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Teo Audio Digital 1.5M [Expired]

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Probably the best digital cable on the planet, as of it's inception.

Of all the things that the liquid metal is suited for in audio, applying it to digital signals is where the technology and physics of it's conduction...really shines.

(ready to go, no waiting on this one)

Liquid metal conductors operate under different physics, which will bring about the use of different math (incalculably complex), which begets different results than what people expect and understand.


When we started Teo Audio, we had at our disposal, the newest and most correct -very broadband- signal transmission technology for analog audio. The one viable type and methodology that is unique and beyond all other methods for the transfer of highly complex audio signals.

It took time for us to learn how to tame the technology, to get it to perform the best it can, with it's unique set of challenges, of issues vs benefits - in design and constructional aspects. After eight long years of many many iterations of internal design attempts and modelling, we come to what looks simple, but is actually quite refined.

A straightforward looking single ended RCA cable of peerless quality, utilizing a technology and method of transmission that inherently surpasses anything that a solid wire could ever possibly achieve.

There comes a point when the change in a given technical art, into utilizing a new technology, is complete and obvious -- to anyone who might care to look with unbiased mind, and open ears.

-Unlimited bandwidth (+GHz)

-The only cable that scales volume correctly

-dynamically adjusts impedance in conjunction with the signal (not a 'claim', it's the simple matter of the physics of the equation)


We're excited to bring this cable to you.

Our feeling is that there is likely nothing out the that can complete with this cable and this technology---and it may finally lay this question to rest. For us, for you, and for the industry.

Comments below are for our GC RCA cable:


"Definitely not adding any colour.

Details like timbre, harmonics, undertones, sustain and decay are all enhanced. It was very obvious to hear these enhancements on every album I listened to."


"Just a quick note to let you know that we are very much enjoying your cable, we took out a very good cable and it [Teo GC] is holding its own most admirably!!"


"The cables bring everything into focus. It's as if a picture that was blurry in the background snapped into sharp relief. It's a sense that everything is arriving at your ears at the same time. Very addictive."


" ....initial impression quite awesome, compared to the "N-H 2" much more - well - liquid-sounding, what else can I say.  Running it from DAC to preamp.  Richer instrumental textures and greater clarity (instruments sound less homogenized, less "congestion"). I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect so was completely unbiased going in - but the GC cable really spoke to me.  A noticeably more natural sound - simultaneously more smooth AND more detailed.  I am already imagining what a full loom of interconnects will sound like ;)"


"My first initial impression is a larger denser presentation. Highs were not rolled off and quite natural. Bass was tight and overall the sound stage had more bite as in real life. Highly recommended. It definitely gets my vote. Transformative to say the least."


These cables are one of the least expensive purchases I have made with one of the greatest gains. I would have been happy if they had equaled my best cables (at 2 1/2 times the price) but they surpassed them, giving me all of the qualities they have and more. The music comes out of a black background and no matter where the instruments or voices are located in the soundstage they have clarity and precision. They deliver detail without being bright or analytical, they have excellent pace, rhythm and timing. The timbre of instruments is most gratifying. And I swear on good recordings I can hear the emotion with which the musicians are playing. Thanks, I'll be back for another pair.


And many more reviews and comments like the above. All over the net.


See the review of the Splash Rs model at Dagogo:




1 liquid metal 'Kronon' 1.1M RCA terminated audio cable L/R pair, usable length:~38"/0.95m, transport/ship Case, 5 year non-transferable warranty. (Must be registered for warranty to apply)

30 day money back guarantee. 

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