LuxmanC-600Luxman C-600 f  DemoDelicate, warm sounding preamplifer with tone controls on the remote control. Almost sounds like a great tube preamp. Balanced & Single ended inputs & outputs. Former distributor sellin...4100.00

Luxman C-600 f Demo [Expired]

no longer for sale

Delicate, warm sounding preamplifer with tone controls on the remote control. Almost sounds like a great tube preamp. Balanced & Single ended inputs & outputs.

Former distributor selling off Luxman official 115V N. American model demo equipment used for private demos for dealer & press audition and light trade show use.  We do not have a show room so equipment was only used by us for audition purposes within the trade.  Factory original packaging with all accessories.  Complete with 12 month warranty from On A Higher Note.   
Photos of actual unit.  

"Describing the sonics of the C-600f is more complex than for the M-600A. Like the power amp, the preamp is a wonderful unit that sounds very alive and dynamic with vanishingly low distortion and excellent transparency that might be as good as anything else out there today. The lows reach as low as the other system components can go and the highs are crystal clear and very extended. The midrange is neutral and musical and images jump out of the plane of the speakers."  Positive Feedback

"The C-600f's sound with the MQ-88 was transparent and open, with a wonderful balance of detail and warmth. But if I had to choose among virtues, I'd say the openness was somewhat more apparent than the transparency, and the warmth slightly more apparent than the detail. Had I been told that the C-600f was full of priceless New Old Stock tubes, nothing I heard would have made me suspect I was being fooled. I enjoyed my time with it immensely. If the price of Luxman's flagship C-1000f puts it out of reach but the C-600f's $9000 price does not, by all means arrange an audition—I think you'll be charmed. " Stereophile

"The tone controls are a unique and useful feature of the C-600f. When set flat I was never able to hear any difference in switching them in or out (the sound is muted for about a second whenever the tone control switch on the remote is pressed). This is a brilliant achievement (I wager someone out there with better cables or speakers can hear the difference, but for most people that difference will be inconsequential). However, the tone controls can be used effectively to improve the sound of problem recordings or room issues." Positive Feedback 
A recent email from a C-600f purchaser from us via Audiogon:  "Luxman C-600f is burned-in and it sounds fantastic.  I have never heard bass as detailed and musical before in any system, including high end dealerships.  Human voices are for a lack of a better description, meaty.  Great focus, imaging etc.  More than a decade ago, I have owned several tube components, beginning with Conrad Johnson Premier and ending with Thor Audio.  After experiencing numerous problems with tubes, I've switched to solid state.  I am thrilled that the Luxman pieces bring me back closer to tube sound that many of us love (when tubes work right)... Thank you for posting the manual in English.  Thank you for a smooth transaction."

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CA residents will need to pay sales tax.   

Please do not hesitate to contact On A Higher Note with any questions or high resolution images. Stock photos available.

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