AMAZONGrand REFERENZnewAMAZON Grand REFERENZ Anniversary model NEW in box with RCM Phono PreamplifierAmazon Grand REFERENZ New in the box. With RCM Phono Preamplifier. Turntable: Amazon Grand REFERENZ anniversary model Tonearm: Moerch Black DP8 black LIMITED EDITION 12 inch If wante...26000.00

AMAZON Grand REFERENZ Anniversary model NEW in box with RCM Phono Preamplifier [Expired]

no longer for sale

Amazon Grand REFERENZ New in the box. With RCM Phono Preamplifier. Turntable: Amazon Grand REFERENZ anniversary model Tonearm: Moerch Black DP8 black LIMITED EDITION 12 inch If wanted, I can add one of two cartridges: Benz or ZYX Sigma – both with zero hours of them, on both suspensions, cantilevers and the diamonds are replaced by Albert Van Den Hul (making them, IMO better than new!!!) , and never played since this replacement. Description: Chassis: The chassis is made from a special ICI material to ensure virtually no resonance. This is cast material, which has extremely good internal damping features, because of the added extras. 8 LRP elements (Low Resilience Polymer) in the sub-chassis-construction, which decouples the plant level from the base on the one hand, and fights oscillation in the material on the other hand. The LRP elements are arranged in the chassis corners and around the platter bearing. When you compare these to metal spring constructions, there are no longer obnoxious material resonances of the spring or phenomenon’s of sway. The setting up is uncomplicated and quick, because you only have to care about the horizontal adjustment; no additional adjustment necessary, like for example spring elements etc. Platter: The weight of the platter is 12.0 kg, made of aluminum, lead and cast acrylic. At the bottom there are centric grooves milled and filled with lead. To decrease reflections of oscillation which occur during sampling, the center is made from Teflon and hollow in the middle. The bearing bush, which is made from steel, is attached as part of the massive turntable. Bearing: The rotation-center of the platter is a ruby ball in the center of the inverted bearing. The bearing axle and the bearing bush are made of multiple hardened steel and very fined polished for perfect tolerances and silent running. The oil pans at the top of the axle supply the centre bearing constantly with oil. The massive construction prevents vibrations normally observed with other turntables. Due to the massive body and the special geometry of the bearing, the platter bearing doesn’t tend to oscillate like most of the other. That is proven by objective measurements made with the pulse measuring process. Pulses at different areas on the platter are dying out consistent and with high edge steepness. Motor-unit: The drive unit is completely isolated from the turntable. With a very thin string of Polyamide the torque is transmitted from the pulley to the platter. The speed of the motor is controlled by a patented double LSC-Controller (Linear Speed Controller) developed by AMAZON and only used in AMAZON turntables. To fine tune the speed, there are two regulators separately for 33 rpm and 45 rpm (1:25). The motor is a DC-model (used also in navigation automatic steering devices) with perfect results in constant speed and noise emission. This motor is stored isolated and swimming in a massive box. The result is a absolute constant speed with perfect running smoothness. Power Supply: Clean power supply is extremely important for a premium music reproduction. The integrated rechargeable battery power supply is unique for analogue drives. When playing a record the motor unit works only with battery power, completely isolated from the mains supply. This guarantees that all distortion from the mains are kept away and the motor runs perfect. The AMAZON motor unit is fitted with an intelligent circuit, which controls all parameters of the selected NiMh batteries. The system recharges the batteries automatically, when it is not in use. One charging cycle is enough to listen to over 150 LP’s. AMAZON GRAND REFERENZ Technical facts: Turntable Dimensions: 470 x 450 x 160 mm Motor Unit Dimensions: 120 x 450 x 115 mm Weight: 33.0 kg Platter weight: 12.0 kg Platter diameter: 320.0 mm Speed: 33 rpm and 45 rpm with fine adjust Center bearing: Inverted Ruby/Steel Chassis: Special casted low resonance material Motor: DC-motor with AMAZON LSC-Double-Speed-Controller Power supply: NiMH battery with automatic microprocessor controlled charger Tonearms: 12” tonearms Version Power Supply Charger Operates in any Voltage from 100-230 V. Turntable Packaging (box) Dimensions: 520 x 550 x 320 mm Power Supply Unit Packaging (box) Dimensions: 380 x 520 x 180 mm Aprox. Shipping Weight of 2 boxes: 40 kg/88lb Send me a message if you're interested.