Viking AcousticsL'Instrument 8PSVIKING ACOUSTIC  L'Instrument 8PS  101 SPL!Viking Acoustics L'Instrument 8 PS Pair in Claro walnut with curly maple or American cherry horns. Delivery by End of August 2018! L'INSTRUMENT 8PS ​L’Instrument 8PS will reveal the perfe...34500.00

VIKING ACOUSTIC L'Instrument 8PS 101 SPL! [Expired]

no longer for sale

Viking Acoustics L'Instrument 8 PS
Pair in Claro walnut with curly maple or American cherry horns.  
Delivery by End of August 2018!


L’Instrument 8PS will reveal the perfection of sound produced by top source and amplification. 

Viking Acoustics Instrument 8PS is a no-compromise approach to the high sensitivity true point source loudspeaker designed for today's reference tube amplifiers. The 8PS features the sonic attributes and beauty of heirloom tone-wood and the world's finest components. 

Looking at 8PS It's easy to believe a high-end full ranger mounted in a large turned wood horn will produce word-class high definition midrange. Exceptional vocal articulation and pinpoint imaging. What's surprising is the absolutely huge soundstage and staggering bass produced by 8PS' bass-horn.

The AlNiCo horn Super tweeter is hidden behind the lower part of the horn utilizing the outside flair of the for dispersion and corrected phase timing!

From the review page:



Saud from Abu Dhabi

On L'Instrument 8PS with Viking Maestro Mono-blocks


Now after a year of owning my L' Instrument 8PS speakers, I must say they are amazing speakers. I really can't explain how much I enjoy listening to them -- I am out of words to be honest to explain the detail these speakers have. Thanks for providing such a wonderful product. 




  • Viking Acoustics horn-loading system.  

  • 8-inch point-source full-range AlNiCo driver

  • Dual "jetted" 12" AlNiCo bass drivers

  • Hidden AlNiCo horn Super tweeter  

  • Magnificent 20.5" hand turned tone-wood horn

  • Copper foil beeswax capacitors and coils

  • 6N solid core copper in cotton internal wire 

  • Bandwidth: 21-50,000 Hz (+-1.5db) 

  • Sensitivity: 101 dB (1w-1m)

  • Impedance: 8 ohms

  • 2.25" thick tone-wood baffle (See wood options)

  • Internal resonator/damper in Port Orford Cedar

  • Overall size: 57.5" H x 18.5" W x 22" D

    Music is the silence between the notes...  Claude Debussy

    L'Instrument 8 PS a powerful statement for the world's finest tube systems



    Grande Voix in figured walnut with dual maple horns Right and left speaker orientation Left speaker shown

    L'instrument Grande Voix



    A beautiful statement Loudspeaker 

    showcasing masterful wood-work. High-effeciency

    with un-truncated sonic detail make the Grande Voix 

    a Reference Masterpiece. 

    Designed to fully exploit the power of tube amplification. Grande Voix embodies our proven acoustic designs from Berlin and 8PS with the wide-body stature of Gottenburg 


    • Viking Acoustics horn-loading system

    • Dual turned heirloom wood horns  22" & 14"

    • 7" wide-band driver with AlNiCo motor loaded in smaller horn

    • Tweeter loaded bass-horn (Larger horn) 

    • Front mounted dual Stradivari resonator in instrument grade curly maple with by-pass vent  

    • 21" bass driver with kevlar-paper diaphragm 

    • Bandwidth 18-35,000hz + - 1.5db

    • Efficiency (EST) 100SPL 1W-1M 

    • Specific Right and left orientation  

    • Cabinet dimensions 30" W  55" H 16" D 58" total height with top horn