Grand Prix AudioMonacousedGrand Prix Audio Monaco Modular 2 Shelf SystemPurchased new. Price includes both the 2 shelf unit (21" shelves) and standard spikes. In excellent shape. Grand Prix Audio Component Isolation Systems have the lowest natural frequency and there...1895.00

Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular 2 Shelf System [Expired]

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Purchased new. Price includes both the 2 shelf unit (21" shelves) and standard spikes. In excellent shape. Grand Prix Audio Component Isolation Systems have the lowest natural frequency and therefore the best resonance control available. The Monaco Modular Isolation System is Grand Prix Audio’s debut modular, 3-leg isolation product featuring our signature shelf supports! Greg Weaver of Positive Feedback was so impressed with our product not only did he buy it but we were awarded the coveted PFO Writers Choice Award for 2004! Brutus Award “...While I expected the Monaco to have a positive impact, to say that I was unprepared for the resultant sweeping enhancements resulting from its installation would be the most severe of understatements. The Monaco's influence on overall system performance is, in a word, breathtaking. We are talking about a scale of enhancement that I would have believed unattainable by merely changing one component prior to its arrival, let alone one so patently passive. Its rewards come in three primary categories; resolve, timbre and space.” "I've consistently placed Grand Prix Audio composite shelves into my "On location" recording work for four years and more. If I'd been able to, I'd have put these invincible partners of stunning sound within the reach of my recording signal path far longer -- if I had been able to. " Truth is stranger than fiction. Grand Prix composite shelves were not available until quite recently. Anyone who (i) loves music reproduction; (ii) records music at its highest sonic reach; (iii) demands the ultimate degree of musical authenticity and sonic clarity from sound reproduction MUST audition Grand Prix's sonic isolation systems. They make love to gorgeous sound. "Here is the bottom line for me. Grand Prix sonic control devices will leave my grasp when Frank and Ella sing happy birthday to Billie Holiday in my backyard." "...Backgrounds became quieter, low-level detail improved markedly, and dynamic contrasts took on greater subtlety and sharper contrasts. Adding the Formula Shelves under the Ayre D-1x and Classe Omega digital players brought further levels of stability, image definition and overall refinement to their presentations, even greater than the effect of loading the stands... Perched atop the Monaco Modular Isolation System, the Champion's [Clearaudio Level 2] depth of field and downstage resolution improved to a truly surprising degree, and the Zen-like calm I'd already come to expect from the GPA stands was immediately apparent. It was as if another $1000 or so worth of performance had been grafted into the already good-sounding Champion ..." Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular Isolation system, by Paul Bolin, Stereophile "...Every track and tune and musical challenge I have thrown at the Monaco Modular Isolation System has revealed its extraordinary capacity to improve the way music sounds. EXTRA-ORDINARY SONIC IMPROVEMENT. Not by a dot or a dollop or an inch. Not "sort of" or "kinda maybe: why not, uh huh"? but Holy Shit, can you believe this!..." Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular Isolation system, by Jim Merod, Stereo Times "... Perhaps by now, you can appreciate why Monsieur Monaco won't be leaving. None of the effects described above are unique per se. Upgrading speakers nails some of them. A better DAC will enhance resolution just the same. Likewise, a superior SET will inject more presence and immediacy. Did I just list three fully-fledged components to duplicate the "Monaco Effect" though? I sure did. Granted, this is not some hard-line mathematical formula to gauge its magnitude of impact. Rather, it's a deliberate suggestion. On how, once your components have reached a certain level of performance maturity, precious little remains to be done that will affect wholesale quantum leaps without spending obscene amounts of money. Even then, sometimes it doesn't pan out. Money isn't everything. Mostly it's the old White House shuffle - two steps forward, one back. Progress at snail's pace. High-End audio. The big siphon on finances, patience and ultimately, good faith..." Grand Prix Audio Monaco by Srajan Ebaen, "... At the end of a positive review, one often sees the phrase "you owe it to yourself to hear this product". Here, it might be wiser to counsel that yes, listen to your music with this stand, but only if you are ready to spend the money. Be forewarned: every encounter with music will be fresh, new, and full of pleasant surprises, even after many months living with the Monaco Modular Isolation System. It sheds an entirely new light on how important isolation is, so stark is the improvement in the sound. You may come to the same conclusion as I did: once you've heard how good it can be, there is no going back..." Buyer is responsible for shipping and paypal. Local pick up available.
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