ClasseOmega MonousedClasse Omega Mono Reference 500W Powered Amplifiers (Pair) - Latest VersionClassé Omega Mono Reference 500W Power Amplifiers (Pair) - Latest VersionExcellent working condition, tested before listing, sound fantastic. Serials numbers 1300173 & 1300182. Includes Cardas...11495.00

Classe Omega Mono Reference 500W Powered Amplifiers (Pair) - Latest Version [Expired]

no longer for sale

Classé Omega Mono Reference 500W Power Amplifiers (Pair)  - Latest Version

Excellent working condition, tested before listing, sound fantastic. Serials numbers 1300173 & 1300182. Includes Cardas power cables, and owners manuals. Photos show actual items for sale. Serious inquiries only please. Local pickup available. If shipped will be shipped in custom foam lined crates fully insured.

These are widely recognized as the best amplifiers Classe ever built. They don't come up for sale very often - they're so good owners rarely sell them. Classe made improvements over time without changing the name, model number, or appearance - this pair of Omega Monos is the most recent and best sounding version which have the CAN Bus and related features that were also included in the Delta series.

Single owner, from the estate of a passionate audiophile and serious collector where they had minimal use as the individual had multiple audio setups. Purchased from the Pacific Northwest’s premiere dealer (Definitive Audio). Maintained in a smoke-free and pet-free climate controlled environment. 

Shipping arrangements will be made after sale. Please contact us before payment to discuss shipping options or arrange local pickup. Buyer pays shipping which will be invoiced at cost without a handling fee. These amps are large and HEAVY (230lbs each in shipping cases). Freight with lift gate service is recommended. Paypal or Bank wire are the preferred methods of payment. Paypal will add 3%. Purchased items will have a handling time of up to 3 business days from time of cleared payment.

Stereophile Review:

The Classé Omega monoblock is an extraordinary amplifier—extraordinary in its appearance, its engineering and construction, and, most of all, in its sonic performance. But despite its over-the-top power and energy reserves, it is in the handling of details that the Omega is most impressive. However, in spite of the apparent incongruity, I think that it is precisely because of the Omega's prodigious power, and its ability to precisely control a speaker's motion, that it could do such an incredible job with the subtleties. Prior to the Omegas' arrival, my system's tiniest details had been lost in the slight blurring that arose from the speakers not quite keeping up, or in the faint overhang and back EMF resulting from the drivers' momentum overmatching the amplifier.

The Classé Omega is not only the best power amplifier I've ever auditioned, but in many ways it exceeded my ability to evaluate it—I found myself instead evaluating associated components, setup details, the system's response to changes in the weather, even characteristics of a recording itself. The Omega simply got out of the way, providing a clear conduit, a straight wire with gain—a lot of gain—between my system's front-end and loudspeakers. And because of its ability to absolutely control a loudspeaker, a finer level of detail was able to pass through this conduit than through most other amplifiers. The result, for me, was a level of system performance and musical involvement beyond my previous experience.

Even if you'll never be in a position to afford the Omegas, you owe it to yourself to give them a listen. You won't be disappointed. Very highly recommended!

From Classe:  The Omega Mono is Classé's reference standard power amplifier. It is an ultra high-power, high-current mono power amplifier that utilises fully-balanced audio circuitry from input to output. The Omega Mono is able to accept both balanced and single-ended inputs. For incorporation into the very finest audio systems, the Omega Mono embodies the definitive reproduction of all forms of speech and music from any high quality source. The Omega Mono power amplifier has almost unlimited power output and current delivery, bringing the best out of any worthy loudspeaker system.  

Description: Solid-state monoblock power amplifier with unbalanced (RCA) and balanced (XLR) inputs and two pairs of 4mm output binding posts. Rated output power: 500W into 8 ohms, 1000W into 4 ohms, 2000W into 2 ohms, 4000W into 1 ohm (all 27.0dBW). Sensitivity: 2.25V for rated output, balanced or unbalanced. Voltage gain: 29.0dB. Input impedance: 100k ohms. Output impedance: 0.017 ohm. Frequency response: 20Hz-2kHz, ±0.1dB. THD+noise: 0.002%. S/N Ratio: 135dB ref. rated output (no other conditions listed). 

Power supply regulation:  The Omega Mono has the most substantial and sophisticated power supply regulation of any Classé product to date. 32 bi-polar transistors (the same quantity and type as the audio output transistors) are bolted onto a colossal heat sink. These transistors form the basis of the power supply regulation circuit and provide a totally stable supply for all the sections of the power amplifier. When reproducing powerful energy such as deep organ notes or driving bass, the power drain on a conventional system can be great enough to starve other parts of the audio circuit. However, in the Omega Mono power supply, even under the worst possible conditions, the voltage can only drop by one volt. As the audio circuits under full power never call for maximum power supply voltage, the result is a totally stable supply to all the audio circuits under all operating conditions.

Circuit board:  The circuit boards are constructed from four bonded layers of epoxy resin, achieving an extremely strong, rigid and non-resonant foundation for the audio components. This construction keeps the signal path very short with the added benefit of containing the signal track within the sandwich of layers and preventing the ground plane from picking up any noise.     

Dimensions: 19.5" (495mm) H by 11.5" (292mm) W by 23.75" (603mm) D.  
Weight: 192 lbs (87.3kg) net, 224 lbs (101.8kg) shipping.