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Sometimes we forget just how good our original Darwin Silver IC is. Although we now offer more advanced IC's, the Darwin Silver can scarcely be defined as an “entry level” cable. We hear from customers regularly who replaced $1200 big name cables with these gems. This is a reference cable in its own right. We've got a few demos on hand. Limited to a few. They may have been used at an audio show or simply as displays. They're pristine although the packaging may be slightly imperfect. Our concept is pretty straight forward. Build a cable with the least amount of sonic compromises possible. The more pristine the signal the more honest the sound. Our obsessively clean signal path delivers heretofore unimagined inner detail, sweet, clean highs, deep organic midrange and bass as it was intended to sound—low, taut and dynamic. No exaggeration. You hear what was recorded. After hearing our cable last summer, one major industry cable seller said, “Your cable has no flaws.” In a word—honesty. The cable merry-go-round keeps whirling because audiophiles keep trying to fix a perceived flaw in their gear—or even worse, offset the sins of another cable, sins of omission, veiling and other afflictions. Darwin Cables are built for the highest signal integrity possible. We have studiously avoided producing “tone controls.” What our customers have discovered is that an un-compromised signal truly unleashes the potential of their gear—and that's a good thing. There is some fine gear out there that has gotten a bad rap for being veiled or rolled off when in fact, it is the victim of bad cabling. Unlike tone control cables, Darwin Cables are the perfect fit for any system. We're here to prove another thing—that the finest cabling in the world can be affordable. That doesn't mean compromising. In fact, we have yet to hear from any one of our customers that he or she (but mostly he) have heard anything as good at any price. Darwin Cable Company is different from most other manufacturers. We're obsessive audiophiles first. We're motivated to build the best cables we can because anything less than spectacular sound drives us up a wall. This is the cable StereoMojo gave two rave reviews. The same cable veteran reviewer Andre Marc at uses as a reference cable—a testament to it's sonic truthfulness. One thing most competent cable builders would agree on is that when it comes to interconnects, capacitance is a major key to performance. Darwin's Flagship Silver IC measured an astounding five times more efficient than the published measurements of an $18,000 cable named after a Norse God. What makes the Darwin approach so evolutionary... so much better? • Pure Silver Wire: It's the finest conductor in the world and in low voltage applications it outperforms copper in leaps and bounds. Darwin Cables sources the finest silver solid core cable in the world from three continents in specific gauges. We have seriously evaluated many, many different wires in varying gauges at no small expense. Not just any silver wire will do. • Air Dielectric: When an interconnect is tightly surrounded by rubber, PVC or even good dielectrics, the dielectric itself becomes part of the signal path. It impedes and audibly degrades the signal. But it is much easier to build and more profitable. Darwin Cable Company floats a pure silver wire in an oversized teflon-based tube of precise gauge and wall thickness to minimize contact with the wire. It's an elegant, efficient solution and makes the cables much easier to manage as they loop gracefully. • Low mass terminations: Lead designer Bill Magerman has long been a proponent of low mass design which minimizes eddy currents prevalent in bulky ends and delivers a much more precise and efficient signal. Darwin Cable Company has auditioned many of the reputedly finest terminations made but could find only a few with the proper metallurgy and low mass to compliment our design. Money was no object. We chose the best sounding RCA plug. This is a crucial part of the process. A combination of low mass, metallurgy and conductivity are keys to a great end. At microscopic levels, contact surfaces may prove to be uneven. But ultimately, each end has to be tested. It's expensive and painstaking, and frankly, we know of no builder that spends as much time evaluating materials. • Build Quality: Darwin Cables are handcrafted in the USA. The finest silver-based solder is used and each termination is examined under a microscope. Naturally, every cable is tested. The build process includes proprietary treatments as well as cryogenics. Each Darwin Cable has been refined through a painstaking process of experimentation and serious listening on some of the finest boutique equipment made today. We also test our cables on mass produced gear. You don't have to have a $100,000 system to benefit from Darwin Cables, but Darwin Cables are right at home in the finest systems in the world. Oh, you can spend more, but whether you can get more—that is quite a task. Here are reviews from industry professionals. Stereo Mojo: “Impressed!” • “The Darwin literally leaps out of the way and allows the recording to do what it is supposed to do… I was impressed with their neutral presentation. The Darwins are designed to present the truth... Female vocals are so feminine you leave the room to make sure your bed is made so it doesn’t offend your lover. Male vocals make you want to grab your bat and glove to join the guys at the high school for a pick-up game.” —Mike Peskin, StereoMojo Reviewer Stereo Mojo 2nd Opinion: “Enchanting!” • Musical details jumped out at me from the sonic canvas spread before my ears. On acoustic jazz or light classical, the experience was enchanting. Again, no smearing or loss of resolution from the cables...”—Dr. John Richardson, Stereo MoJo Reviewer Veteran Industry Reviewer Andre Marc: “Highly Recommended!” • "There simply was nothing missing. I thought to myself, that down the road, after weeks of listening, I would be able to identify some weaknesses, or some deviation from neutrality that would make itself apparent with critical listening. But nothing of the sort happened. The Darwins remained true to my initial impression. Buttery smooth highs and mids, and amazingly good at fleshing out voices and instruments. The proof is in the listening ultimately, and the Darwin Silver interconnects really do sound marvelous….they produce a clear, open soundstage, with a seductive midrange, and over all neutral presentation with no obvious omissions. I highly recommend considering Darwin Cable silver interconnects for your cable needs. I can’t imagine astute listeners not being impressed."—Andre Marc, servingthemusic.com Audio Industry Professional: “Best I've Ever Used!” "Twenty three years in the business and the Darwin Silver cable is the best I've ever used. I just hear more." —Tom Tysver, Audio/Video Sales Manager, Eggers Audio, Bismarck, ND "Price/Performance Ratio Is Insane!" I’ve used very expensive cables in the past from reputable manufacturers including sets that cost nearly triple the price of the Darwin Cables. (With the Darwin Cables) I was expecting, or hoping for a little improvement. Instead, I got what I call "Autofocus". "Dull and foggy" sound gone. "Air" was now present. Everything just seemed to become clearer, like a fog had been lifted, or a curtain lifted from in front of the speakers. Clarity, oh how I missed thee. I can easily discern that etched twang of metal strings on an acoustic guitar like in the Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" CD. A singer’s sharp intake of breath can easily be heard, and brings a grin to my face. The cellos in the opening of We are the Fallen’s "I am Only One" sounded very real and full of texture that you could almost feel. I could hear the friction of the bow on the strings. If you have a system that needs a jolt of clarity, and some more air up there, then these cables could be right up your alley. They worked for me, and saved me from rotating amps in an out trying to solve an issue that was no fault of the amp itself. The price/performance ratio of these cables is INSANE. —Erich Schweikert, Audio/video Sales Consultant Our cables come with a No Risk, 30-Day, Peace of Mind, Money Back Guarantee. Always offered, rarely exercised. In fact, most of our customers would punch us in the nose if we tried to take them back. Feel free to call Tony at 701-710-1517. Or email [email protected] We are usually quick with responses and call backs. We know cables and we know audio. Check our website www.darwincables.com for more information, reviews and testimonials and our "Specials" page loaded with more demos, B-stock, etc.