Synergistic ResearchAtmosphere XL4newSynergistic Research Atmosphere XL4 - TAS Product of the Year and PFO Brutus Award 2017It's been a good year for the Atmosphere XL4, four awards so far...- Audio Bacon Editor's Choice Award 2018- Positive Feedback Brutus Award 2017- The Absolute Sound Product of the Year Award 2017- ...3495.00

Synergistic Research Atmosphere XL4 - TAS Product of the Year and PFO Brutus Award 2017 [Expired]

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It's been a good year for the Atmosphere XL4, four awards so far...
- Audio Bacon Editor's Choice Award 2018
- Positive Feedback Brutus Award 2017
- The Absolute Sound Product of the Year Award 2017
- The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award 2017

Check out a brand new review on Audio Bacon - CLICK HERE to read it.

Jonathan Valin wrote: "...Ted Denney's absolutely ingenious and amazingly effective Atmosphere/UEF Panel/HFT system is the latest and greatest in a long line of Denney-concocted room treatments... if the Stein Harmonizer gives you a new room, the Atmosphere gives you 12 different, larger, airier spaces that you can dial up to order..."  

The new Atmosphere XL4 is taller and 8 times more powerful than the highly recognized original Atmosphere. The Atmosphere XL4 comes with a RED ATM (Atmosphere Tuning Module) included.

The effect is mind-blowing, just amazing. Not cheap though but the improvement you can achieve is staggering.

The Atmosphere XL4 is available for 115V (US-Plug) and 230V (Schuko-Plug) and covered with a 60-days Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are owner of the Atmosphere XL you can upgrade to the XL4 version for only $1,000.  

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The Atmosphere XL4 transcends the boundaries of your current system allowing you to shape your soundstage while controlling low and high frequencies, in real time. The Atmosphere XL4 is a room acoustic enhancement device, placed between your speakers, that allows one to modify and improve the perceived soundstage as well as the quality of the sound from top to bottom of one’s system; all of this totally controlled by an iPad app.

Watch brand new YouTube videos of two reviewers experiencing the effect of the new Atmosphere XL click on the links below:

For Peter Breuninger's session CLICK HERE

For Bob Grossman's session CLICK HERE

Rewards and Reviews for the original Atmosphere: 

Mike Girardi, The StereoTimes, wrote:
"’s rare to find a tweak that is not in the signal path to have such a profound effect on music reproduction. Once you hear the Atmosphere and how it can affect the music and the listener, you’ll be hard pressed to take it out of your system. Adding the ATM adds improves upon the original intent by adding Advanced Settings which further elevates the overall performance. The combination of the Atmosphere and ATM delivers on its promised performance and showed itself as an essential upgrade to my reference system. Now with the Atmosphere and ATM in my system to stay, critical music listening is possible day or night. Highly recommended."
Check out the entire review

Dr. David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, PFO, November 2015:
"...certainly there was an alteration to the soundfield that I could hear, with greater or less spaciousness, greater focus, more or less detail, depending on the option chosen... this was multiplied big time by the addition of the ATM module, however. At that point, four additional advanced soundfield options appeared... each selection has some advanced options that allow you to choose the time of day... definition vs the smoothness of the sound, and the expansiveness of the soundfield... and they all seemed to work in our reference stereo room, as specified, with world-class gear, whose sound I know intimately. Splendid!" CHECK OUT the entire review.

Steve Plaskin, Stereophile's, Dec. 2014:
 "...I found the Atmosphere to be a remarkable product that contributed significantly to the enhancement of the sound of my system. Unlike other system enhancement products that are inserted into the signal line, Atmosphere in no way directly degrades or distorts the audio signal in any way. Atmosphere works by changing the way we perceive our system with alteration of the RF in the room. Being able to select the desired sonic effects with an iPad is equally astounding. Adding the ATM elevates the performance of Atmosphere with Advanced Settings that are easy to implement. While I feel that Atmosphere is one of the most innovative and enjoyable new products to be offered to the audiophile market, its greatest attribute is that it allowed me to become more deeply engaged in the musical experience..."
Check out the entire review

Customer feedback:
"...frankly, my world class audiophile system sounds outstanding alone, yet with the Atmosphere and ATM it’s now music listening ecstasy! The clearly defined options for audible diversity create stunning results!"

"...the Atmosphere is now in the room and the listening tests have been done, and the resulting change is an improved listening experience. The Atmosphere is a keeper! The layering of the musical instruments is more obvious-violins in front, second violins further back, and percussion at the rear. Horizontal placement is also better. The space between instruments is blacker. This change does not come with a sterile precise sound but just the opposite- emotional content is enhanced. It takes 10 minutes to unbox, plug in, and put in place. There is an immediate small difference, at 24 hours this increases, and at 7 days it has reached a mature effect on the sound-room-listener triad..."

"...the Atmosphere is working great. An amazing piece of engineering!"

"...did some listening over the weekend. So far I am impressed!!"

The Atmosphere XL4 dimensions are 54" height, 4" width, 4" depth and the weight is 8 lbs. The Atmosphere XL4 comes with the Atmosphere Tuning Module (ATM) and provides 7 different scenes (sonic settings), controllable with an iPad app.  Click Here to check out a How-To video on YouTube. In order to archive it's full potential, the Atmosphere requires a Stage 2 HFT setup (two set/5).  

The worldwide prices are:

Atmosphere Mini - US $1495
Atmosphere - US $2495
Atmosphere XL4 (RED ATM included) - US $3495

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As a business we have to collect 8% TAX from buyers in California.

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