Audio Art CableSC-5 SEnewAudio Art Cable SC-5 SE High End Performance, Audio Art Cable Price!Price listed for a 6 foot stereo pair of Audio Art SC-5SE Series Speaker Cables, with Furutech FP-202(R) rhodium plated locking banana terminations. Prices for this model start at $650. Additional...740.00

Audio Art Cable SC-5 SE High End Performance, Audio Art Cable Price! [Expired]

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Price listed for a 6 foot stereo pair of Audio Art SC-5SE Series Speaker Cables, with Furutech FP-202(R) rhodium plated locking banana terminations. Prices for this model start at $650. 

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SC-5SE Speaker Cable 

Our Signature Series features a dual run of our award winning SC-5, forming an 11-gauge design. Silver-plated UP-OFC conductors terminate with high-performance copper-based Furutech FP-201 spade or FP-202 locking banana connectors. Single wire, or double bi-wire options available. Terminated with audiophile-grade solders and bundled in a durable Techflex jacket. Each pair is hand crafted in San Diego, CA, USA.


SC-5SE offers a custom-shop look and feel, combined with innovative design. A double, shot-gunned run of SC-5 cable delivers impressive sonic performance, with great extension, dynamics, weight and authority. This premium speaker cable offers hand-crafted build and aesthetic that extends the proven performance of our award-winning SC-5 Classic. Outfitted with high-performance gold or rhodium plated spades, or locking bananas, and terminated with audiophile-grade solders. The result is a superbly refined sounding cable that competes favorably with boutique shop speaker cables costing many times it’s price.


A double run of multiple stranded, silver-coated 14 gauge OFC copper conductors forming an 11 connection per conductor, amp to speaker.  Insulated with an ultra-low loss foamed Polyethylene dielectric, in a low capacitance design. Vibrational absorbing fill, and a durable midnight blue PVC jacket round out the design.

What’s Being Said About SC-5SE:

The sound had not only muscle but also ease….the Audio Art SC5-SE cable allows more information to pass through with far greater ease.Bass had massive authority not merely in depth but weight and detail….the soundstage was huge but not bloated and reproduced the proportions of the original venue with tremendous localization of instruments, focus and a cushion of acoustical air around each instrument…Separation on massed vocals was wide, deep, three-dimensional and solid. The overall impression was one of humanizing the recorded event. Real people were performing, real instruments were creating the sound. ‘Hi-fi’ was replaced by a more intimate experience of a real event. If I had to choose a single word to describe the Audio Art SC5-SE speaker cable, it would be unambiguous. You know precisely the location and character of everything. Decisions by the recording engineer are obvious. Artistic decisions by the performers are equally obvious.

…among the most involving cables I’ve had in my system. IC-3SE Interconnects? Involving, dynamic, lit up….more bass heft…SC-5SE Speaker cables? Ditto. Fast and involving with a spacious stage and a dynamic sound, with well-endowed nether regions.  power 1SE? Punchy, more dynamic, more bass heft……every time I put the Audio Arts in the system(s), I felt subtly more involved than with a bevy of others [that] were to varying degrees less involving….With many recordings…the Audio Art SE Series Cables had me by the heart…[other cables] tended to sound dynamically lackluster by comparison.

Great Rob, now what the [heck] do I do? …listened to the SC-5SE’s and they blew me away. I didn’t think they could improve things that much better than the SC-5 Classic, but wholly crap they certainly did! Had Eric Clapton in concert in my living room last night. Now that I’ve slipped back into Audio Nervosa, thinking I need another SE pair to bi-amp……you've made a convert of me, and I will certainly spread the word. Forever converted,
Andre C.,  Appomattox, VA

The [SE cables] instantly improved the sonic relevance of everything.....I cannot believe what I am hearing…phenomenal realism and clarity....I thought my system sounded good before, but my goodness gracious! I am stunned by the sonic presence and accuracy… Your cables are a stone cold bargain and people need to know! I am full of joy at the moment and needed to let you know your cable design has touched upon the holy grail of sonic pleasure….a revelation.  I have demo tested at least 10 different cables from price points up to $1500.00 a pair and yours by far put them all to shame. I am going to put on my favorite Allison Krauss CD and share a glass of wine with my wife while listening to these awe inspiring cables.  By the way, a listening session we had at [my friend’s] house tonight was great.  I brought over the SE’s, and did a side by side comparison…..bass was tighter, and the highs just shimmered. The grin on his face was priceless….Great cables, Nicely Done!
Tony T., Bloomington, IL

I am constantly finding new sounds as I go through my CD’s. The most obvious improvement, compared to my former ICs, is tighter, more defined bass, with….more extension. Highs are smoother and more "musical". Something totally absent [before] to the point where I had come to believe my speakers were simply too bright, almost shrill, whereas now violins are a pleasure to hear. There is also much more micro-information, clarity in the "snap" of bass strings, and even the "whoosh" of Astor Piazzola’s "Bandoneon" (a small accordion-like instrument used in tango ensembles), blowing air. In all, a definite, even unexpected improvement in my system. Congratulations from a very satisfied customer.
Luis C., Santiago, Chile

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