MITZ-Isolator HC usedMIT Z-Isolator HC  High Current power conditionerExcellent condition , power cord is not included. 4 outlets (2 regulated, 2 unregulated) Manual: 1x ISOLATOR HC THE FOLOWING INFO...280.00

MIT Z-Isolator HC High Current power conditioner [Expired]

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Excellent condition , power cord is not included. 4 outlets (2 regulated, 2 unregulated) Manual: 1x ISOLATOR HC THE FOLOWING INFO IS DIRECT FROM THE SPECTRAL WEBSITE: AC line noise and digital cross-coupling into the analog signal path are a major issue in today’s music systems and much of the basis for poor sound quality since the advent of digital audio. Fortunately, significant advances have been made by Spectral and MIT in identifying these problem noise sources and developing successful methods for noise control and isolation. Spectral engineers emphasize maximum noise isolation in the design of custom transformers and ultra-regulation in power supply design of Spectral components. MIT engineers, headed by Richard marsh, have developed the MIT Z-System of ac line, noise control and conditioning components which precisely compliment the high resolution design of the Spectral components. The combined efforts of the two companies result in the unique performance of the Spectral/MIT system, a combination of reference components which redefines the state-of-the-art in high-resolution music reproduction. Spectral systems benefited enormously from the exceptional noise isolation and proper component star-grounding which the Z-Series units offer. The current Z components from MIT are the second generation of ac line management products in the series and add considerable to the flexibility and refinement of the originals. The premium high-speed, low noise circuitry designed for Spectral components is arguably the most revealing and advanced available in audio. Exploiting the full potential of Spectral’s high-resolution signal technology is only possible when integrated with the MIT Z-Series ac line components. The following recommendations should assist those looking to optimize their Spectral systems with the addition of MIT Z-Series products. Z-Iso ($1,095.00) and Z-IsoDuo ($1,495.00 ) There is not a Spectral system out there that is not in serious need of line isolation and filtering for critical front-end components. The Z-IsoStrip and Z-IsoDuo offer transformer and filter isolation of their duplex outlets to block line induced noise and distortion. A single Z-IsoStrip works well in more basic Spectral systems to isolate the line borne noise generated by digital source equipment(CD players, processors, transports etc.) from the sensitive analog circuitry of the preamplifier and other components. Due to the higher power requirements of Spectral front-end components, only one Spectral component should be used with the 130 watt rated Z-IsoStrip. For more ambitious systems, the new Z-IsoDuo line conditioner features two fully independent sections and twice the power capability of the Z-IsoStrip allowing it to support both Spectral preamps and processors optimally with one unit. The MIT Z-Series isolation products are the essential line treatment for Spectral components and the only system which will realize their potential. Z-Stabilizer ($995.00) Spectral dealers were elated when the original MIT Z-Stabilizer was introduced. Previously we have been unable to recommend any available line conditioner or isolation product on the market due to the clear sonic aberrations apparent when used in the Spectral system. Richard Marsh’s innovative parallel circuitry in the Z-Stabilizer solved all previous sonic concerns allowing the first optimum match with Spectral’s high resolution power amps. The Z-Stabilizer works in concert with Spectral amplifiers to reject differential mode noise and RFI as well as improving mains Power Factor. No one who has evaluated the combination of the Z-Stabilizer allows the unique purity of Spectral’s high-resolution amplification to be fully appreciated. Mit z-isolator HC ($2000) Mit z-isolator hc ac isolation/filter unit optimized for high current front end & digital componets. One 500 watt isolated circuit & one unswitched circuit, more headroom then the z-center or iso-duo 130 watt isolators. Deeper bass, greater dynamics, lower noise floor, etc.
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