KrellVANGUARD Universal DACusedKrell VANGUARD Universal DAC MINT Demo; 5 Yr Warranty; 40% Off; Free ShippingKRELL Vanguard Universal DAC: MINT Demo; 5 Yr. Warranty; 40% Off; Free ShippingMSRP: $4500.00 USD pcX Price: $2699.95 USD 40% Off Retail + FREE SHIPPINGKRELL Vanguard Universal DACThe Vanguar...2699.95

Krell VANGUARD Universal DAC MINT Demo; 5 Yr Warranty; 40% Off; Free Shipping [Expired]

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KRELL Vanguard Universal DAC: MINT Demo; 5 Yr. Warranty; 40% Off; Free Shipping

MSRP: $4500.00 USD

pcX Price: $2699.95 USD       40% Off Retail + FREE SHIPPING

KRELL Vanguard Universal DAC

The Vanguard Universal DAC is the first standalone DAC from Krell in over 20 years and it reignites the Krell digital legacy incorporating the latest in digital connectivity and technology. Enabling the Preamp option from the menu will add full volume control capability and it becomes the first digital only preamplifier from Krell coupled with classic Krell analog circuitry. The Vanguard Universal DAC is a perfect centerpiece for an all digital two channel system.

The digital input suite includes USB, coaxial and optical digital inputs, 2 HDMI inputs and output, Ethernet music streaming controlled through dedicated iOS and Android apps; and aptX Bluetooth wireless for convenient streaming from phones, tablets and computers.

An ESS Sabre DAC feeds a classic Krell balanced, fully discrete Class A circuit which is also used in the Krell Illusion II Preamplifier. Krell Current Mode technology is employed to assure unequaled signal bandwidth, enough to easily handle the latest high-resolution PCM and DSD audio sources.

Coaxial and HDMI inputs support PCM up to 24-bit/192kHz. Optical input supports up to 24-bit/96kHz.

2 HDMI 2.0 inputs support DSD and 4K video content. HDMI output includes Audio Return Channel for use with smart TV streaming services such as Netflix, Vudu, and Pandora. USB and Network streaming support MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV(PCM), FLAC, ALAC up to 24-bit/192kHz.


Digital Audio 
(1) EIAJ optical via TosLink connector
(1) Coaxial via RCA connector

Digital Video 
(2) HDMI

(1) USB-A(Front Panel)
(1) Bluetooth
(1) RJ45 Network Port

Analog Audio 
(2) Balanced via XLR Connectors R, L 
(2) Single-ended via RCA Connectors R, L 

Digital Video 
(1) HDMI with ARC


(1) IR Receiver for Remote Control 
(1) RC-5 via 1/8" stereo "trs" Receptacle
(1) Ethernet via RJ-45 Connector 
(1) 12vdc Remote Trigger Input via 1/8" Mono Receptacle 
(1) 12vdc Remote Trigger Output via 1/8" Mono Receptacle 

Audio Output Impedance 
Balanced: 150 Ω 
Single-ended: 150 Ω 

RC-5 pin out 
Tip = RC-5 data, Ring = +5 V, Sleeve = GND 
XLR Pin Out Pin 1 (ground) Pin 2 (non-inverting "Hot") Pin 3 (Inverting)

Maximum Output
DAC only mode:
Balanced 4 Vrms 
Single Ended 2 Vrms 

Preamp mode:
Balanced 11.6 Vrms 
Single Ended 5.8 Vrms 

Power Consumption
Standby: 6 W 
Operation: 26 W 

Inches (L) 16.83 x (W) 17.06 x (H) 3.47 
Centimeters (L) 42.76 x (W) 43.33 x (H) 8.81 

Unit only: 18 lb [8.16 kg] 
As shipped: 24 lb [10.89 kg]

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