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Bought less than 1 year, very lightly used so still like new. Sell for upgrade.

Polk Audio LSiM704c

The Polk Audio LSi M704c is capable of making quite an impact in your home theater system. It produces the kind of wide, deep soundstage and life-sized imaging that puts you in the middle of the action on your TV's screen. You'll hear conversations between your favorite movie or TV show characters with pinpoint detail, complemented by special effects that cover the range from smooth bass to delicate highs. Building upon the widely acclaimed LSi family of speakers, the new LSi M series incorporates the latest developments in speaker technology, fitted into a newly designed enclosure that's beautifully sculpted and luxuriously finished.

Like all LSi M models, the 704c center channel speaker uses Polk's Dynamic Sonic Engine. Made up of a 3-1/4" midrange driver and a 1" ring radiator tweeter in its own acoustically sealed enclosure, this tightly spaced duo acts like a "mini-monitor." The precise alignment of the midrange and tweeter allows them to disperse sound over a wide, uniform area with excellent off-axis response in the critical 200 Hz to 2,000 Hz midrange. The ring radiator tweeter features several improvements from the version in the earlier LSi line. A slight reshaping of the tweeter's bullet-shaped phase plug allows it to move even farther out of the baffle, while a redesigned diaphragm has made the tweeter even more efficient. It even has its own tuned enclosure within the Dynamic Sonic Engine. These changes result in higher power handling, extended dynamic range, improved dispersion and extended high-frequency response - all the way up to 30,000 Hz.

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