LencoSteampunknewTJN Steampunk LencoState of the Art at a budget price, for those who cannot otherwise reach megabuck performance, and who value sound quality above all else.From Positive Feedback: "The last turntable I reviewed that...6250.00

TJN Steampunk Lenco [Expired]

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State of the Art at a budget price, for those who cannot otherwise reach megabuck performance, and who value sound quality above all else.

From Positive Feedback: "The last turntable I reviewed that did this on this level was the Montigero Lusso a number of years ago. That table cost $75,000. Was it worth $75,000? Yes it was for so many reasons, but the TJN Lenco Idler Wheel table in my possession matched this aspect of the Lusso's performance at about $68,000 less in cost. How can you not love that?"

TJN Steampunk Lenco, from the man who introduced the world to the great potential of Lenco idler-wheel drives, and taught it how to rebuild them since 2004, as reviewed just recently on Positive Feedback in issue 108, “TJN MKII Turntable.”  The Steampunk Lenco is an old-world style finish (i.e. handmade so imperfections are a fingerprint/unique) on one of my lower models, sent to Positive Feedback to prove the concepts behind my work: high mass, carefully assembled and tested at every stage, and its related extremely low noise floor (special parts and techniques), idler-wheel drive, great torque and so utter speed stability in actual use, and the sound of materials.

Positive Feedback: “When listening to some of my favorite albums I noticed most importantly that everything came from an incredibly dark background. Somewhat like the splashing of neon colors of paint, á la Jackson Pollack, on a black sheet would cause the colors to pop with an incredibly vivid explosion (as opposed to the same effect on a white sheet), everything in the musical palette exploded out of this incredibly black background.   I ran through a lot of new and old vinyl doing this review. One thing became rather clear to me the longer I listened. This turntable will not be leaving my system. “

“No matter what I played on the TJN MKII it just presented itself with more life, snap, and detail than any table I have had anywhere near the price since I have been reviewing over the last twenty years. This turntable is a must audition if you can swing the price and are looking for a turntable to last a lifetime and never find it disappointing.”

This “Heavy Metal Steampunk” with special upgraded mat, is based on my more budget Classic Lenco (Plain & Simple), not the Classic Lenco MKII reviewed on Positive Feedback, but it shares the MKII’s ability to match and outperform far more expensive record players.  Price is $3750 for the Steampunk Lenco plus $1600 for the gently used VPI JMW 10.5i, an excellent tonearm and visual match for this particular Steampunk, for a total of $5350.  Alternate tonearms can be arranged.  Buyer pays actual cost of shipping (roughly $250 by land to the US; roughly $350 by air airport-to-airport anywhere in the world). Various upgrades available.  Motor can be changed to 220V for the rest of the world.

Any colour combination of Steampunk finish can be arranged.

For more information www.idler-wheel-drive.com

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