Lyngdorf AudioBW-1usedLyngdorf Audio BW-1 SubwooferEX-DEMO Display model that has been exhibited in our showroom. Minor scratches from dust that can be polished. Manufactured in 2008. PLEASE check all photos! If you need additional pictures please ...400.00

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Lyngdorf Audio BW-1 Subwoofer [Expired]

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EX-DEMO Display model that has been exhibited in our showroom. Minor scratches from dust that can be polished. Manufactured in 2008. PLEASE check all photos! If you need additional pictures please contact us and we will send them to you We have used the equipment for demo in our showroom. We have tested it with different cables, to find the optimal configuration, so there might be some marks in the connection ports. Shipping costs are NOT included in the listing. Once the buyer advises his address we can quote shipping costs and add the value to the total amount. Shipping costs differ according to location and type of transportation. If you are interested, please send us your post code and address so we can check shipping costs. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE The price of $400 is for 1 pc. We have 2 pcs in stock. The BW-1 is a dedicated BassDirect speaker designed for front wall placement in 2+2 systems. When placing the flat designed cabinet against the front wall, the direct sound as well as wall and floor reflections will arrive simultaneously at the listening position - resulting in unsurpassed attack and precision. It's the perfect match for the Lyngdorf DP-1 - or any other main speaker. Despite the very flat design you might still think that the BW-1 is the typical subwoofer - we guarantee it is much more. With its incredible precision, dynamics and speed this BassDirect speaker is specifically designed to work in active 2+2 systems. The flat design was made in order to load optimally to the room, as well as blending in to a discreet position, thus offering new possibilities in speaker arrangement and design. The BW-1 has been designed for placement along the front walls of your room making it possible to design active 2+2 systems e.g. with the DP-1s. Any speaker setup - from smaller compact systems to large floorstanders - will greatly benefit from adding a pair of BW-1's. The BW-1 must be operated by means of crossover and equalization controls present in the DSP section of the fully digital Lyngdorf amplifiers and room processors - do so and a stunning experience awaits you with crossover frequencies at 300Hz, freeing up the power handling of the main speakers. And adding the Lyngdorf RoomPerfect technology to your system will elevate the performance even further. With its piano finish the BW-1 blends in perfectly in any environment; - ask your dealer for a demonstration of a 2+2 system - you are in for an ”ear opening” experience BassDirect speaker - not a subwoofer A conventional subwoofer is only capable of reproducing the deepest bass - below say 120Hz - hence the name subwoofer. When using the Lyngdorf BW-1 BassDirect speaker you typically cross over to the main speakers as high as 300Hz! Placing the BW-1 in a Lyngdorf 2+2 system ensures that the direct sound and the first critical reflections from the floor and wall arrive simultaneously at the listening position. From a normal full range ”box” loudspeaker, you will always hear the delayed arrival of several low frequency reflections. With a Lyngdorf BassDirect speaker there is no delay in the way the pressure builds up from e.g. a drum kick. The BW-1 can free up the dynamics in your system in several ways. Furthermore, the wall placement increases the sensitivity of the system (it simply plays louder) which then in return reduces the need for power. Less power means significantly less distortion and much higher headroom in your amplifier. Cabinet The compact cabinet is shaped to be placed right against a wall. The shape also ensures that all surfaces of the cabinet are as small as possible. Combining this with the 22mm thick MDF board used for building the cabinet and the 34mm MDF board for the front baffle ensures an extremely rigid and vibration-free construction. The front baffle is craftsman-manufactured in a beautiful piano-gloss finish, comprising no less than 10 layers of lacquer, each polished to a deep, black, glossy finish. Woofer The challenge when developing the woofer for the BW-1 was the compact size of this product. Due to the flat design the internal cabinet volume is 13 litres only! Not a lot if you require deep, firm bass and lots of it. Drivers like this are not sold off the shelf. Custom made units are required. The 10in BW-1 woofer features a massive "motor" consisting of a 86oz magnet and a Ø50mm/2in voice coil. Simply to control the sound in the compact cabinet. The resulting Q is below 0.4 resulting in extremely fast response and high efficiency. The maximum cone excursion of the BW-1 woofer is +/- 15mm - in full control. The cone and dustcap are both manufactured in aluminum, due to its rigidity and due to the fact that aluminum is completely airtight, reducing the influence from the air pressure and reflections inside the cabinet to an absolute minimum. The basket is also made of aluminum, for several very good reasons: It makes it possible to create a very open basket which ensures optimum airflow and at the same time a sturdy basket that holds the massive magnet and the voice coil perfectly aligned. Since aluminum is a non-magnetic material, the magnetic force from the magnet does not spread out in the basket but stays concentrated around the voice coil ensuring that the strongest possible magnetic field is present where it is needed. The open basket design also allows ventilation below the spider - which, together with the vented pole piece, prevents over and under pressure from causing mechanical losses when the cone is moving. This is a woofer built for audiophile "live" bass performance... PARAMETER VALUE NOTE Woofer 1 x 10 inch Frequency range 25 - 800 Hz We recommend a crossover setting between 200Hz and 500Hz, depending upon your individual situation. Sensitivity 90 dB (2.8V/1M) Impedance 4 Ohm H x W x D (in) 16.7 x 20.1 x 7.1 H x W x D (mm) 424 x 511 x 180 Weight (lb/kg) 39 / 17.7

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