo treated Wattgate connectors. The Poseidon GS is perfect for Amps, Power Conditioners, DACS, Preamps, and source components however is a dramatic upgrade on any component. 
The sonic benefits are stunning with improved transparency, larger sound stage, pin-point imaging, lower noise floor with a ghostly black background and a full bodied musical presentation that puts you in the room with the performers. The GS is one step below our famous Poseidon ES Power Cable. 
Precision hand crafted in the USA . All Silnote Audio Power Cables are triple shielded, UL Listed, CSA Certified, and ROHS Compliant. Voltage rated at 300 volts tested at 400 volts.
SILNOTE AUDIO CABLES have received rave reviews and recognition all over the world. Our cables have hands down bettered the "cost no object" cables.

Feedback posted from our wonderful customers: 

"I want you to know I will provide a RAVE review for you and your cables on audiogon feedback. I used your cables on my tuner (a Linn Pekin) and WOW: the sound was like a live recording rather than a radio station. I’m hearing variations in the sound of guitar strings which are amazingly natural, not like a recording but like a real instrument. You are the KING of cable. I thought someone would outbid me and am very surprised to have won them at the agreed price. I guess I chose an "off" night and it worked out. (I promise to call my local dealer and tell them about your cables!) I don’t think there is ANY cable out there that is better than yours except your Poseidon (I’m taking you at your word for that since you invented it). I’ve gathered together a used stereo system that would cost 20,000 new and it never sounded like that until I got your cables. They are like stereo components rather than cables. Again, YOU ARE THE KING! " 
Dr.Keith Petrosky 

"Amazing value. Replaced interconnects (Stealth Metacarbon) worth 15 times their price, and they sound wonderful. True value and well-made. Good folks with whom to deal." 
Buyer: Thomasj  

"Cables (Morpheus Reference II RCA interconnects) look and sound beautiful. Great seller. Fast shipment. Good communication. I highly recommend Silnote Audio cables and I will buy from Silnote Audio again." 
Buyer: Doug_in_virginia  

"This is my third purchase of these AMAZING cables that produce LIVE-SOUNDING music which is just STUNNINGLY DETAILED, INCREDIBLY REALISTIC, THREE DIMENSIONAL,and TOTALLY AWESOME! They have taken my very high-end system to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!" 
Positive by Buyer Keith7423 
" The Silnote Audio POSEIDON USB is the real deal. I compared it to my fully broken-in top-shelf ($550) USB cable and the Poseidon beat it after 10 hours of run-in. WOW! I cant wait for it to fully break-in. Dont hesitate. THANKS Mark! " 

"Very quick ship, very helpful seller--led me through product choices with great patience. Sound is really excellent--very good highs, superb mids and lows-- replaced silver and MIT cables." 
Positive by Buyer Deebarnes  

"Just received the Poseidon Signature - sound wonderful out of the box and therefore looking forward to listening to the music as they break-in. Have 2 Silnote digital cables & 2 Apollo ICs , all quality products! Thanks Mark!  

"Leaving feedback after several weeks of using several Silnote cables (IC and S/C). The MII is a keeper, the speaker cable already sounding great. Super value for the price. Each item shipped individually but never any delay, always good communication. Thanks Silnote!" 
Positive by Buyer Rrgordon 

"These cables are giant killers thats for sure!The big boys should be shaking in their boots! Make sure you snap them up at these fantastic prices! Just superb sounding xlr interconnects! Highly recommended to all! A+A+A+A+A+" 

"This cable far exceeded my expectations. It is a flat out steal at the price. It reproduces dynamics and musical textures with great naturalness and ease. Emotionally involving and hard to stop listening. A great product!" 

"Mark and the team at Silnote are first class all the way. The Morpheus XLR’s are excellent interconnects.....highly recommended!!! "
"Wow.. truly fantastic cables.. already sounds better than the 900$ cardas xlr/rca, (borrowed from a local hi fi shop). I’m only 30 hrs (+/-) into the recommend break in period (50 - 100 hrs) and all I can say is my "bottom" feels the bass"
"No such thing as double positive? Wow, these things feel like they’ve doubled my soundstage and definitely cure some noise and brightness in my system! And I’m just going on first impressions here!"
"The Silnote Reference II ic is incredible! I’ve had ic’s in my system costing literally 4 times as much and the Ref II is now my reference. Great guys to do business with. Highly recommended!" 

"Mark was very professional and he makes some really nice cables. I used his Morpheus LE Reference interconnects to replace a pair of Straightwire Virtuoso RCA’s, and I’m not changing them back.They sound great! Thanks again, Mark!" 

"Mark, another well made , excellently packaged and quickly shipped cable. Anxious to spend extended listening time to some music with it in my system - expecting it to be as pleasurable as with your other cables I have txs"
"Mark and Silnote audio are outstanding examples of how an audio company should be run. I am a thrice repeat customer who really appreciates an outstanding product which far exceeds its rather modest price tag. Thanks so much Mark!" 

"Great Transaction. Cables shipped quickly and I look forward to extended listening sessions as they break in. Initial listening confirms these are great sounding interconnects. Quality construction which is first class." 

Please contact us with any question.
Thank you 
Silnote Audio 


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