TannoySUPER RED MONITOR SRM 15XusedTannoy SUPER RED MONITOR SRM 15X ***CANADIAN DOLLARS******TANNOY SUPER RED MONITOR SRM 15X – PROFESSIONAL BROADCAST MONITORS***Offered are my extremely rare, highly coveted and revered, Tannoy Super Red Monitors – The SRM 15X Professional Broadcast Mon...6500.00


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Offered are my extremely rare, highly coveted and revered, Tannoy Super Red Monitors – The SRM 15X Professional Broadcast Monitor. These speakers are unquestionably one of the nicest pairs in existence today. Consecutive serial numbers inside & out.

With respects to the SRM’s, there are simply very few speakers that are in this category of pedigree, fidelity and sonic reproduction at any price. They possess incredible provenance dating back to Abbey Road Records and still used in many top recording studios like Church Studios London, see Adele's video on YouTube video "When we we’re Young”.

Just several weeks ago I sat in my living room referencing these with Grammy award winning producer Rob Fraboni (who naturally was extremely familiar with these legendary professional loudspeakers):
(https://www.google.ca/search?q=rob+fraboni&oq=Rob+Fraboni&aqs=chrome.0.0l6.2959j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8) …and his words, with a big smile,… “These are just spot on wow!”

Designed for professional studio use, part of the Little Gold Monitor and LRM series, these were Tannoy's top offering in the early ‘80’s. These were purchased from the original recording studio that bought these new and used them until they day they closed approximately 3 years ago in Indianapolis. So be assured they have been cared for meticulously, paired with exceptional equipment since the day they were unpacked. These 15" drivers do not require very expensive re-foaming, as these use a treated pleated surround, which are not prone to dry out like HPD foam surrounds, these can truly last a lifetime. Speakers can be bi-wired, tri-wired, many options for multi amplifier applications. True Professional Broadcast Monitors!

- Even more rare and sought after external Electronic Time Compensated Dividing Network active crossover.
- Matching active crossover cards.
- Original Tannoy SRM Series Owner’s Manual and Warranty Card

These speaker are cosmetically pristine and all original (except for a slight modification listed below). They have been serviced and tested (listed below) and come with original grilles, badging and binding posts (I have all the binding posts in a bag as I only ran single amp configuration with them). The external crossover unit is cosmetically sound with minor scratching on the top metal plate, face plate is pristine and has all original knobs and buttons and is shown with active crossover cards.

***MODIFICATION NOTICE*** – After almost one year of design and deliberation, I commissioned a professional cabinet maker to replace the original risers these speakers came with original colour and design in mind. In this replacement, we:
- Added ~ 1.5” to the height of the cabinet (better alignment of horn to ear)
- Tilted the speaker 4 degrees back to better project sound stage and create a more open “sweet spot” listening position
- Mechanically decoupled them from the floor with countersunk isolated casters and acoustic insulation.
• This greatly reduced resonance created from playing on non-concrete slabs surfaces (my primary listening space is hardwood floors and carpet)
• Resonance reduction, increased clarity and detail
• Made for easy moving and placement tweaking

***SERVICE DETAILS AND TECHNICAL SPECS*** - Drivers and Crossovers have consecutive serial numbers
- Drivers - S/N 854044 & S/N 854045
- Rotary Crossover Selectors cleaned, burnished contacts and lubricated with clear silicone grease
- Crossovers tested all - OK
- All resistors tested – OK
- All coils tested – OK
S/N ending in ‘44
- C1 – 6.8 uf  6.7.7 uf
- C2 – 6.8 uf  7.1 uf – parallel
- C3 – 6.8 uf  6.8 uf – parallel
- C4 – 6.8 uf  6.8 uf – parallel
- C5 – 1.5 uf  1.57 uf

S/N ending in ‘45
- C1 – 6.8 uf  6.8 uf
- C2 – 6.8 uf  6.7 uf – parallel
- C3 – 6.8 uf  6.8 uf – parallel
- C4 – 6.8 uf  6.9 uf – parallel
- C5 – 1.5 uf  1.6 uf

***PLEASE NOTE*** I have never used the external crossover. When I bought the speakers it was in use until the day the studio closed and powers and lights as it should. I suspect with extreme high confidence this unit operates flawlessly, but transparently I cannot guarantee this as I have not tested or used it and quite frankly don’t know how.

Main Details
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Date Produced 1979-1987
Dimensions 1020mmx650mmx390mm (HxWxD)
Weight 51kg
Frequency Response 52Hz-20kHz ±4dB

Driver 15" Dual Concentric (3809) Ceramic Magnet, PepperPot Waveguide
Impedance (Nominal) 8Ω
Impedance (Minimum) 5.5Ω
Sensitivity (Anechoic) 94dB/2.83V/m
Sensitivity (Domestic) 97dB/2.83V/m
Recommended Amplifier Power 10-300W
Power Handling (Peak) 500W
Crossover Frequency 1kHz Overdamped 2nd Order Low Pass, 1st Order High Pass, SyncSource Time Compensation
Phase Response Better than ±20° between 90Hz-18kHz
Apparent Acoustic Source 219mm behind baffle
Dispersion (-6dB Points) 90° at 10kHz
Enclosure Type Bass Reflex
Enclosure Volume 175l
Enclosure Construction 18mm Particle Board, 25mm Baffle
Finish Walnut

Input (Single, Bi & Tri ampable) Binding Post
Treble Energy (Shelving) (3kHz-20kHz) Rotary Switch ±3dB, 5 Steps
Treble Roll-Off (Slope) (5kHz-20kHz) Rotary Switch +0dB/-6dB per octave, 4 Steps
Presence Energy (1.5kHz-4kHz) Rotary Switch -1.5dB/+3dB, 4 Steps

Sincerely, when I bought these Professional Tannoys (I had been looking for years), I was absolutely certain this was the last pair of speakers I would ever buy or listen too in my primary listening space….yes they are that special! Reluctantly as my resources are not limitless, I list my Tannoys to fund a rare upgrade opportunity I have to get into an early first issue of the soon to be released new flagship “Tetra 707” touted to best the legendary Tetra 606…I can’t resist…

Respectfully, I am not looking for any trades, and would prefer not to ship, local pick up in the Ottawa area please. Auditions are welcome. If shipping is a must, I will have these speakers professionally created and shipped at purchaser’s expense, but naturally I cannot personally guarantee problem free delivery. Please serious inquiries only.

*** I am accepting offers starting at $6500 Canadian dollars, best offer wins!***
Thank you for your time and consideration. Please email or call 613.406.8324 for a prompt and courteous response.

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