TADReference 1usedTAD Reference 1 TAD R1 MK2 Like New with Stillpoint ULTRA5s!!! PRICE DROP!!!***HOLIDAY WEEKEND (USA) PRICE DROP: $42,500 USD, all other terms as mentioned below. Trades plus cash for certain speakers would be considered. Due to a very positive life event that came up b...42500.00

TAD Reference 1 TAD R1 MK2 Like New with Stillpoint ULTRA5s!!! PRICE DROP!!! [Expired]

no longer for sale

***HOLIDAY WEEKEND (USA) PRICE DROP:  $42,500 USD, all other terms as mentioned below.  
Trades plus cash for certain speakers would be considered.  
Due to a very positive life event that came up by chance, we are selling our home in a transaction we could not say no to.  We've also had a grandchild come into our lives who lives north of us and we are spending more time in the mountains north of us.   

As a result, our life will go into transition for about 2 years while we buy land, design our hopefully final home, etc... as a result R1s are simply not  able to be accomodated and I won't  store them due to all the things that can go wrong for that  long a period of time. 

They are a truly world-class speaker and 'reference' / "state of the art" in terms of their musical reproduction capability. There are ample reviews and user stories out there to support all this.

Looking to sell them to a serious music lover; if you are looking at this, you know what these speakers represent!

I have the original OEM custom pallets (they're heavy duty with a sophisticated speaker locking setup), cartons, grilles, paperwork, tools, velvet covers, TAD spikes and footers). I'll throw in a full set (6) of like-new Stillpoint ULTRA5 footers plus spikes that really set these off visually and sonically. That's almost a $3K value additionally...

I am the original owner; they were sourced through an authorized TAD dealer here in the US and shipped direct from TAD in Japan to me in mid-December 2016.

Buyer pays full shipping, insurance, lift gate service etc...I'd be open to buyer arranging the details as well to ensure you get exactly what you want otherwise I'll handle all logistics and communicate frequently with the buyer with full details.  I'll pay a team a pro movers to help me pad, move and crate them up (about $500+ out of my pocket). US, Canada or International LTL shipping are all fine; it's up to the buyer to pay for shipping as noted above.   
 Each speaker crated and on its pallet is 36" x 36" x 59" and 390 lbs dimensional and actual weight, total shipment is 2 such pallets, full shipment weight is 780 pounds. These can ship by sea, air standard or express and LTL truck freight (in the US/Canada).

TAD official MSRP is $98,000 USD, I'm including $3,000 worth Ultra5 footers and  spikes for a total MSRP of $101,000 USD as of today. They are exactly as shown in these pictures on my system thread, i.e. like new condition. They have not moved since I finalized their setup after receiving them in December 2016.  

Asking price is $42,500 USD OBRO including Paypal fees at or near my offer price. Suffice it to say you will save a huge amount versus the retail price of these speakers, shipment from Japan and the wait time (1-2 months is the norm). 

If you are open to direct Bank to Bank Wire Transfer, we can accomodate the Paypal fees saved into a lower price however I have no issue securing this transaction through Paypal for both parties' benefit per the above.

I'm looking for a more reasonable form factor full range speaker or high performance monitory in the interim to tide me over but trades plus cash  are not really what I am looking for unless it's an exceptional speaker in terms of how it fits my new plans.

See my extensive selling transaction history here for proof of how I take care of every transaction. 

*Please note the Audiogon BlueBook has no history graphed for these and the retail price is wrong as of the date I listed this ad so pricing history there is not reliable. Consult manufacturer's pricing and other sources for history.  

Thank you for looking!