Audio ValveConductornewAudio Valve Conductor - fully balanced preamp - A Masterpiece Made in GermanyExperience of two decades forms the constructive background of the CONDUCTOR. A whole range of innovations and features of the valve and processor age can be found in CONDUCTOR and manifest in a sy...17500.00

Audio Valve Conductor - fully balanced preamp - A Masterpiece Made in Germany [Expired]

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Experience of two decades forms the constructive background of the CONDUCTOR. A whole range of innovations and features of the valve and processor age can be found in CONDUCTOR and manifest in a symbiosis of traditional and modern technology unique musical qualities while setting new highlights.

Audio Valve CONDUCTOR - a fully balanced reference tube preamp Masterpiece! Latest 2018 version. Current lead-time is 6 weeks.

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CONDUCTOR becomes the zeitgeist of the elite, who always had high demands – even in music. CONDUCTOR combines the elements of consequent signal processing in a completely new fully symmetrical circuitry design und never loses sight of a sophisticated outfit.

As for all AudioValve products, the chief himself has had a hand in CONDUCTOR’S PCBs. The complex designs of the circuit boards took nearly 12 months and followed strictly the design optimization for signal and live conductor paths. The complex double-sided circuit boards come per unit close to 30 dm2. In this way highly constant DC voltage as well as signals arrive straight at the valves via a few centimeters of circuit conductors and contribute to a homogeneous and balanced music reproduction.

The casing design is also revolutionary new. A blue lit three-dimensional clear acrylic plate with logo and lettering allows a view on the master board with the valves und creates a fascinating and unique atmosphere in a darkened room, without emitting a single sound. Surely – this kind of design has its price, but we found the best just being good enough for you, which sets us once again apart from the competition, and sends a signal of what you can expect from the market. Don’t be satisfied with less.

The amplifier is separated in three components: signal component, power supply and micro-controller. Signal and power supply components come in separate casings while the controller is part of the amplifier display and handles all tasks in terms of control. Left and right channels are strictly designed as dual mono, within the power supply as well as the signal component.

The power supply features for the anode potential alone nearly 10,000µF/400VDC and for the heater component 100,000µF see to the necessary DC voltage on a 30x30cm circuit board.

An oversized toroidal transformer with static and magnetic shielding supplies a total of 8 conductor paths, four for the production of the anode potential and four for the heat production. On the side of the power supply everything is done to be completely safe from any kind of power failures. In keeping the paths to the valves as short as possible the voltage stabilizers are located right next to amplifier paths.

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Factory lead time is currently 4-6 weeks.


• dual chassis with separate power supply
• dual mono circuit design, including power supply
• real symmetric input/output for negative/positive signal phase for both channels
• no feedback loop
• input impedance 47kOhm
• output impedance 300 Ohm
• bandwidth 5Hz – 200kHz
• gain 14dB
• input connectors: 2 x 6 XLR and 2 x 6 RCA terminals
• output connectors: 2 x 2 XLR and 2 x 2 RCA terminals
• valves: 2 x 6N6P and 6 x 6N1P
• manual operation and remote control
• mute and standby functions
• memory volume control for each input with 6-section analog potentiometer
• microprocessor-controlled with 2.1” color graphic display
• power consumption: 150VA
• dimensions amplifier: 480 x 140 x 380 mm
• dimensions power supply: 480 x 80 x 380 mm
• weight: 25 kg (combined)

Micro Controller Display
• AVS: "automatic volume setting" for each individual input channel
• warm-up phase with analog bar graph
• counter operation hours
• analog volume bar graph
• selected source mode
• selected output mode
• standby mode
• mute mode
...and more


Mr. D. June 2017:
"...the Conductor is spookily quiet with a very black background. It is dynamic with an organic texture that is very musically satisfying. It is punchy and explosive, yet delicate with accurate timbre in accordance with the demands of all genres of music. It conveys how good or bad a recording really is without rendering any piece of music unlistenable... In conclusion: The Conductor just sounds real, natural and effortless with spectacular refinement, coherence and cohesion... nothing seems exaggerated or diminished. Bravo to Mr Helmut Becker and his Team. Your latest version of Conductor is an amazing achievement..."  CLICK HERE to read the entire review

Michael Wright, The StereoTimes (01/2010) Most Wanted Component 2009:
" on the heels of last year’s biggest surprise, the Audio Valve Eklipse, comes their new flagship preamplifier, the Conductor. To state it simply, the Conductor performs on another level from most preamplifiers that I have heard in my system. It's a vacuum tube preamplifier that is detailed, fast, dynamic, and possesses bass power with extension and impact. The Conductor elevated the performance of every component I hooked up to it. Eklipse owners beware: The Conductor is not just a better version of the Eklipse, but instead, is a totally different animal that provides a higher level of the music enjoyment experience..."

Michael Wright, The StereoTimes (06/2010) concluded:
"...the Conductor was extremely well behaved during its time residing in my system. There were no pops, hums, nothing micro-phonic, no tube noise, and no transient thumps when I turned it or anything else in my listening room on or off....The Conductor made listening to music pure joy in my system. It has an uncanny ability to musically retrieve all of the information that's loaded inside of your music media and make you feel that you're at the recorded event. Because of those areas of performance I value that tube preamps provide, I felt that the Conductor outperformed my Klyne in most aspects of music that I tend to judge music by, though the Klyne wasn't far off. Those virtues that tubes bring to the table caused me to feel I would give the edge to the Conductor. I also had access to an Audio Valve Eclipse, with NOS RCA “Clear Tops”, during the time I spent reviewing the Conductor. The Conductor is in a different class from the Eklipse, and it should at $7-8K more in cost. They are two entirely different preamps that have different topologies, different power supplies, different parts, and use different tubes. In my opinion, there are no tubes on the planet that you can put into the Eklipse that will allow it to perform as well as the Conductor. There is a reason why the Conductor costs more than the Eklipse and if you have the opportunity to compare the two, you'll hear the sonic increases that I'm talking about. The Conductor compares favorably with the likes of preamps from Audio Research, Atma-Sphere and Convergent Audio based on what I have heard of these other fine preamps in other systems. I never felt the urge to try and change the tubes in the Conductor because I felt it was already sounding good with the factory tubes. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Conductor and was sad to see if go after it allowed me to enjoy and rediscover some of my musical treasures. The Audio Valve Conductor certainly gets my highest recommendation..."

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