Pro-JectRM 10.1 EVOusedPro-Ject RM 10.1 EVOState-of-the-Art Analog Playback from this Absolute Sound "Golden Ear" WinnerThe ultimate evolution of the Pro-Ject RM concept design, the RM-10.1 offers an entirely new perspective on what is poss...2000.00

Pro-Ject RM 10.1 EVO [Expired]

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State-of-the-Art Analog Playback from this Absolute Sound "Golden Ear" Winner

The ultimate evolution of the Pro-Ject RM concept design, the RM-10.1 offers an entirely new perspective on what is possible in this form factor. Similar in design principles to the famed RM-9 series, the RM-10.1 uses a longer 10" Pro-ject arm, the 10cc EVO. Although an extra inch of extension may not seem like much, moving the pivot point just that little bit farther from the cartridge results in an enormous jump in tracking accuracy. This gives the 10cc EVO a huge resolution boost and also a smoother, richer tonal balance.  The 10cc EVO has a unique conical carbon fiber shape for the armtube, which combined with the additional length tremendously reduces micro-vibration and susceptibility to resonance.

Nominal speeds: 33 / 45 r.p.m.
Effective tonearm length: 10"
Effective tonearm mass: 8.5g
Overhang: 0.62"
Downforce range: 10 - 35mN
Speed variance: ±0,5 %
Wow and flutter: ±0,01 %
Signal to noise: -73dB
Power supply type:
Mains-fed outboard power supply: 100 - 110V, 60 cycles
Output voltage: 16V/500mA AC
Power consumption: 2W 
Dimensions (HWD): 8"x18.5''x12"
Weight: 44Lbs 

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