Synergistic ResearchXOT CarbonnewSynergistic Research XOT Carbon - Crossover Transducer - very effective, big improvement!Synergistic Research’s XOT CarbonThe XOT Carbon is the latest, improved version of the well-loved original Crossover Transducers XOTs. The conductors are made from Graphene which obviously is a big...400.00

Synergistic Research XOT Carbon - Crossover Transducer - very effective, big improvement! [Expired]

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Synergistic Research’s XOT Carbon

The XOT Carbon is the latest, improved version of the well-loved original Crossover Transducers XOTs. The conductors are made from Graphene which obviously is a big improvement and the housing is made from carbon.

The XOT Carbon are parallel filters for speaker crossovers that terminate directly to the leads of your speakers. XOTs deliver a significant increase in resolution accompanied by a lowering of your systems noise floor for more holographic sound. Terminated in either spade or banana connections, XOTs are sold with a no-risk 60-days money back guarantee.

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Customer Feedback:

"...these devices really add delicacy, air, instrument separation and realism to my speakers. I have multiple systems so I keep ordering..."

"...I've used various incarnations of this type of device in the past (Walker HLD's) and have mostly been a bit underwhelmed at the results for what I paid... NOT this time....
These really do clean up the signal to the extent you'll hear far more into your music than if you didn't have them. Coherency ,transparency and overall musicality all improved because the noise transmitted to your speakers is effectively reduced. Even with my Sonus Faber Stradivari, (which are already excellent ) I hear REAL improvements which makes for a more enjoyable and stress free listening experience. I highly recommend the XOT Carbon..another "hit"..IMO"


"...the stereo sounds MUCH better. There is a sweetness that makes me smile, and a good recording is almost holographic!  The silence between tracks is so complete, it sounds like everything has been shut off.  So, I am delighted and so is my wife..."

 "...I like what the XOT’s are doing. Biggest thing I’ve noticed is separation of instruments and more roundness and presence..."

"Wow...the difference these XOT’s make is amazing, it is honestly like I changed my speakers, no matter what I play it just sounds better, this upgrade is probably one of the most effective I’ve tried..."


Steven Plaskin, Audiostream, March 2014: 
"...I then replaced 2 sets of Walker High Definition Reference Plus Links ($725.00/pair) on the back of each upper module of my Sasha speakers with 2 sets of XOT Crossover Transducers. 1 set is attached to the midrange terminals and 1 set to the tweeter terminals. I immediately noticed an additional improvement in clarity, definition, and overall bloom with the Synergistic XOT Crossover Transducers compared to what I was hearing with the Walker HDLs. ..."

Global retail price is US $449 per pair.

 Synergistic Research XOT Carbon deliver:

  - A significant increase in resolution 
  - A lowering of your systems noise floor 
  - More holographic and natural soundstage
  - Terminated in either spade or banana connections

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