QuadClassicusedQuad Classic All tube Integrated AmpQUAD Ⅱ-Classic Pre Main Amp Pre Main Amplifier I am an authorized dealer for Quad in the USA. I have had this unit on my showroom floor for over a year. At $5000 retail price for 25 watts it is r...1999.00

Quad Classic All tube Integrated Amp [Expired]

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QUAD Ⅱ-Classic Pre Main Amp Pre Main Amplifier  I am an authorized dealer for Quad in the USA. I have had this unit on my showroom floor for over a year.  At $5000 retail price for 25 watts it is rather expensive for my clients. I saw the same unit on eBay for $9200 and another for $7200. These were old vintage units. So mine may not be so collectable. But, Quad is one the most respected names in high fidelity sound reproduction. The Quad full range electrostatics are considered by many the most accurate musical speakers ever made. I sold my Quad 2912s, and decided to put this unit on eBay.  Quad developed this amplifier in the late 1950s to power the Quad Electrostatic full range speakers, one of the hardest speakers to drive. This is essentially an exact replica, using modern production techniques and improved parts. Look carefully at the old ones shown and the photos I took of my unit. The photo with the cage on, is from the Quad website. The other photos are the unit I am offering for sale.  This is a tube amp, and unlike many newer models, this includes a phono section, both moving coil and moving magnet and uses tubes for the phono section. Tubes include KT66 x 4;  12AX7 x 4;  6922EH x 2 There is less than 10 hours of time on these tubes. Nevertheless, I will include a backup set, sent from Quad and matched by the manufacturer, included free.  Rated power is 25 watts RMS per channel at 8 ohms. THD .06%. This is tube power than can drive full range electrostatic speakers, so it compares to far more powerful solid state amps.  Input sensitivity:  Line and tape... 275 mV RMS; Moving magnet phono... 2 mV  moving coil phono 200 uV Frequency response :  20 to 20khz +0-1db Hum and noise - 98db at 25 watts 8 ohms Crosstalk over 75 db Voltage gain 34 db Power consumption:  195 watts max 200 mm by 310 mm by 380 mm This is a true old school integrated amplifier. The preamp has a mechanical switch to select inputs. There are 3 line level inputs and a full tape monitor loop, in and out. As found in the Quad Mono blocks, it uses a push-pull KT66 output configuration and a single tape output transformer. It is designed and built with the highest quality modern parts, replicating the exact old design. I am an authorized dealer so this unit has a factory warranty. It will be re boxed in original  boxes with all instructions etc and then double boxed to insure shipping safety. After purchase, should you have questions, service issues etc, you can contact manufacturer, but I prefer you contact me directly. I cannot place phone number in this listing but will include in the invoice included if you purchase. I have been in business, recommending and taking care of customers for 40 years.  Questons call  five zero four ... eight three four fiftyfour hundred
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