TannoyRHRusedTannoy RHR Ronald Hastings Rackham- Trades? Limited Edition must sell!!!Serious buyers only please!! If you need to ask your wife, or check your funds, please do all of that before contacting me. They are exactly as described. I received so many inquires on these sp...9995.00

Tannoy RHR Ronald Hastings Rackham- Trades? Limited Edition must sell!!! [Expired]

no longer for sale

Serious buyers only please!!  If you need to ask your wife, or check your funds, please do all of that before contacting me.  They are exactly as described.  I received so many inquires on these speakers its crazy.  I had them sold 3 or 4 times, but for whatever reason I still have them.  My other pair sold for close to my asking price, and they were nowhere near as nice.   Bring in your offers, as I would like to sell these soon.
Up for sale is a pair of ultra rare Tannoy RHR speakers in excellent condition. There is a little over 100 pairs in existence. Nobody really knows how many pairs are out there, as they made two runs of them. Someone at Tannoy told me their best guess was around 150 pairs.  Ive owned two pairs, and this is the nicer of the two. The RHR stands for Ronald Hastings Rackham, who was the engineer at Tannoy who invented the dual concentric driver. This pair was built in 1984 to honor him. In 1984 when they came out, they were more expensive than the Westminsters at just under $15,000. Westminsters were around $12,500. I have been a long time fan of Tannoy, and have one time or another owned almost all of their Prestige speakers including the Westminsters and Kingdom Royals. The RHRs are one of my favorites. Westminsters, RHR, Churchills, Yorkminsters, Canterbury are my top 5 in that order.  They remind me of the Canterburys in size and sound but with a little higher efficiency from the rear loaded horn. The midrange and midbass is very generous. The RHRs have more midbass than canterburys and a hair deeper bass. The Westminsters and RHRs are the only true horn speaker in Tannoys prestige range. At low levels, its hard to beat a horn speaker. The horn design is what makes this speaker special. Most people cant fit Westminsters in their homes, these RHRs are the next closest thing thats a reasonable size.  I told myself I would never sell this pair, as they are so rare I will probably never see another pair for sale again.  I had two, and sold my other pair already. This pair is in excellent condition. These speakers are 35 yrs old, but look no older than 3 yrs. I am the second owner. I dont have the original boxes, but I can strap them to a pallet for safe shipping. Figure around $750 for shipping to the East Coast,  and $500 to West Coast (this includes strapping on pallet for safe shipping).  Check my feedback, and know they will be exactly as described. Any questions shoot me an email. I usually answer pretty fast.  My reason for the sale is I just want to try something new. Ive owned Tannoys(and hundreds of other speakers)  for the last 15yrs. I use to be a huge fan of monitors, and want to go back that route. Tannoys are really wide and I want to get back into some thinner speakers. I am open to trades up or down. No junk please! I have all 4 grills and they are in excellent condition.