AVVT 300B 32-SLULTRA RARE MATCHED TUBESnewAVVT 300B 32-SL ULTRA RARE  MATCHED TUBESFor sale NIB NOS matched pair of Avvt 32 B-SL tubes . Ultra Rare, matched pair with documentation, these were bought new from Jac Music , from the production run Jac really loved. Consider...1650.00

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For sale NIB  NOS matched pair of Avvt 32  B-SL tubes .

Ultra Rare,  matched pair with documentation, these were bought new  from Jac Music , from the production run Jac really loved. Considered by experienced listeners "in the know" as the best-made and best-sounding 300B tube ever produced. 

This AVVT 32B-SL has extra cooling plates, and nickel "warmers" over both ends of the directly heated filament strands, so as to operate linearly, and with greater thermal stability than all other 300Bs ever made. 

These are stated to be a direct replacement for any 300B tube, except the plate dissipation rating is 65 Watts ( compared to a 300B's 40 Watt rating ). Under normal 300B operating points, this becomes a VERY high-performing and LONG-LIFE-span tube. Expect 50,000 hours of useful life instead of 10,000 hours. So this tube easily gives maximum performance - both sonically AND versus its original cost !!

 This design exceeds the original WE 300B easily, in all parameters. If you are familiar 2A3 tubes, many people consider the AVVT 2A3 mesh plate AVVT offering of this same era to be the best 2A3 tube ever made. These ..... are the 300B solid-plate equivalents of this era's tube. This sale is  ONE MATCHED PAIR, NOS, NIB .  

 These tubes were hand picked for me by Jac himslef.

 Please note, this is the probably VERY LAST Jac-picked matched pair from a  famous tube manufacturer. 

 There are no more for sale that I am aware of and even Jac Music, the largest supplier and distributor of AVVT does not have any more.

 Jac  Music currently lists these famous tubes as "OUT OF STOCK FOREVER".

 I was saving these special tubes  for use one day with my Coincident 300 b Frankenstein Mark 2 amp, which I have sold and replaced with Coincident'sTurbo 845 mono amps, before I ever got around to using them as I had plenty of  300B tubes from all  the best:   KR 300B XLS Balloon  , EML XLS ,Sophia Electric Royal Princess , WE 300 b , Psvane WE, Psvane  Treasure and Black Bottle( all of which I have already sold).

 These wont last long as they are very , very rarely for sale .

Buy with confidence, check my feedback.


If you know about  SET Amps and 300b tubes then you know how special and famous and definitely rare these tubes are.

The AVVT 32 B-SL tubes are in a league of their own.

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Thanks for  taking the time to read this ad.

Dr. David Stern

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